Invitation letter of Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 New Year Charity Gala

Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 New Year Charity Gala

The invitation

Dear Lion friend,

On the occasionew是什么意思英语n of leaving out the old year and ushering in the new, Lions Club Shenzhen will hold the 2018 New Year Char深圳疫情最新消息itycharity怎么读 Party at 17:00 on December 13, 2017 (Wednesday) in Hall 5 onew怎么读f Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. We sincerely invite you to attend. The details are as follows:

A, & have spent &ncharity-mindedbsp;   Between:13 December 2017 (Wednesday) (1charity和love区别5:00 welcome, 17:00 star深圳疫情t time)

Second, the land & h深圳ave spent     Point: & have spentHall 5, Shenzhen Convention andclub是什么酒 Exhibition Center, Fnew是什么意思英语uhua 3rd Road, Futinvitation音标ian Distrcharity-mindedict, Shenzhen

Iii. Participants:Leaders of Lclub是什么意思ions Club International, China Disabled Persons' Federation, Dclubomestic Lions Assocharity翻译ciation, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Shenzhennew Municipal Government, Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Social Security Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Municiyear造句pal Ccharity宽容的爱harity, Municipal Slionsgatepiritual civilization Ofyearnfice, Municipal Care Office, Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, Shenzhlion是什么意思中文翻译en Press Group, etc. There are anew balancebout 700 llions是什么意思ion club representatives in Hong Kong, Macao, 303 district, Guangdongyearning and other regions, donation eletters的中文意思nterprises and lioncharity翻译 club relatives and friends in Shenzhen.

Iv. Party Contentslions的音标:Recognition, auction, raffle, performance

Five,charity宽容的爱 the fee & have spent     To use:RMB 680 / person

Six, clothing & have spent     Loading:Men in formal dress or dark suit, women in evening dress.

Your arrival is our infinite honor, your participat深圳天气ion will add wonderful for us!

Sinceyear造句rely look fclub是什么酒orward to your visit!

Best wishes

Lion luck!  

Shennewlyzhen Lions Club & NBSP;     &nbsyearlyp;        lions是什么意思       &nyearlybsp;    new balance        

2017-2018 President: Tian Xing & NBSP;                

President and First Vice President of the Conferencharity音标ce: Ma Min &new balance NBSP;                

Special Advisor: Zhang Guoyun & NBSP;                        newly;  

Executive Chairmen: Peng Daojian, Luo Jinsong, Zheng Guoping, Guo Yongyong

October 26, 2017 &charity翻译 NBSP;              

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