Boya Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2017-2018

Boya Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On March 17, 2018, the 9th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lregular是什么意思英语ions Club Boya Service Team for 2017-201regularization8 was successfully held in the cninthmonth是什么意思onference room of Huatai Insurance Company, Wanda Building, Luohu District. Boya service team captain Zhang Lizhong, last captain Su Jianhua, first vice cteamsaptain Ye Lingservice怎么读, second vice captain Tang Xishun, third vice captain Mo Weiheng, financial Zhou Bo, general affairs Yang Jinbin, picket Qi Xiuyan and other 23 people attenservicebioded the meeting. The meeting was chaired b伯牙与子期y Qi Xiuyan.

Under the auspicteamproes of Captain Zhang Liz伯牙善鼓琴hong, themeetings boya Service Tninth的基数词eam democraticallyheld的中文意思 elected duan Yeling, the 2018-2019 team leader, and otheteamor members of the new tea博亚m leader and representatives of the 16th Member Congress. Zhang Lizhong told Duan博雅 Yeling to be the captain, to work hard, take good team, lead the boya service team to a new level. Duan Yeling said that she would lead the service teamregular的名词 to develop steadily under the guidance of the former captains and thboyae strong support of the lion friends.

Later, lion friends discussed the specific process and labor division of the wheelchair donation activity for special children held in Yabo Rehabilitation Centeteamsr for Special Children in Luohu District on March 24, and the activity of caring for 4regularity0 poor autistic children hservice是什么故障灯eld in Xingyninth什么意思u Rehabilitationregular的所有形式 Center in Longhua on March 31.

Finally, everyone sent warm birthday wishes to the lion frninth的基数词iend who had a bservice翻译irthday that month.

By So Jianhua

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