Forge ahead and Create Brilliance — The first district affairs meeting of the year 2021-2022 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

On December 14, 2021, the first district affairs meeting of the year 2021-2022 of Lions Club Shenzhen was successfuforgelly held in the Lions Club office in Sdistrict词根henzhen. Participants listened to the recent workmeeting怎么读英语 and the next work arrangements, the 2021 New Year chameetingsrity party preparations, henanforget是什么意思 flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction, as well as the work of the five committees.

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Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, briefed the recent work situation around the standard operation, service activities and other matters. Frodistrict翻译m July to December 2021, Lions Club shenzhen carried out 34district4 serviceaffairs是什么意思 activities, including assisting the disabled,forget翻译 community service, education,aheadof是什么意思 medical and health care, poverty alleviation, etc., witcreate翻译h a service fund of over 33.3506 million yuan. 5,147 members participated in the serviceyearbook and 296,981 people benefited from it. He introduced that shenzhen Lions Club wiaffairs怎么读ll continue to focfirsthandus on the theme of “Styearlyaying tmeeting是什么意思rue to the oraheadeduiginal aspiration anahead的反义词d servinaffairs怎么读g together”, strengthen the leadership of party construction, sumforget的形容词marize the development pathcreate的名词和形容词 of domestic characteristics of lions club, formulate a fivedistrict翻译-year development strategy, and promote the standardized, healthy and orderly development of Sheaffair是什么意思英语nzhen Lions Clmeetingyou是什么意思ub. In addition,aheadof Guo Yongyong, presidcreate的名词ent of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that he would set up a working groupahead to celebrate thaheadof是什么意思e 20th ameeting怎么读英语nniversary of the founding of Shenzhen Lions Club, prepare for the 20th anniversary celebration, celebratebrilliance翻译 and commemorate the special day wcreate和invent的区别ith epoch-makingyearn significancyear是什么意思e in the hisdistrictingtory of Shenzhen Lions Club, and create a new chahead怎么读英语apter of the development of Shmeetingenzhen Lions Club on the basisaffairs翻译 of summarizing the past and looking into the future.

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Peng Daojian, first Vice President of CCPIT Xiamen, introforget的用法duced thcreateprocesse preparations for the 2022 New Year chaforget的过去式rity party, and called on adistrict缩写是什么ll service teams to mobilize lifirston friends, actively pledgdistrict词根e to donate the Lion Award, and raise more service funds for the next yeaaheadof是什么意思r.

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Nie Xiangdong briefbrilliance是什么牌子ed henan on flood relief abrilliance是什么意思nd post-disaster reconstruction. The project raised a total of RMB 3,281first怎么读英语,016 yuadistrict缩写是什么n, among whicfirst是什么意思h, RMB 2,737,304 yuan of funds and RMB 543meeting腾讯会议,712 yuan of materials were raised. Flood supplies worahead的反义词th 1,992.05 million yuan have been distributed in Henan, including 1,792.05 million yuan of emergency supplies acreatednd 200,000 yuan of post-disaster reconstruction. Hbrilliance怎么读e hoped that the service teaffairs翻译ams that pledged to donatemeeting怎么读英语 to the “Henan Flcreatedood Projectmeetingtencentcom” would honor theirfirstly donation commitment and transfer the money to the district council accouncreatedt before December 17, so as to make preparations for the funds for post-disaster reconstruction in Henan.

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Tan Fei, director of General Affairs, mobilized all service teams to participate in the activities of “Caring for Huaqingyuanahead用法及搭配 Community, Service starts from the side” and community transformation and caring for residents. To encourage service teams and individuals, a wall of honor will be set up at the office aftefirst青年电影展r the projecdistrictingt to record service teams and individuals who have contributedmeeting腾讯会议 to the project.

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Ccreateui Weiying,year怎么读 chairman of the Emergency Committee, vividly introduced the “First Aid at your Side” project of the emergency commahead的反义词ittee, and invited the lion fdistrictingriends of each service team to participate in and co-organize the pahead意思roject trforgettableaining, so as to relay for life, escort for life, and fully carry forward the humanitarian spirit.

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Lion friends care comdistrict造句mittee chairman yong-ping Chen Shared the annualbrilliance是什么意思中文 work plan and goal of lion friends caring, summarizaffairs是什么意思es the lion friends care committee in thecreate是什么意思 first half of the work, and called for the lion friends around you love, with warm heart, jointly build shenzhencreate的名词和形容词 lions harmonious atmosphere, let every lion fahead用法及搭配riends can feel the warmth of the organization.

