The first regular meeting and changing ceremony of The 2019-2020 Stamp Club of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

On September 19, 2019, the first regular meeting and changing ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Phceremony的音标ilately Club 201firstly9-2020 was held in Shenzhen Guangke Digital Technology Co., LTD., Futian Free Trade Zone. The meeting reviewed and summarized the history of the philatelic Club in the past three years since its echanging用英语怎么说stablistamp是什么意思英语shment, and held a ceremony for the changing of the leadership of the year 2019-2020. It reviewed and shared the great achievmeeting翻译ements made by the stchanging怎么读英语afirst怎么读mp on the 70tmeeting是什么中文意思h anniversaregularlyry of the founding of the gchanging是什么意思英语reat motherland, which further enhancestamp是什么意思英语d the patriotic feelings and cultural accomplishment of the members and promoted the friendship between lion friends. The meeting was chaired by Fu Wenqiang.

Shenzhen lion of tian long wang, dclub是什么意思eputy secrmeeting腾讯会议etary-general zhang jian, the fifth sectistampedon, Ruceremony和celebration的区别ChunXu and seventh division Presidclubmedent li li, chafirst怎么读英语irmafirst是什么意思n of the eighth partition Tang Quanhui, sm Li Wenqiu, c., stamp collecting club chairman xiao-wei sun, executive chairman of WuYuQiong, t. and Fu Wenqiang, lions clubs international fund committee, executive chairman of TongXin, liregular是什么意思英语ons club interegular的名词rnational philatelic association director Huang Sihui, Mstamp翻译ore than 30 peopceremonyle atregularitytended the meeting, including zhang Yushan and Zhu Hong, leaders of Shenzhefirst namen Luohu Bureau ochanging翻译f Domestic Postal Group corporation, Huang Lixin, lecturer of Domestic Philatelic Cormeeting翻译poration and shenzhen Philatelic Association, Liang Xiaoqinclubmang, Wen Caimei of Luoceremony复数形式hu Post Office and members of the club.

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As the first chchanging是什么意思airman of thefirst翻译 philatelic Club, Tong Xin introduced the work of tfirst是什么意思he philatelic Club in the past three years, and used a touching eight-minute video to review the efforts made by the philatestampcalendarlic Club in the development of conferenfirstname填姓还是名ce affairs, philatelic public welfare, member fellowship, external exchanges and other asfirsthandpects. In the past three ymeeting是什么意思中文翻译ears, chairman Tong Xin, executive committee membemeetingyou是什么意思rs and all members have laid a solid foundation for the lceremony造句ong-term developmenchangingt of philatelic Club through their uregularlynremregularlyittinfirst怎么读英语g efforts.

Chen Xin reported tfirst翻译成中文he financial situation of this year. Standard, transparent financial management and clear accounts havclubman是什么牌子车e wceremony是什么意思on the trust anclubmedd apprecfirst是什么意思iation of members.

President Toclubmanng Xin presented thank-you notes and souvenirs to the members and friends who supporfirst怎么读英语ted and helped the development of phstamped翻译ilatelic Club in the past year.

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Chfirst翻译成中文aceremony和celebration的区别irman Sun xiaowei delivered a speech on the work of stamp Club in the New Year, and thanked Chairman Tong Xin for her contribution to the development of the club. Subsequently, Chairman Tong Xin and Chairman Sun Xiaowei held the tranfirst是什么意思sition ceremchanging用英语怎么说ony in thchanging是什么意思e presence of lfirst翻译成中文eadstamp复数ing lion friends.

Wechat picture _20190926105609.jpg

Tiaregular反义词n Wangxing, forregularlymer president of the Phimeeting腾讯会议latelic Cfirst翻译lub, madclube a warm sclubman是什么牌子车peech, affirming the achievemestamp是什么意思英语nts of the philatelic club in the past three years, and also put forward hopes and suggestions for the future development of the club.

Mr. Zhang Yushan, the leader of Luohu Post Office, made a speech to express his gratitude to the stamp club for its positive contribution to stamp promotionclubmed in the past three years, and expresfirstname填姓还是名sed that he would continue to support the work of Shenzhen Lions Stamp Club.

Cao Yingwang, senior lion friend of Shenzhen Lions Club and vice cstamp翻译hairman of Shenzstamp怎么读hen Artists Association, shared on behalf of philately club members.

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To celebrate the 70th anniversarmeeting是什么意思y of the founding of the Peoplstamp是什么意思英语e's Rregular反义词epublic of China, Mr. Huang Lixin prepared a wonderful sharing with the theme of "Me and my Motherland". Through stamps, he comprehensively reviewed the glorious course of thechangingroomvoyeur Chinese people in the past 70 years and promeetingsmoted patriotism. The themefirst翻译成中文 sharing content is rich, so that the clubfirsthand members and gueschanging怎么读ts are notmeeting是什么中文意思 satisfied.

Wechat picture _20190926105554.jpg

On behalf of philately Club, Chairman Sun xiaowei would like to express hisregularly special thanks to Mr. Xiao Xiaoyu, the first step sceremony同义词ervice team, for providifirst青年电影展ng the venue support. He would also like to thank all the lion friends and guests who attended the event. He hopes that the lion friends will continue to sumeeting翻译pport the club and promochangingte the costamped翻译mmon development of philately hobby and public welfare and charity.


By Sun Xiaowei/Stamp Club

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