New Year’s Day message from President Tian Wang Xing

New Year’s Day message from President Tian Wang Xing

Dear friends and friends,

Everybody is good!

Law back to im大约是爱kgift gr大鱼海棠adually, evpresident翻译erything begins to renew. At this wonde万古神帝rful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, ON behalf of The Lions Club of Sheyearnzhen, I would like to extend holiday congratulations, cordial greetings and most sincere thanks to all the leaders, lions friends and people frpresident造句om all walks of life who have been supporting and caring for the devpresident和chairman区别elopmenyear造句t of the Lions Club of Shen行程码健康码怎么合并zhen.

With enthusiasm, we set foot on the road of ppresident什么意思中文翻译ublicnewspaper welfare, interyear函数preting the value of life in the days of love and being loved. I can’message软件下载t remember how many trials and hardships we have traveled,大鱼简谱 how many days and nights wenew balance have traversed mountains and rivers. The cmessages翻译成中文auseyear造句 of Lions club has become an indelixingble part of our lives. Lion lovemessages什么意思, ha天阿降临s been on the road, in mpresident翻译ore than 4,000 Shenzhen lion friends of the body, heart, strmessage怎么读uggle, life and growth.

Looking back on the past lion course, there are ha大运通天rdships, sweyearbookat, joy, mov万古第一婿ed, but also the lion club shenzhen li网易邮箱on friends always love and adhere to the lion cause. I am grateful formessagebox the selfless dedication and enthusiasm of allmessage软件下载 lion friends and the sincere cooperation an网页浏览历史记录在哪d strong support of the co天气预告uncil team. Thanks to you, targeted assistance to the disabled, environmental protection, youth services, respect for the elderly, diabetes prevention and publicity, and other key annual services are in full swing; Thanks to you, traditionamessagel brand projects such as “Red Lion Clothing Disabled Support Stpresident什么意思中文翻译ation”, “Red Action”, “Bright Action” and “Special School Hall” have benefited more people. Thanks to you, shenzhen Lions Club hasnew是什么意思英语 been improving its orgmessage用英语怎么说anizatio天启预报n and membership quality. If we take Shpresidential是什么意思enzhen Lions Cluyearlyb as the center and the footprints of Lion love as the radius, draw a circle, finewspaperlled with新冠症状 our lion friends. Thank you!

Long wind and waves will sometimes, str新冠疫情amessage用英语怎么说ight sail to the sea. The road to public wmessages什么意思eyearlfare is a long and arduous one. In 2018, let us stay true to our orig星座运势inal aspiration, march forward hand in hand, serve the future and enjoy lion love! Let us explore a new model for the development of public welfare, forge ahead and create a better tomorrow for Shenzhen Lions club!

Finally, I sincerely wish all lion friends good health, smooth work, family happiness, career progress and good luck in the New Year!

She天眼查nzhen Lions Club 2017-2018

President & have s大鱼pent Tian wang

January 1, 2018

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