Yong-ping Chen. JPG

Chairman of the Committee for The Disablforget是什么意思ed Yang Dehua delivered the report on the work of the committee for the firstmeeting是什么中文意思 half of the year. He said that with the support and guidance of the Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, The Lions Club of Shbrilliance是什么牌子enzhen has provided 87 supporting services, including the rehabilitation and training acforgetfultivities for disabled children in Kashgarcreatewindow and the acforget的过去式tivities of “Love for Acceaffairsssibility” international Dyear造句ay of Disabled Persons, with a total service fund of 4.4452 million yuan, benefiting 53,552 people. In the seconfirst named half of this year, he hopes to get the support of various servforgettableice teams and specialized work organizations to join in the third “Shenshi Fusion” Cup sports meeting and other supporting projects for tmeeting腾讯会议he disabled.

Yang dehua. JPG

Yao Li, chairman of information Tfirsthandechnology Committee, introduced the framework and content of thbrilliance是什么意思e lion cooperation system to be developed this year, and sharedcreate的名词 the architecture design of the Shencreate的名词zhen Lions Interconnection system with the characteristics of Shenzhen Lions Club, enabling technology to empower publimeeting的音标c welfare and information to create value.

Yao Li JPG.

Entrusted by Pan Zhiping, chafirst翻译成中文irman of the Committeahead用法e for The Prevention and Assistanforgetfulce of Bbrilliance是什么意思中文lindness, Execahead用法utive chairman Li Risheng deforget的用法livered the work report of the Committyearcon是什么牌子的ee for the Prevention and Assistance of Blindness. In the first hahead短语alf of this year, the Shenzhen Lions Clucreate和invent的区别b successfully pcreateprocesserformed 776 cataract surgeries, bringing light to poor cataract patients. As cataractaffair是什么意思英语 surgery is now covered by the national health insurance, the committee will fmeetingocus more on providing services in remote mountainous areas with poor medical skills, he said.

Executive chairman of the Council for the Prevention of Blindness? .jpg

Li Zhou long picket lions club in shenzhen city is presented together with the shenzhen urban management bureau, shenzhen LuHuaChu sponsored by the most beautiful sanitation worker content and prograhead意思ess of the project, put forward the best saniforget怎么读tatmeeting翻译ion workers the next phase of work goal, and invite the service to undertake, assisted the zone will focus on screate的各种形式ervices, support the most worthy of love and care workers.

Long picket (2). JPG

Supervforget翻译isbrilliance是什么意思中文or Wang Haiyan, on behalf of the Bocreate的名词ard of Supervisors, spoke highly of the standarbrilliance翻译d and orderly districdistrictt affairs mbrilliance是什么意思eeting. The Board of Supervisors will, as always, fulbrilliance是什么意思fill its supervisory duties, be serious and responsible, andistrict缩写是什么d make activforgetfule efforts to ensure the ordercreate的各种形式ly development of various ldistrict翻译ion affairs and escaffair是什么意思ort the steady development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Representative of the supervisory board? .jpg

President Kwok Wing-yong made a concluding speech, affirmingfirstname填姓还是名 the efforts of all lion friendyearcon是什么牌子的s and thanking thecreatewindowm for their support to the district Council. He said that this year, under the guidance of the Domestic Lions Association and shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedyear造句eration, Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to practice the purpose of “helping othermeeting腾讯会议s and serving the socdistrict是什么意思英语iety”, and work together to make further achievements for shenzyearninghen Lions Club in the next 20 yemeeting翻译ars.

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More than 120 people attended the meeting, including guo Yongyong, president of Sheyearcon是什么牌子的nzhen Lions Club, Peng Daojiancreate的名词, Vice Precreatedsidemeetingnt of Shenzhen Lions Club, Nie Xiangdong, Secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Director of General Affairs Tan Fei, Chief of police Li Zhou, Deputy secretary Generfirst是什么意思al Zhao Hui and other directors and supervisors, as well as reprfirst nameesentatives of specialized working organizatiyearbookons and service teams. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen Xusheng, Chairman of Region 1, and Mr. Yu Fangfei, Cmeetingyou是什么意思hairman of Region 4, Mr. Tang Xue-yong, and Mr. Li Bin, chairmbrilliance是什么意思中文an of Region 6, as executive chairmen.

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Ke Wuyue

[Photo] Lai Longshengmeetingtencentcom

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Screate和invent的区别haoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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