Declaration notice | about 2019 New Year care activities of the notice

Declaration notice | about 2019 New Year care activities of the notice

Service teams:

In order to further implement “Shenzhen Culturabout怎么读语音al Innovatioabout是介词吗n and Development 2020 (Implementation Pyearbooklan)” and create the city cultural menu brand in January — Spring Festival Caring Adeclaration怎么读ction, we will continue to carry out the Spring Festival caring action in 2019. It is scheduled to launch in January 2019.

All units aabout是什么意思re required to surround“Love in Shenzhen Wnotice同义词arm Pengcheng”For the theme, inJanuary 1, 2019 to & NBSP; From March 30Carry out or start to improve citizen people happiness as the goal, adhere to theactivities思维导图 problem, demand guidance, fully mobilize the social from all walks ofyearbook life durinnew balanceg tyearnhe Spring Festival to carry out the “precision” for poverty alleviation “sympathy” gratitude “warmdeclaration是什么意思 home” in the New Yyear造句ear “” welfare” culture “” volabout后面动词什么形式unteer service” “public network” and other kinds of activities, vigorously carry forwaractivities思维导图d the caboutcg网站oncept of love, constantly cultivate and curing city spirit temperament,year造句 We will furactivities的中文ther deepen the construction of Shenzhen as a “city of care”care.

I. Category of project sdeclaration怎么读ubmission

Thecare怎么读 New Year’s Care campaign mainly includes seven parts, including “year造句targeted poverty alleviation”, “Gratitude and sympathy”, “Wabout-facearm home”, “Spring Festival in Shenzhen”, “cultural welfare”, “voluabout是介词吗nteer service” and “online public welfare”.

(I) New Year’s Love Targeted poverty alleviationDuring the Spring Festivacarel, activities targeted at shenzhen’s paired poredeclarationverty alleviation areas include pairing support, pairing assistance, pairing cooperation, pairing cooperation, etc. We will help poor areas and people in need through positive actions, practical measures and solid ractivities思维导图esults.

(2)about Love for the Spring FestivalThrough concentrated sympathy, individual visits,We mobilized nongovernmental forces to offyearbooker love and othyearner forms of care to the troops statinoticeoned in Shenzhen, key entitled groups, ordinary construction workers in Shenzhen, families livinnotice翻译g on subsnewsistence allowances, children in financial difficuactivities音标lties, the eldernotice是什么意思ly, and frontline workers who are committed to their posts.

(3) Spnotice用法ring Love Warm home:By sending more vehicles, running extra trains,careful是什么意思We mobilized all sectors of society to help the construction workers in Shenzhen return home for the Spring Festival.

(4) New Year care New Year in Shenzhen:Enterprises, public welfare oyear怎么读rganizations and other social forces from all walks of life have been mobilcareized to help mabout怎么读igrant workers’ families reucareernite in Shenzhen, and shenzhennew是什么意思 folk customs activities suaboutcgcnewsh as the Temple Fair for international food during the Spring Festival, the Lion Festival in Donglin and The Lion Festival in Donglin, and the big plate dishes have been organized so that resiabout怎么读语音dents in Shenzhen can get tabout怎么读语音ogether and enjoy the fun and joy of the Springyear造句 Festival.

(careerV) New Year care Culturactivities和activity的区别al Welfare:During the Spring Festival, the factredeclarationoraboutcgy, community,The park and other cultural care anew是什么意思英语ctivities in various art forms, such as music, song and dance, quyi, acrobatics, shadow play, variety shows, children’s song and dance special performances, as well as Beijing Opera, Cantonese opera, Yue Opera and other traditional opera, enrich tcaregiverhe festive cultural life of citiabout-facezens.

(VI) Love for the Spring Festival Volunteer ServiceDuring the Scare是什么意思pring Festival, a variety of volunteer service activities such as Spring Festival fundraising baznewgroundsaar, Spring Festival Travel volunteer service, and city U station volunteer service will be held to make migrant workers, citizens and tourists who return to their hometowns fully feel the warmth of Shenzyearbookhen’s “City of love” and “Citnew的反义词y of volunteers”.

(7) New Year’s Love Online Public Welfare:Make full use of the new technology and advantages of mobile Interneyear函数t, promote innovation in working ideas, methods ayear函数nd carrier paths, carry out a series of featurednew是什么意思英语 online public welfare activities,aboutcg网站 gather the strength of caring citizens throughout tnew是什么意思he city, andaboutcg buildcare a platform for everyone to participate in public welfare.

Two, filling requirements

Please fill in tcarelesshe declaration form according tedeclarationo the evaluation requirements andyearcon是什么牌子的 sign it on2pm on Monday, November 19, 2018Please send the original paper version to shenzhen Lions Club ofnotice的形容词fice and the electronic version to

Shenzhen Lions Club will hyearcon是什么牌子的old a standing board meeting to select all knew是什么意思inds of awarnew怎么读ds according to thyear怎么读e application situation, and report to the municipcareer翻译al Love and Care Officnewse.

Contact pactivities用英语怎么说erson: Yang Xin 25688590

Mailing addrenewss: 13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen    

Notice is herenotice同义词by given.

Attachment: 2019 Spring Care Action Declaraabouttime免费观看tion Form

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSaboutcgP;  

November 12, 2018

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