The happy Service Team's "Care for the elderly, Bright eyes action" activity and the inauguration ceremony of the 2018-2019 annual leadership change was successfully held

The happy Service Team's "Care for the elderly, Bright eyes action" activity and the inauguration ceremony of the 2018-elderly和elder2019 annual leadership change was successfully held

On August 9, 2018, the "Caraction是什么意思英语ing for theeyes怎么读语音播放 elderly, bright-eyed action" and 2018-2019 inauguration ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Cluhappy怎么读b Happineselderly和elder区别s Service team was held in Luohu District Social Welfare Center. Shenteamzhen lions clservice是什么意思中文翻译ub President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last President of tian wang, feyesightirst deputy chairman WengHua, former President of ShiJianYong, secretary-general Zeng Shi raise, dean of general affair Guo Yongyong, deputy secretateambitionry-general Zheng Hehua, chairman of the zone Liao Ronghui, Du Peng, scene MiaoJun, Tan Fei, chairman oelderly的中文意思f the partition, the operationhappy翻译 should be prosperous, Li Zhteamproou, Fanghappylambbarn Shilei, lian wei, Cuicare是什么意思 Weiying, ming-xia scareerun, Cai Min lion friends such as leaderseyes是什么意思hip, Luo Hu welfare center director Shao Jianming, Lin Fbright翻译u, welfare home representative Yang Qiaozhu, the elderly service minister Peng Yuexiang and welfare home elderly morebright than 200 pelderly和eldereopleteam attended the ceremoelderly的中文意思ny. The cactioneremony was presided over by Zhang Shengzhou and Zhang Wenjing as the chteamoairman of the conference.

Lin Xiaoyi, second Vice Captain, delivered aaction是什么意思英语 welcome speech and introduced all the guests attending the event.

Ceremteams手机版ony began, Ma Min head, tian wang first vice President, the previoushappy翻译 President, WengHua ShiJianYong former Presihappy怎么读dent, Guo Yongyong dean of generahappy的副词l affair, the deputy secretary-geneactivity生命周期ral of Zheng Hehbright翻译ua, Cai Min President and other leaders lionhappylambbarn friend on stage together, wilcarel be 280 pair of readiserviceableng glasses, 70 chairs, 670 eservice的名词lderly nutrition protein powactivity什么意思呢der, etactionscriptc. 104200 yuan worth of material transferred to the welfare center. Sheyesao Jianming, director of the welfare center on behalf of the hapactionspy service team presenteteamprod the pennant. Chairman CAI Min expressteambitioned his heartfelt thaactiongirls女兵人nks to the elderly for theiractionscript support and paid high tribute to Aunt Yang Qiaozhu for her donation to build the welfare center.

After the donation ceremony, lion friends witnessed the inauguration cerservice的名词emony of the 2018-2019 happy Service Team. CAI Min, the last team leader, maservice是什么意思de the work summary of 2017-2018. Her focus on the "happiness JiangJiao scholarship", lufeng student line, take care of the old man, light aactivity工作流ction, red eyes, jiangxi native student, attended, area will be community service activities, and made outstanding contractivity工作流ibutions in the past year Zhang Shengzhou, Liu Yunhuan, Wu Sactivityhaoyi, xiao-bin Chen, wen-brightlyjingaction翻译 zhang, zhang wall dragon, Lin Kailong, Zhao Xiaofeng, JianWen male friends, d sails lion to commend. Finance Cao Jiexiong for the 2017-2018 annual financial report. The financial data of happy service team is open and transparent, which cannot be separated fromeyestrain cao Jiexiong's precisenbright翻译ess and carefulness. Thank him for his diligent and scarefreeilent efforts!

Thservice是什么意思中文翻译en, the ceremony ushered in the most important link - the handover ceremony, in the witness of the lion friends and gelderly和old的区别uests,bright照片 CAI Min willactivity工作流 be captaiteam是什么意思翻译n ribbon and scephappy的比较级ter handed over to Tang Three.

Tang SAN, the 2018-2019 team leader, thaneyes怎么读语音播放ked guo Yongyong, the foundingactivity的中文意思 team leader, and CAI Min, the last team leader,eyesight是什么意思 for leading all lion friends of the servicare什么意思中文意思cehappysugarlife team to be united and loving, and not forgetting the origineyes翻译al aspiration of publhappylambbarnic welfare. As service happy New Year, he said, captain, he will lead the friends around "lteamproet love back to happiness" to the annual theme, set up 90% of the members is reserved, internal love lion, external help more people who are in need of help, advocating the concept of "I pay, I haeyes怎么读ppiness", in a good condition community service, serve the society, to promote sactionscriptervice chugging along.

Mr.activity工作流 Guo thanked the leadersservice翻译 of the district council for their guidance, supporservicet and kindness to the Happiness Service Team. Thank every lion friend of the happy sebright辱华事件rvice team for their enthusservice是什么意思中文翻译iastic efforts to develelderlyop theelderly和elder区别 beautiful service team today; Special thanks to CAI Mincarefree, the last team leader, for her respservicebioonsibility and smooth inheritance of the happy Service team; Hope under the leadership of caphappy的比较级tservice的名词ain Tang three, haelderly和elder区别ppy service team can go better and better, to contribute more strength to the soservicebiociety.

Weng Hua, the first vice president, congratulated theactivity的形容词 award-winning lions and the new teahappy的反义词m leaders.elderly是什么词性 Lion new generation, "he said, the new goal, new requiactivity的四种启动模式relderly是什么词性ements, new mission", expect happiness service follow Ma Min President'sbright泰星 footsteps, happiness, love, love, let love growcare是什么意思, with "I pay my happiness" team mission, let lions really become realize that the aservice的名词uthor of the people a better life and shohappy翻译w, practitioners and promoters.

Tian Wangxing, the last president of the speech, affirmed the team leader Guo Yongyong and the last team leader CAI Min's hard work; Thanks for the teamwork and selfless dedication of team members; Jiaxu Happiness Service Team "Caring for the eteams手机版lderly Brhappy怎么读ight donation" service project; And happy service team of theyes怎么读语音播放e New Year's work has high exhappypectations. He wishes the New Year, happcarelessy service team under thcare什么意思中文意思e leadership of tang thactiongirls女兵人ree captain, lion show new kinetic energy, share the new lion gcareful是什么意思eneration, continuous innovation, continuous progress!

Prehappy张江sident Ma Min ecare是什么意思xtended greetings to the lecare什么意思中文意思aders and old people present at the scene, and fully recognized the dedication and contribution of the foundteamworking team leader Guo Yongyong, the previous tactivity生命周期eam leader CAI Min and previous team leaders. Thank the leaders of the welfare center for their support of public welfare undertakingsactivity翻译 aaction下载nd meticulous care for the elderly; I hoteamope the new team leader and all lions club members will grow up together, devote themselves to public service, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of Lions Club.

Zhang Shecare什么意思中文意思ngzhou, the chairman of the confelderly和elderereservice翻译nce, gave a speech of thanks,bright on behalf of the happy service team to the leaders, guests, lion friends to the scene to express gratitude to the lion frelderly前面加a还是aniends and enterprises to sponsor the peyes英语怎么读arty.

Here, I wish tcarefulhe happiness service team in the charity on the road, spread thteamse "I pay, I am happy" concept, let the happiness service team go further and fuactivity生命周期rther, will carry forward the charity, to help more people iactionablen trouble in the society.

Phoelderly和elderto by Liu Yunhuan

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