Observe and exchange, common development – President Lin Tao attended the general meeting of the member management organizations of the Association

          Recently, in order to strengthen the shenzhen lions and lion between domcommonalityestic lion federation member managemexchange什么意思ent institutions for communicadevelopment怎么读tion and felexchange翻译lowship, shenzhen lions club President of 2015-2016 annuaobservedl Lin Tao presidency embarked on various areas to apresident是什么意思中文ttend transition ceremony and lion business communication, lion around business experience of communion andexchange邮箱 stuexchange什么意思dy and at the same time, also promotdevelopment是什么意思e the friendship between the friends lead lion, It has laobserve名词id a good foundationpresident造句 for the long-term devgeneral轮胎什么牌子elopment of Shenzh临渊行en Lions Club.
  &领克nbsp;       More than ten days ago,attended是什么意思 lion club members still remembepresident怎么读r the scene in hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, where lepresident什么意思中文翻译aders from Hong Ko领克ng, Macao, Guangdongdevelopment同义词替换, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenyang and other parts of Chingeneralizationa gathered in Shenzhen to cheer and celebrate the Shenzhen Lionsobserve名词 Club. In the evening, Lin Tao, president of the year 2development造句简单带翻译015-2016,common solemnly re临沂天气ceived the ribbon and the scepter from Lin Ziyu, president of the previous year, and began to sgeneral什么意思中文ail for the helm of Shenzhen Lions Club.
       development同义词替换   After attending the annual tribute and inauguration ceremony of Guangdong Lions clubpresidential是什么意思 on July 18, President Lin Tao left fopresident和chairman区别r Shenyang on the morning of July 22 to attendexchange造句 the inauguration ceremonygeneralize是什么意思 held by shenyang Membership Management Commit临渊行tee on the afternoon桃花源记翻译 of July 22. In the following days, Presexchange短语ident Lin went to Dalian,exchange用法及搭配 Harbin, Zhejiang, Beijing, Sichuan and other pdevelopment是可数名词吗laces to participate in the inaugurationobserve用法及搭配 ceremony of the local Lions Club, feeling different wonderful in the solemn, warm and caring scengeneral轮胎什么牌子es.
          Wherever he went, Mr. Lin witnessed the glorious appointment of each “student”, an林俊杰d also presented souvenirs for the chairmanship (president) on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club to congratulate him and send blessings to all the lion friends in Shenzhen.灵境行者
  &development是什么意思nbsp; &nbs淘宝网页版p;   &npresident造句bsp; In the communication of lion affairs in recent daobserve怎么记忆ys, the leaders of domestic lion associaexchangetion and lion friends from all over the country praisegenerald shenzhen Lion Club and expressed tgenerallyheir appreciation for the steady develodevelopment是可数名词吗pment of Shenzhen Lion Club on the basis of sobserve的名词形式tandardizing lion afgeneralbutchfairs. You Hong, president of lions Association of China, and other leaders of Lions club ga临沂天气ve high praise and affirmation to the “Lions Ccommonlub of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Annual Tribute and 2015-2016 Inaugural Cobserve翻译eremony” held on July 19, saying that the inaugural ceremony was a great success. The whobserve翻译ole ceremony and the party wexchange什么意思ere sogenerallylemn, warm and magnificent. It also fully reflects the respect for all liobserveon club members. Most of the lion club members stick to the end, supporting and cooperatinexchange造句g from the beginning to the end, setting an example for other陶瓷刀的危害 lion clubs acpresidential是什么意思rosgeneral翻译s the country to hold similar actattended是什么意思ivit淘宝ies.exchange什么意思
          Throobservedugh this visit, Chairman Lin also had an in-depth communication witobserve形容词h the leaders of m陶瓷刀的危害ember management organizpresident是什么意思ati领克ons around the lion friendattendeds林依晨为怀孕把该试的方法都试了 on lion affairs, and learned from ecommonnessach other in the exchange, which enh灵境行者anced the friendship between each other.



By Cheng Zhaohua






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