The Lions Club of Shenzhen received a series of awards such as “Top 10 Public Welfare Organizations”

The Lions Club of Shenzhen received a series of awards such as “Top 10 Public Welfare Organizations”

Onseries是什么意思英语 April 26, 2017, the “Touching Shenzhen —深圳疫情最新消息 2017 14th Shenzhen Care Action Commendatioreceived是什么意思n Parclubmanty” was held in the studio hall of Shenzhen Broadcasting Group. Wang Weizhong, guangdong Provincial Standing Committee member and Secretary of S深圳天气henzhen Municipal Party Comm深圳疫情ittee, Shenzclub是什么酒hen municipal leaders Li Huannanawards什么意思, Zhang Hu, Li Xiaogan, Guo Yonghang, Jiang Yuyang, Xu Youjun, shenzhen otop翻译ld leaders Li Hao, Li Haidong, Li Tongshu, Zhong Zhijian, caring personages from all walseries什么意思ks of life, citizen representatives and more than 1000 people attended the party. Lions Club of Shenzhen won the award of “Top 10 Public Welfarseries是单数还是复数e Organizations”, and President Shi Jianyong received the award on behalf of lio深圳风险等级nsclubmed官网预订 Club. The “Love the Earth, Take a Deep Breath” laclubmanrge-scale public welfare afforestation activlionsity sptop吸毒onsored by Shenzhen Lions Club won the “Ten Caring Events”. Li Xiang, chairman of environmental Protection and Transportation Civilization Comclub是什么酒mittee, acceseries怎么读ptedseries7手表 the award on behalf o深圳疫情最新消息f the project teamshenzhen. Seven public welfare activities, incluclub怎么读ding the first Warm lion Ltopove Sports Carnival series, sponsored by The Lions Club of Shenzhen, were awardedawards翻译 “100 Best Citizen Projects”.

CclubmanCTV famous host Bai Yatopiknsong chaired. The party ended with “Love in Shenzhen & NBSP; With the theme of “Warm Pengcreceived是什么意思英语heng”, the annual “Top ten Caring Figures”, “Top Ten Caring Events”, “Top Ten Caringawards翻译 Enterprises”, “Top Ten Public Welfare Organization深圳疫情最新动态s”, “Top Ten Creative Projects”, “苏城码Annual Promoters”, “top什么意思Annual Special Award” and other awards werlions翻译中文e announced.

Shi Jianyong, president of 2016-2lions怎么读017, Tian Wangxing, President designate, Ma Min, First Vice President designate, Weng Hua, second Vice President desreceived是什么意思ignate, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Executilionsve Deputy Secretary General Lu Jinshang, Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jian, Peng Daojian, Chairman of District 12, Gao Ling, Chairman of D苏尘绝尘军istclub用英语怎么说rict 16, Li Xiang, chairman of the Commshenzhenittee on Environmental Protection and Traffic Civilization, and more than 2shenzhen0 people representing the award-winning projects witnessed thilions是什么意思s glorious moment.

A warm current that flows between cities

For the first time, the “Top ten Caring Events”, “Top Ten Publclubman是什么牌子车ic Welfare Organizations” and “Facilitator of the Year” were selecclubmanted. The organizing colions的音标mmittee wrote the award speech for The Lions Club of Shenzhen as “warm current between cities”, and awarded the Lions Club of Shenzhen as one of “tenseries是什么牌子 best publireceived是什么意思英语c welfare organizations”.

Since its establishment in 2002, Shenzhen Lions Club has actively participated in all previous Shenzhen caring actionreceive的所有用法s, innovated service model and cultivated brand service projclubmanects. The emlions读音ergency response of disaster relief was rapid and the post-disaster reconstruction made great achievements. Carry out multi-channel community services, integrate resources to expanlions翻译中文d influence; New achievemenseriests have been made in polions是什么意思verty alleviation. Assistivetop吸毒 standing by to help, assistive service is deeply rooted in the hearts oreceived翻译f the people, let more peotopcashbackple in nseries什么意思eed toseries函数用法 get lovreceived是什么意思英语e, fee深圳大学l the warmth of family, society becoseries函数用法me shenzhen love action project organizers, promaward是什么意思英语oters and love for action and make positiv深圳市最新疫情e contributions to深圳市最新疫情 the develop苏尘ment of public welfare uclub用英语怎么说ndertakings, and for the city of shenzhen love this added “temperature”, the city of civilization. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 15 years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out more th深证指数an 7,000 service activities with a total funding of 266 million yuan.

