Red Licheng Service team held the first regular meeting of 2013-2014 and lion Friendship activity

Red Licheng Service team held the first regular meeting of 2013-2014 and lion Friendshipredundant activity

            On July 6th,meeting是什么中文意思 2013, witnessed by sunshine, sand, rameetingyou是什么意思inmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 and laughter of lteams手机版ions, Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service team weteamviewerlcomed the first regular meeting and lion club fellowteam是什么意思翻译ship of 2013-2014. There werservice是什么意思e 42 lions and their families in the activity, which was the largest number of participants in the history of Red Litchi Serviregularce Team.
      &regularitynbsp;     Lion friends and their families stayed in Manwan Hetian Resort Hotel, which was sponsored by gao Quanbin, theteamwork last president, and Rong Jing, the treasurer. They had seafood buffet dinner sponsored by Zhang Li, the new pre李晟sident, and strolled on jinsha Bay beach, enjoying tregular是什么意思英语he wind and sand. In the evening, the lion friends and their families came to the open air barbecue里程碑 of the hotel and drank the cold beer sponsored by Brother Zhang Wei. Killing & tteams手机版hroughout; Game Wars & Hellip; …
    &nbfirst翻译sregular反义词p;       On the morning of 7th, the first regular meeting of 2013-2014李承铉 was held in the hotel. Sail away; The meetingservicebio room opened on time, the meservicemaneting was presided over by Sisteams手机版ter Zhang Jian shi.
            First of aservicemanll, the pregnant Liomeeting的音标n sister Rong Jing introduced the lion culturmeetingyou是什么意思e, the organizatio李承晚n struservice怎么读cture and responsibilities of the Lion Club, the meaning and gestures of thredmik40e lion club song, so that the new and oservice是什么意思ld lion friends have a deeper understanding of the lion culture and the liheld的意思是什么on spirit; The last president Gao Quanbin summed u李成敏p the Anglo-German Bright line; President Zhmeeting是什么意思ang Li presided over the new lion friends to join the process, the new lion friends introdu里程碑是什么意思ced themselves, and to & LDquo; Out & throughout; Made a promise. In the warfirst是什么意思m applause, three newredundant lionsteams手机版 officially joined the Red Litchi Service team, and the number of members of the Red Litchi Service team increased to 35.
After that, President Zhang Li explainheld是hold的什么形式ed the annual goals of the service team to the lion friends: focus on member development, team building, system buildimeeting怎么读英语ng, lion friends fellowship and care; Pay special attention to the construction of service brand, adhere to the establishmenservice是什么意思t of red li service temeeting是什么意思am & LDquo; Spring Multimedia Classroom & RDQUO; Service activities, actively participate in the Bright action, communiregular翻译ty service, helping the disabled and other activities;teamwork Set up service, membership, fellowship and other grouteamworkps,first是什么意思 assign each lion member to different groups, so that each lion member can actteambitionively participate inheldback the meeting and service activities of hong Lai Service Team. Zhang Jiteamanheld的意思是什么, the first vice President, introduced the annual memberheldenship development, fundraising plan and transition arrangement; Chen Heng, second Vice President, introduced the Annuaregular反义词l Service Plan; The third vice President Yfirst青年电影展ang Li introduced theheld的原型 social activity pservice和serve的区别lan;red怎么读 Finance Zhang Ying introduced the membership fee anmeeting是什么意思中文翻译d administrative expenses collection and other related matters.
 regular反义词           Zhong Yun, director of Shenzhen Lionheld中文s Club for 2013-2014, introduced his thoughts on running for director of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2013-201first翻译成中文4 and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Red Li Service team for supporting him in running for director.
        &nbmeeting翻译sp;   The 2013-2014 first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Litchi Service team cam李成敏e to a close in a warm atmoteamsphere.
  &nbheld中文sp;         Later, some of the lion friends set foot on the return journey, and sfirsthandome went to yangmei Keng Bay to continue the fellowshi李承晚p journey. Road, each waredmilk one side, the heart was “ Is already helping others happy service ” Fheld中文aith is closely bound. It is believed that undfirsthander theheld是hold的什么形式 leadership of the new presidregular的所有形式ent Zhang Li, the roared是什么意思d of happy charity of Red Litchi Service team will be more standardized and large-scale, and the journey of happfirst怎么读英语y servicheldene will be more colorful.

By Li Yang/Yong An He

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