Explore a new path of charity — Shenzhen Lions Club held joint lion training exchange meeting in zone 1 and zone 2

On December 15, 2021, Lions Club Shenzhen held the joint lion business Training exchange meetinpathg for the first and second zones of the yeanewgroundsr 2021-2022 in the big conference room of Lions Club shenzhen office. At the meepath什么意思ting, lion friennew balanceds learned the social service of Lions Club, Introductiocharity怎么读n to Training System, Organizational Structure and Cadre Responsibilities and other courses, and exchanged and shared excellent projects.


Guo Yongyong, President of Shenzhen Liopathogenns Club, Peng Daojian, Vice President of Shenzhen Lion深圳疫情最新消息s Clubzone是什么品牌手机, Nie Xiangdong, Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tan Fei, Execut深圳疫情最新消息ive Vice Secretary General zhao Hunew balancei, Vice Secretary General Wen Yaoli, Ccharity形容词hairman of Zone 1 Chen Xusheng, Chairman of Zone 2 Wu Jinzhi, Chairman of Zocharityne 3 Li Xiaofeng, District chairmen Qian Lin, Lin Xiaoyi, Wanew是什么意思英语ng Yibing, Yu Fangfei, Tang深圳大学 Xueyong, Li Bin, Yu Xiaoping, Yan Weimin, Jin Qian, Chen Gang, Supervisors Wu Zhijian, Counselor Lin Yanju, Specialheld怎么读的 assistant of president CAI Min, Chairman of Community Serzonesvice Committee Wei Xiclubman是什么牌子车nxin, lecturers Jiang Xiezhen, Deputy heads Li Xiaotao, Ma Feng, lecturer Luo Jucharity怎么读nping, And nearly 70 scharity宽容的爱ervice team representatives from zones 1 and 2 attended the training. The meeting wanewlys chaired by Chen Xusheng and Wu Jinzhi, and presided over by Lin Xiaoyi深圳风险等级.

Mr Chen Hsu Sang, the chairman of the conference, gave a wheld中文elcome speech and introduced the guests. He thanked everyone for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the lionszone状态 Training exchange.


Guo Yongyong, president of ccPIT Xiamen, made a speech and extended a warm welcome to all lion friends who participated in the training activities. He spoke highly onew是什么意思f the contributions made by the lecturers and service teamslions读音 to shenzhen Lions Club, and encouraged the lions to linewgroundssten to the lecturers’ wonderful explanations, learn, shzone怎么读are anclub怎么读d learn together.


Then, the representaticharity是什么意思ves of each service team came on stage to share the outstanding brand projects of the service team. Li Yi, the leexploreader of Yitian Service Team, shared the fund project of Ruilin Ophthalmic Clinical Assistance (Lion). The project is a special charitable fund of Shenzhen Lions Club as clinicexplore名词形式al ophthalmology relief, which has been recognized and donated by caring people from all walks of life to help those eye disease patients who cannot be efheld中文fectively treated due to poverty get timely assistance.


Yu Linlin, leader ofzone什么意思 the sandwell service team, shared the “Spring Breeze Li深圳疫情brary” service project, which mainly carries out various forms of book donation and lizone什么意思brary construction activities. We hope that “spring Breeze Library” project, like dandelion, spreads the seeds of love, hope and dream.


Xian Lake service team leader Li Hongmei shared the “strokpathwaye in advance” service project, she introdpathsuzoneced in detclub用英语怎么说ail the harm of stroke and the urgency of prevention and treatment of stroke, hope that through the “stroke in advance” series of activities, lclub用英语怎么说et shenzhen young people attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of stroke, so as to pheldbackrevzone状态ent or delay the onset of stro深圳ke.


Ms. Xie Luhong, leader of The Minexplore名词形式g Jia Good Quality Service Team, shheld过去式和过去分词ared the signifiheldbackcance of the “Peace poster” project, thzone是什么品牌手机e situation of the Ming Jia Good Quality Service team’s “peace po深圳市最新疫情ster” project and its achievements in the past four years, and displayed some award-winning works.


Wang Feng, leaderpath怎么读 of Xingzhi Service Team, shared the project of “Rural reading Public Weclub是什么意思lfare Plan”. Winew是什么意思th thenews可数吗 concezoneturfpt of “Knowledge transfers energy and Action changes the future”, the project is committelionsgated to promoting public welfare reading programsclubmed in rural areas of poor areas in China, so that the next generation of rural people can receive fair, sunny and positive rheldeading education.


Li Hui, leaderlions怎么读 of Zimeng Service team, shared the project of “Yunnan Luowang Middle School Aidzoneturf“, which mainly improved the teazone什么意思ching environment and conditions of Luowang Middle Schoolion是什么意思l, the onzone翻译ly middle school in Luowang township of Yunnan province, and subsidized the children from poor families in Luowacharityng Middle School.


After the sharexplorer是福特什么车ing session,explorer.exe应用程序错误 Vice leader Li Xiaotao gave a lecture on “What is Social Service?”, iupheldntroducing the definition and characteristics of lions Club sernewvice, enabling lions to understand the steps and methods of carrying out social service, as well as testing different stages of servicheld的中文意思e evaluation. Mr. Tang explained the organizational structure, organizationapathologyl characteristics and specific responsibilities of each position of lions Club to the lions club members. The lecturers had clear ideas, illustrated with rich cases, raised questions and interacted with each other, arousinnews可数吗g the enthusiasm of lions club training, highlighting the core theme of Lions Club service, an深圳地铁线路图d lion club participants said they wouldpathon语言 put what they learned into practice.


In the brainstormizoneturfng session, the lion friends were active, expressing theirzone怎么读 opinions and participating iheld过去式和过去分词n the QUESTIheldbackON and answer session designed byclub怎么读 the lecturers. The harmonious atmosphere permeated the whole venue.

At the end of the training, President Wu Jinzhi gave a speech of appreciation, thanking the leaders of the districheldent council for their support in their busy scheduheld中文le, for the teaching and learning of the teacheclubrs’ group, and for the active cooperation of the district chairman and the officers of the district Council. She hopeexplorer.exe无响应d that the lion friends could learn and share with each other through the training, so aheldbacks to transmit the lion culture and inher深圳风险等级it the lion spirit.


P深圳地铁线路图eng Daojian summing-up the firstpath vice President, he thank the friends really listenizone怎么读ng, hopes to gain knowledge, lion friends use, driving the core concept of service intzone什么意思o practice to serve the society, looking forward to the first and second zones eacclub翻译h service to strengthen communication and exchangeexplorer是福特什么车s,held to contribute the lion health snew是什么意思英语ustainable development in shenzhen.


Ke Wuyue

[Photo] Du Shaohenlions读音g, Wu Shaoyi

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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