Beyond self and win-win cooperation — Shenzhen Lions Club held the training activity for the board of directors designate

          On the morning of May 13, 2015, the 2015-2016 Lions Clcooperation什么意思中文ub shenzhen District Board Development training activity achieved a complete success in the Training base of August 1lions翻译中文 Military Academy in South Australishenzhena. The training was led by Lin Tao, the president designate of 2015-2016, and 33 directors designate, including Shi Jiantraining造句简单yong, the first vice president designateselfish是什么意思啊, Yu Qiaheld的中文意思n, the second vice President dclub怎么读esignate, and Zeng Shiyang, the secretary General, participated intraining翻译 the activity.
          At the beginning of the etraining翻译xpansion activities, the “ice-breaking” training, including military posture, slogans and so on, effecticlub是什么意思vely improvetrainingd the spirit, qi and spirit of the whole team; Then thself是什么意思英语e game of “fetch water from space” made everyone realibeyond是什么意思ze the importance of teamwork. Tclub翻译hen the participants were divided into two teams, respectively, the team name, slogan and gesture training, fully let the players into the team, show themselves; The last one is the challenge of climbing the “victory Wall”. In the face of the very difficult “gradcooperation怎么读uation wall” with a wall heigclubsht of 4.8 meters, all the members ofbeyond是什么意思 the teatraining是什么意思英语m successfully clilionsmbed over and over without any external force. Cooperation, effort, trust and persisself-reliancetence are the fundamental to cheld中文omplete the task. Lion friends are more and more highly motivacooperation和collaboration区别ted, more and moretraining造句简单 frustrated, more anlionsgated more brave to stick to the end, in sweat and tears toselfridges complete the task, so that e深圳疫情最新动态ach other has withstood the test of successshenzhen. Aftbeyond翻译erclub是什么酒 the event, the president of bayi Military Academy, Instructor Qiu, presented a book entitled “Special Forces teach you to survive in the wildcooperation什么意思中文翻译” to each student as a souvenir.
      &nbspwink;   This activity is for the test of the wholewin键是哪个键 team cohesion and centripetal forcwinee, is a profound moral e深圳疫情最新消息nlightenlion是什么意思中文翻译ment to life on the road, is the peak of sensory, mental, emotional experience, under the training of trainers, lions, the friends all in high spirit, in high spirits, with one htraining什么意思undred percent of passion and efforts to success beyond the self, to achieve the “mawin键是哪个键king a concerted effort to win in a team”, after the success and failure, We sharpened our will, gained thinkilion是什么意思中文翻译ng, understood the importance of teamclub是什么意思work, and added a positive energy fulclubmed官网预订l of fighti深圳nlions翻译中文g spirit to the lion work in the future. In the short time of half a day, I believe that everyone’s experience is unforgettable, and each other’s smile is a full affirmlions怎么读ation of partners and gratitude for their own streng深圳大学th. In the activity, all the lion training friends with the most sincere heart, with practiheld怎么读的cal actions to intcooperation是什么意思啊erpretraining造句简单t all these, I hope that in the new lion year, united, together in times of trouble, “walk wittraining是什么意思英语h the dream, happy service, lion love long”.club

By Cheng Zhaohua & NBSP; Photo/Liheld是hold的什么形式n Wenjie

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