Lions Club of Shenzhen launches “Pass on Love” Community Theme Service Month (source: B15 shenzhen Evening News, Sep 01, 2014)

3000“ Huang ma3 jia3 & throughout; Into the community

Shenzhen Lions Club launched & LDquo; Passing on love ” Communiservice怎么读ty Theme Service Month activities

Shenzhen Lions club lion friends spread love to the community

      &nbspthemelive;    深圳市最新疫情 Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun article/picture) from September this year, many communities in Shenzhen will walk into a group of groups wearing & LDquo; Huang ma3 jia3 & throughout; Who are participating inservice commulauncherios15中文版nity Sservice是什么意思中文翻译ervice Month. The lion & throughout; Boys and girls. On August 29th, shenzhen Lions Club was launched in Xin ‘an Street, Bao ‘an District. Transfer of Love & Middot; Light up hope ” Community theme service month activities, from September to May next year, organize more than 100 service teams to carry out four major theme community service month activities.

3000 yellow vests to serve the community

            Shenzhen Lithemelyons Club, which has more than 3,000 members, hacommunity是什么意思s launched the club under the leadership of its new president. Passing on love &rdservice的名词quo; For the annual theme of a series olauncheros15f love service activities, community service is one of the key wolauncher3已停止运行是什么意思rk.
            It is reported that the community service month will be divided into fourcommunity是什么意思 themes of scommunity复数ervice activities, including in Septembeclubmed官网预订r this year. Transfer of Love & Middot; Light up hope &rlauncher是什么软件dquo; Launched in December & LDquo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Embrace angelsservice是什么意思 ” And launched in Febrlauncher翻译uary 2015. Transfer of Love & Middot; Guard the sunset ” Launched intheme的意思 May & LDquo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Grateful mother ” And other community service activities. Shenzhen Lions Club will allocate 1 million yuan of service funds as the supporting fund of the project, guide and enlove直播手机版app下载colions是什么意思urage the service teams to actively partilionscipate in this series of community service activities, wilovelyth thepass是什么意思 love anpassword什么意思d efforts of the lion friends, help the disadvantaged groups anlions是什么意思d the disabled groups around, ligthemed翻译ht up the hope of life, and share a blue sky.
&nblove直播手机版app下载sp;   &nbsp深圳市最新疫情;      lovely Shenzhen lions Lin Ziyu, the 2014community怎么读音-2015’s chairman, said the community subject service month activpassageities to integrate in shenzhen lions traditional assistive, poverty alleclub翻译viation, on the basis of the respect such as comservice翻译munity service brand, try to carry out difficult single moththemes怎么读er and caring services, care help autistic childtheme下载ren activititheme的意思es, on the traditional assistive projects at the same time, upcommunity怎么读grade the brand, Services to a深圳ssist persons with disabilities in employment and skills training. Shenzhen Lions Club will also actively guilove直播手机版app下载de the caring citizens, enterprises and media to participate in the projlove直直播appect, and build a social care system in which social organcommunity collegeizations set the stage, all the people participate and the mlovely翻译edia spread, so as to share love, pass love and reap lservice是什么意思中文翻译ove.

The first themed service month will be hellauncherd in September

            Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Light up hope ” Thethemely first themed community service activities will be launched in full swing in September this year under the banner of & LDQUO; Helping students, helping the Disablelauncherd and helping the Needy & RDquo; As the main content, to carry out a series of activities to help the poor, for the listing & LDquo; Love station ” , & other Assistive standing throughout the &; We will provide material, spiritual and legal assistance to the disadvanpassengertaged families in the communitthemed翻译y. Ulauncher启动器p to now, more tservice是什么意思han 70 service teams of Shenlions翻译中文zhen Lions club haservice怎么读ve signed up for community service activities in September.
            Yestepassword什么意思rday, at the launching ceremony held in Xin ‘an Street Office, Su Zeran, vice prepasssident of Domestic Lions Association, Linpass Ziyu, 2014-2015 President of Shenzhen Lions Cservice和serve的区别lub, Lincommunity Tao, first vice presidentlauncheros15, Shi Jianyong, secondclubs vice president, Yang Hui, deputy director of Xin ‘an Street Office, etc. jointly launched the first thethemeliveme activity.
            The first theme event was initlion是什么意思iated by the Lions Club of Shenzhen, whcommunity serviceich has been held in Xin ‘an street for three consecutive years. Financial aid, Assistance to the Disabled, financlions的音标ial aid ” Activities. This year, 20 college studelauncher什么意思nts, 50 disabled people and 20 poor families due to illness have received funding, wipasswordth a total of 260,000 yuan.
  &nservice怎么读bsp;         Chen Fangqiong, an upcoming student at Guangxi University of Arts, is one of thecommunity怎么读 20 students whocommunity received the aid. Passing on love ” Very touchithemely主题官网ng, I hope I will be successful in the future, like them to return to societcommunity servicey, pass ocommunity复数n the s深证指数pilions翻译中文rit of love.

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