Notice | about “warm engineering, warm spring action” Spring Festival couplets solicitation for notification

Notice on the Spring Festival Couplets soliciting activity of “Warm Project Warm Spring Action”

Dear Lion friend,

In order to integrate the new ideas of the new era with the Spring Festival couplets with traditional cultural characteristics, add a harmonious atmosnoticedphere for thousands of families, and also provide a platform for lion friends to communicate, The service Project Committee of the Federationaboutcg网站 and the Public Relations and Publicitywarm翻译 Committee jointly laspringmvc的工作原理unched thnoticeablee Spring Festivaspringl couplets solicitation activity to help thenotice同义词 “Warm Project Warm Spring Action”. The relevant activities are hereby notified as follows:

I. Solicitafestivaltion requirements

(Inotice的固定搭配) Full members can panoticertiaction对魔忍cipate;

(b) The contentabout是介词吗 should be guided by the spicouplets怎么读rit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), closely following thewarm翻译 pulse of Tspringcloudhe Times, positive annoticedd inspiring, while skabout怎么读illfully integrating the spirit offestival英语怎么说 volunteer service, the theme of “Warm Project Warm Spring Action”, and the elements of lions Club, etc.;

(three) with the Spring Festivwarmthal auspicious blessing, looking forward to taction是什么意思英语he New Year good vision, and in line with the Spring Festival couplets, and ensure that the original.

Iifestival翻译. Selection and awards

(I) The event initiating Committee wiwarmthll invite experts and scholars, leaders of the Assoabout怎么读语音ciation and some senior lions to conduct an open, fair and jcoupletsust selection;

(2) Award setting: 1 fispringbootrst prize, 3 secondnotice同义词 prizcouplets什么意思e and 6 thirnoticedd prize;

(III) Awards: The firstfestival前用on还是at prizecouplets翻译 scholarship is RMB 5000; Second prize scholarship: 3000 yuan/name; Third Prize scholarship 1000 yuan per person. Award-winning members will receive a certificate offestival merit. The corresponaction是什么意思英语ding prize mcouplets翻译oney will be distributed to the service team of the winner, whengineering期刊ich will be used for the special service of “Warm Project Warm Spring Actabout是什么意思ion” in 2017-2018. Report on service activities to shenzhen Lions Club office.

(IV) Award Ceremony: It is planned to bfestival发音解读e held at the National Service Forum in Decembercouplets英语怎么读 2017.

Iii. Registration methofestival怎么读语音播放d

Please send your recommendeengineering是什么意思英语d works to the mailbox of the association befofestival发音解读re 2:00 PM on November 28, 2017 according to the solicitation requirfestival翻译ements, and the office of the Association will repornotice同义词t to the Association.

Contact person: Yang Xin 2engineering什么意思5688590, enotice的形容词mail:

Please participate in this contest to express your love for lions club and your yearning for a bettefestival翻译r life.

Notice is hereby given.

Shenzhen Lions Club

November 21, 2017

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