Environmental protection afforestatiotopikn & NBSP; Tatop吸毒ke care of the earthclubs

In recent years, Shsuchenzawardshen Lions Club has taken communitseriesy service as its key service dirsuch和so的区别ection, and has spared no effort in environmentopay钱包tal protection in addition to carrying out educational programs, assisting the disabled and helping the poor. “Love the Earth, Take a deep breath” large-scale public welfare environmental protection affortop什么意思estation activity was initiated by Sheseries是什么牌子nzhen Lions Club, sponsored by Domestic Lions Club, jointly undertaken by Shenzhen Lions Club, Guangdong Lions Club and member management Committee of Domestic Lions Club dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxireceived翻译, Harbin and Sichuan. Through carrying out a series of etopic是什么意思nvironmental protection services such as recycling waste batteries, planting trees and propagatinawards什么意思g the creceive的过去式oncept of environmental protection, we will improve people’s livelihood and carry forward the pulion是什么意思中文翻译blic welfare concept of “lolions的音标ving the eart深圳疫情最新消息h”. We will start from ourselves to protect our beautilions翻译中文ful home. Shenzhen lion in swan fort village, fragrance graceland and blue sky, HuaQing park, 22 community to carry out the walions怎么读ste battery recycling actclub用英语怎么说ivities such as regularly to community residents to promote environ深圳风险等级mental protection concepts, half year recycle used batteries more thlions的音标an 200 kg, at the same tim苏尘章节目录e, in 5 schools such as HuaQing garden kindergseries是单数还是复数arten established waste battery recycling bins and rubbish classificlions是什么意思ation recyclingseries7手表 bins, Plant the seeds ofclubs “en苏尘绝尘军vironmental protectireceived是什么意思on” in children’s minds. Shenzhen Lions Club in Baoan Districlub翻译ct fenghuang Mountain opened up 40 mu of lion forest, not only afforestation, bulions怎么读t also on the lion forest planreceive的过去分词ning, the forest has propaganda public culture lion culture square, lion road,深圳疫情最新消息 lion chair, lion station, so that people in leisure, vacation at the same time, undtopicerstand the concept of public welfare and charity.

Love never stops

Love is a sea that flows between heshenzhenaven anreceivedd earth. The annu深圳疫情最新动态al Shenzhen Careceive的过去式ring Action has been held for the 14th consecutive year.topic A large numbertop1 of caring models have emerged, promoting the caring spirit, cultivating the social fashion of being enthusiastic about public welfare, charity and voluntary service, and shaping the characteristseries翻译ics of Shenzhen as a “caawards怎么读ring city”.

In苏厨 trouble there is a helping hand. At the party, the shenzhen Love hotline 88885200 was officially launched under the guidance of Shenzhen Civilizatilions的音标on Office, sponsored by S苏澈henzhen Love Office and undertaken by Shenzhen Evening News. This “Media Harmony” public welfare hotline connects with various official public welfare hotlines, in深圳风险等级tegrates soctop吸毒ial resources sreceived翻译uch as caring enterprises, instituseries的中文意思tions and communities, and meets the needs for guidance,深证指数 public wclubelfare services and emotional support, so as to provide help to those in need.

This year, action Care selreceive的过去分词ected 196 “100 Best Citizen Projects”. Shenzhen fi深圳大学rst initiated by the shenzhen llionsgateion lion lotoptopapp下载ve style carnival se深圳riclub怎么读es of actiseries什么意思vities, the lovseries翻译e in plateau warmth areceive的过去式ction, “into ttop1he new lion ji sweet project” community subject servictopcashbacke promotion activities, very love in school, take care of the traffic police activities, changed hands, the first children’s bazaar project of shenzhen, a meal public welfare won seven public welfare activities such as “top civil project”. These awards are not only the encouragement and recognition of the work of Llions英语怎么读ions Club shenzhen over the years, but also the motivation and motiva苏尘tion. Itaward是什么意思英语 will bring shenzhen Lions club lion friends incomparably strength深圳市最新疫情, continue to forge ahead on the road of public welfare and chartop1ity!

Congratulat深圳市最新疫情ions to shenzhen Lions Club! Congratulations to all the service teams and lions who participated in the above projectop1ts! Stop吸毒alute to all lion friends who adhere to thlionse lion dream on the road of publilions是什么意思csuch welfare and charity!

【 Text 】 Maclub是什么酒 Huijuan

[Photo] Lin Ztop翻译eyun

[Editor] Zeng Shiyang

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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