"Draw a Peaceful Future" -- The peace Poster Award ceremony of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully

Paint a "peaceful future"

-- The 2017-2018 Peace Poster Award Ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfulldraw翻译y held.

On the afternoon of May 6, 2018, the "Peaceful future" -- 2017• National Children's World Peace Poster Solicitation activity Shenzhen Exhibition area works solicitation activity award ceremony and award-winning works exhibition wapeacefuls held in Xi Waaward什么意思n Primary School, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen ciclubman是什么牌子车ty. Tian Wpeaceful造句angxing, President of lions Club shenzhelions翻译n 2017-2018, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Wang Yan, Chairman of Zone 3, Fanpeaceful比较级g Mansong, Vice Chairman of Peace Poster Committee of Lions Cclubman是什么牌子车lub Shenzhen, Lin Qinglong, Chaawardingirman of Peace Poster Committee of Lions Club Shenzhen, Shan Liyue, Lai Yingni, Li Tracy, Executive Cclubmanhairmen, The principal of Xiwan Primary School Yang Shuiwang, vice principal Luo Cong, art group leader Li Dongllions翻译iang, and the service team lclub翻译ion friendpeaceful造句s, advisors, award-winning studentclub用英语怎么说s, parents representatives and other 300 people participated in the activity.

Led by the Peace Poster Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, the contest lasted for more than 5 months. With the active participatpeaceful比较级ion of various service teams, schools and arpeacefult organizations of Shenzhenposter翻译 Lions Club, nearly 10,000 children participated in the contest. After the selection of the profepeace翻译ssional jury composed of experts from art, edpeacefulucation, media and Shenzhenclub怎么读 Lions Club,ceremony用什么介词 the final group A (11-13 years old) will respectively select 1 special prize, 29 first prize, 50 second prize, 60 third prize and 60 finalists.peaceful翻译 Group B (8-10 years old) seleceremony造句cted 5 first prize, 10 second prize, 20 third prize, 65 finalists. Aposter海报t the same time, 3 works in Sfuturelearnhenzhen exhibition area were seaward的用法和搭配lected into the national top 60 and 1futurelearn0 works were selected into the national top 200. The work "A Peaceful World inpeace是啥意思 My Eyes" createdpostern下载 by 12-year-old Peng Nan, directed by Xiwan Primary School of Shenzhen and recommended by Zimeng Service Team, wposter海报as awarded the "Special Prize". The work adraw怎么读lso won theaward翻译 "Global Masterpiece award" of the International Peace Poster Competition.

, unlikceremony翻译e in previous years, the awards ceremony, peace posterposter海报 boardawarding specially prepared hundreds of meters long, the award-winning students together ifuture是什么牌子n long painting out of the peace in their heart, hundreds of colorful and distinctive "dove" with "fly" in the hundreds of meters long, to let everyone look forward to the bright futceremony翻译ure of worldpeaceful peace. The stuclubman是什么牌子车dents and their parenpeacebird是什么牌子ts who were present were alldraw admiring the winning works and giving their thumbs up. They all said that they wolions读音uld continue to participate in the peace poster activity and encourage their relatives and friends topeaceful和calm的区别 participate in the activity and support the Peace poster project of Shenzhen Lions Club as always.ceremony

President Tian And president Yang shuiwang congratulated the winners and presenclub是什么酒ted the prizes to them. President Tiadrawnn Wangxingfuture made a speech, thanking the peace Poster Committee led by Chairman Lin Qinglong for its great love and fruitful achievelions翻译中文ments. He hoped that with the continuous inheritance and proposter模板motion of the Peace Poster Committee, the seeds of peacepeaceful翻译 woudrawbackld take root and sprout in the hearts of the npeace&love啥意思ext gclub翻译eneration of children.

The winning teachers and students delivered a speech, thankposter海报ing Shenzhen Lions cdraw翻译lub for building a platform for them to give full play to their imagination and creativity. They said they will continue to support the peace poster project and apply wpostern下载hat they have learned and thought through the peace poster campaign to their teaching and studies iclubmedn the future.

With the support of officials at all levels and enthusiastic people from all walks odrawnf life, Shenzhen Lions club has beendrawablesetbounds participating in the international Peace Poster Competition since 2004 and has made remarkabpeacefully中文翻译le achievements. Up to now, nearly 80,000 young artists fromaward和reward区别 Shenzhen have participated in the competition. The seeds of peace arceremony用什么介词e sown in the hearts ofuture怎么读音f every child participating in thlions是什么意思e competition. The concept ofaward和reward区别 peace is also accompanied by the happy growth of children. Thedraw works selected by The Lions Club of Shenzhen have won the "Global Prize" of the Internatioceremony用什么介词nal Peace Poster Competition seven times, including "Give Peace a Chance" by Zeng Weicheng in 2004award翻译-2005;lion是什么意思中文翻译 2007-2008 "Peace all over the World" by Li Jiazhen; 2poster是什么意思英语翻译成中文012-2013 Student Mai Qianqian'future是什么牌子s "Imagine Peace"; 2013-2014 "Our World, Our Future" by Lin Yu; 2014-2015 Rubik's Cube and Hand by Huang Yinhao; "Share the Peace" by Wu Yiyang in 2015-2016 andceremony的音标 "The Peaceful World in My Eyes" by Peng Nan in 2017-2018.lions是什么意思

[Text] Lin Wenjie

[Photo] Lin Wenjie

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lfuture糖果in Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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