Forward | implementation of domestic the lion federation the first lion love domestic 】 【 essay competition

Forward | implementation of domestic the lion federation the first lion love domestdomestically翻译ic 】 【 essay competition

Fellow lions:

To carry forward the lion spirit, enhance regional lion business communication, and in the internationessay英语al lions club the 57th annual meeting of the far east and southeast Asia display the cultural force of domestic lion friends, domestic llion是什么意思ion federcompetition翻译ation committforward什么意思中文翻译ee issued a publiclions relations and publicity of the implementation of domestic the lion ciforwardb first essay contest lion love domestic 】 【 notice (lion al [2018] no. 55). The first "domestic翻译Lion Loessayve China" essay contest was launched to record the lion story, tell the legend of lion love, explorimplementation怎么读e the touching, feeling, emotion and wonderful in the service, anforwardd inherit the clove is gone英文翻译ultural connotation of lions Club.

Please see the attachment fforward的用法or detailed requirements.

If you are interested in the eslion怎么读slove直播破解版ay competition, please contact Us atOn May 28thPlease send the manuscript to the email address:sztxs@qq.comIn order to summarize the unified report to the domestifederation什么意思c lion association.

Contact person: Tang Haozhi

Contact nucompetitionmber: 186889599competition翻译96

Lion friends are welcome to contribute!

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

May 7, 2018

Attachment: Notice of the first "Lion Love China" essay Contest held by the National Lessay英语ion Association

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