We assisted the Party branch of the Futian District Disabled Persons’ Federation in visiting frontline workers

Yang Fanrui, a reporter from DCD/Shenzhen Business Daily

Recently, the futian district fededistrict是什么意思英语ration lions club party branch in shenzhen branch, shenzhen lions will service for sympathyvisiting是什么意思英语 kam dragon futian district south street community disease resistance line workers, to stick tounassisted in epidemic preventibranches是什么意思on and control of a line伏天氏最新章节 workers donated water, milk, rice pubranches翻译dding, instant noodles, biscuits, a batch of 20000 yuan worth of material life, I would like to express my high respect and sincere thanks to them for their efforts during theparty是我家下载mp3 epidemic preveassistedntion and control period.

Futian disabled personsfederation, chairman of the party secretary, and researcher Luo Nipersonsanchun, sperson是什么意思outh street party working committee, and secretary JiGongWei Chenfutian Zeping, jin dragon community LuoDeJun, party secretary ofdistrict造句 shenzhevisitingn lions l伏天氏txtong tian wang xing, party branch secretary and subranchpervisors Lai Zhuoni party branch organidistrict是什么意思英语zation committeeperson是什么意思 m伏天氏ember and member in charge of publicity, the gpersons和people区别eneral secretary, Lord will service captain Li Qing and so on more than 20 people to participate in the actiunassistedvities.

We assisted the Party branch of the Futian District Disabled Persons' Federation in visiting frontline workersWe assisted the Party branch of the Futian District Disabled Persons' Federation in visiting frontline workers

Luo Nianchun, party secretary of the DISTRICT Disabled Persons’ Federation, said that in or付天氏der to actively help the grassroots epidemic prevention and control work, the party branch of the distdisabled是什么意思rict Disabled Persons’ Federatparty模式iodistrict是什么意思英语n promptly turned the results of party hdisabled造句简单istory study and educabranch怎么读tion into a driving force to serve the people, actively practiced the original mission of “I do practicaparty是什么意思l things for the people”, widely lindistrict什么意思ked social resobranches是什么意思urces, and made a small convisiting翻译tribution to the communibranchingty epidemic prevention and condistrict缩写是什么trol. During the visit, she thanked the front-line staff who have always been commitdisabled翻译ted to their work, regardless of hardship and fatigue, and urged them to pay attention to their own protection and keep waassisted什么意思rm while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

We assisted the Party branch of the Futian District Disabled Persons

After the donation ceremony, Luo Nianchun led soutvisitingh street party working committee Chen Zeping, shenzhen lions club party secretary of the parparty是我家下载mp3ty branch secretary of tidisabled的形容词an wang, jin dragon community LuoDeJun line cadistrict缩写是什么me to the riverside sperson是单数还是复数hangbu secondary side cars, to field trips are planning of green way, explore the increased barrier-free facilities, the feasibility of creating barrier-federationfree community park, and hope that the future in the city, With the joint efforts of the Disdisabledtrict Disabled Persons’ Federation, Nvisiting是什么意思anyuan Strebranches翻译et Office and The Lions Clubvisiting为什么不双写 of Shenzhen, the barrier-free community parparty复数k has been steadily promoted as a “project for the people”, constantly optimizinbranchg the living environment and improving the qdistrict什么意思uapartynextdoorlity of community life.

Then, Luo Nianchun led the party branch of theparty的中文 District Disabled persons’ Fe付天氏deration to visit the Jinbi community in Shatou Street, and sent condolence items to the community epidemic prevention staff to cheer them up and improv伏天记净无痕e the spirit of the frontline epidemic prevention personne伏天记净无痕l.

We assisted the Party branch of the Futian District Disabled Persons

Since the outbreak, futian district, disassistedabled persons’ federation party give fullbranches翻译 play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, formed a lead by party memdistrict和region区别bers and cadres, and assisfederationtive social organizationvisitingmyfriend作文 workers of 43 people volunteer team, take the initiative to bearfederation翻译, fearless retrograde, actively a伏天氏ssist the huaqiang north street new ridgunassistede, HuaHpartynextdoorong conduct nucleic aparty模式cid testing registration, China airlines communitparty模式y volundistrict词根teer service, the competitive power in the outbreak at the same ti福田汽车me, Let the Party flag fly high onfederation翻译 the front line of epidemic prevention and control. In the next stepassisted, futian District Disabpersons和people区别led Persons’ Federation will actively respond to the official call of the Party Committee, lead all party members, cadres and staff to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevparty英文意思ention and control, take mordistricte evisiting为什么不双写ffective measures to meet the new challenges of epidemic ppartynextdoorrevention and control, and actipersons和personal的区别vely contribute to the power of the Disabled people’s Federation.

Review: Yu Fanghdisabled是开启还是关闭ua, Jiang Zhuxubranches翻译an

The Party branch of the Futdisabled翻译ian Disvisiting怎么读trict Disabled Persons’ Fedistrict翻译deration visdistrict造句ited frontline workers

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