Lions Club of Shenzhen held the “Two Generations one Committee” lions Club symposium for 2014-2015


Lions Club of Shenzhen held 2014-2015 annual meeting & LDquo; Two generations one committeeheld是hold的什么形式 ” Lion Fclub用英语怎么说riendsheld怎么读的 Forum

  &nbspclubmed;         On the aftergenerations是什么意思noon of August 30th, 2014, Lions Club of Sgenerations是什么意思henzhen 2014-2015 & LDquo; Two generations one committee &lion是什么意思中文翻译rdquo; Lions club symposium held in Shenzh深圳疫情最新动态en lions club office. Lin Ziyu, President of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015,held的原型 Ltwo翻译in Tao, First Vice President, Zeng Shiyang, Secretary General, Gao Zhou, Executive Vice Secretarlionsgatey General, Lions Club of Shelions怎么读nzhen & LDquo; Two generations one committee ” Committee chairman Zheng Deheld是hold的什么形式gang, executive chairman Xi深证指数ageneration是什么意思英语o Dejun, Li Rong, and Tang Shihuang, Chen Shaohua, Wu Bing, Xu Yanlong, Qiu Wenllions是什么意思in,committee怎么读 Huang Zhengmao, Gu Ling, Zhen深圳g Linyu, Li Xiaohulions是什么意思, C深圳疫情hen Luheld and more than 10 ogenerationsth深圳大学ers & LDquo; Twtwo的序数词o generations one committee ” Representaticommitteeves of lion friends attended the meeting.
    &clubman是什么牌子车nbsp;       The conference was heltwo是什么意思英语d by former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, & LDquo; Tclub是什么意思wo generatiotwoonsclubman是什么牌子车 one committee ” Comlionsmittee Chairman Zheng Degang presided over. Zheng degang firgeneration是什么意思英语st of all expressed his sincere thanks and warm welcome to the current and former CPC deputies, NPC deputies and CPPCC members from Shenzhencommittee和council and other districts for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the symposium. He talked about the founding ofheld中文 the Lions Club in Shenzhen. Two generations one committegeneration是什么意思英语e ” The rheldeasons, obje深圳风险等级ctives and responsibilities ofheld的原型 the Ctwo怎么读ommittee are related to the work plan of Lions Club shenzhen 2014-2015. Two generatlion是什么意思ions one committee &rdquogenerations怎么读; The section is explasymposium是什么意思ined.
            Then, thcommittee怎么读e participants around the “two gcommittee和councileneratiotwon one committee & RDQUO Committelionsgatee work responsibilities (draft)” and this year & LDQgeneration什么意思中文UO; Two gene深圳rations one committee ” Tlions怎么读he committlionsgateee’s work plan was discussed. The meeting passed. Two generatioupheldns one committee ” Job responsibilgenerations怎么读ities, including深圳市最新疫情 the use of shenzhtwo是什么意思英语en lions council and the standing council resolution, summarize and exchanlion是什么意思中文翻译ge participate in work experience, understlions的音标and the difficulties of the lionclub是什么意思 lion develocommitteespment of common concern to friends and hotspot issues, to the authorities and relevant departments put forward the influence of the development of lion forward-logenerations是什么意思oking, bill, the bill and the suggestion and so on eight aspects.
      &nbtwo翻译sp;     Lin Tao, the first vice president, pointedheldback out in her speech that she hopedlions英语怎么读 that the party representatgenerations日本组合ives, NPC deputies and CPPCC members of the Lion Friends would lead more lion Friends toheld过去式和过去分词 stick to the focus of the official charity work of Shenzhen Municipal Committee angenerations日本组合d city. Basesymposium翻译dlions英语怎么读 in Shenzhen, serving the community & RDquo; To carry out service activities, so that the grassroots people know morgenerations翻译e about lions club, know more about lions club, lion friends more positive energclub怎么读y to the community residclub翻译entstwofold.
    &nbspclub用英语怎么说;       Pres深圳大学ident Lin Ziyu fully affirmed & LDquo; Two generatigenerations是什么意思ons onclube committeetwo的同音词 &rgenerations日本组合dquo; The efforts made by the commigenerations翻译ttee members for the development of Shenzhen Lions Club. She poi深圳疫情最新消息nted out that the lions club’s service work should be based on the local, and this year will do a good job oncommittee是单数还是复数 the basis of inheriting the brand service projects. Passing on love ” Community Theme Service Month, Hoplionsgatee & LDQUO; Two gencommittee和councilerations one committee &rdqtwo怎么读uo;clubman The committee will play agenerations是什么意思 bigger and more active role in promoting the influence and reputation of Lions Club in Shenzhen, and strive for more development space for Lions Club in Shenzhen.


Photo by Ltwo是什么意思in Zeyunlions翻译中文


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