Invitation for Invitation for travel agency to attend the 53rd Far East and Southeast Lion Annual Conference in Korea

            The 53rd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference willinvitation是什么意思中文 be held in Incheon, Korea from November 13 toagency的名词 16, 2014. In order to arouse more lion friends to participate in the bidding, we hereby issue a public bidding announcement to the public, and hope that more competen入党申请书2021最新版t, responsible and quallionifielion是什么意思d travel agencies willion是什么意思l actively participate in the bidding, and hope thatravelingt the majority of lion friends will actively recommend.

&nbsptravel的过去式和过去分词; &n发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆bsp;         A, & have spent Travel requirements
&nbagency翻译sp;     &nbtravelsp;     1.   independent travel Booking international air ticeast怎么读kets and hotels for four and five star hotels. Airport transfers. Visa agent.
&nblion的音标sp;           2.   A four-day trip to attend the conference alone.farewell Hotels are rated four and five stars, including one-day Tours and other fees. The schedule of the internationaleast Conference is attached.
        &nbtravelled怎么读sp;   3.   You suggeslionelt a more reasonable itinerary to recommend to guests.
&nblions英语怎么读sp;       &nbspsoutheast翻译;   4.   A detailed itinerareast翻译y is required, including cities,east翻译 attractions, transportation, accommodation, meals, guides, etc.
            Selionelcond, & have spent Quote requests
&nb人道永昌sp;         &ninvitation动词bsp; 1.  Transportation. Including airlines, class, flights, tour buses, etc.
            2.  Accommodation. Hotel name and location. Please be close to tinvitationhe venusoutheast怎么读e during the meeting (please refer to the conference room booking).
        &agency读音nbsp;   3.  Meal. The dish. Restaurant location. Chinese food and western food. A few dishes and soup, meat and vegetableagency是什么职位s.
      &nblion怎么读sp;     4.&farenbslions英语怎么读p; Standards for the number of team leaders and local escorts.
  &nfarbsp;   &nlions英语怎么读bsp;     5.  Design itinerary and quote individually actravelled怎么读cordintravel是什么意思g to ginvitation的动词形式uest’s special requirements.
            Three, & haeaster英语怎么读ve spent Requirements for basic qualifications of travel agencies
      &farm是什么意思nbsp;     1.  All four certificates are complete. (License, permit, code certificate, tax certificate), copy with official seal. Power of att入党申请书范文orney of lattend名词egal representative.
            2.  The southeagency翻译ast Asia department of the travel agency headquarters with exit qualificat入党申请书标准格式ionfarther will operate, and the contsoutheast是什么意思英语racting or affiliated traveleaster是什么意思英语 agency departments or business departments willattend not be accepted foeasterr bidding.
           lionel 3.  Shenzhen city travel agenagency什么意思cies or legal agenciinvitation翻译es in Shenzhen.
  &ntravel翻译bsp;         4.  Company profile, size, advantagattend名词es in organizing southeast Asia Tours, experience in organizing large-scale conferences or business tripsattendance的动词.
            5.  The importance of the company to this tender. What team is planned to trinvitation的动词形式ack the service. Quality and service of operators.
            6.  Have you been involved in any lions club projects? Do you know anything about lionrds International convsoutheasternention?
            Iv. Procedures and t入党申请书标准格式ime
            1.  Deadlagency翻译ine for bidding: 1southeast翻译7:00 sharp on September 15, 2014.
            2.  All tenderers should send seale入党申请书2022d bid documents and information to Mr. Wen Lin, shenzhen lions club, tel: 25688570.
            Mailinvitation的动词形式ing address: 13th floor, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No. 38, Luosha Jinger Road,agency怎么读音英语 Luohu Districinvitation翻译t, 518003
    &nbspeast是什么意思翻译; &ninvitation什么意思bsp;     3. Bid evaluation time: 2:30 PM, September 18, 2014traveled; Vattendingenue: Shenzhen Lions Club Office.
    &nb入党动机sp; &nsoutheastbsp;     Annex: Schedule of the 53rd Far East and Southeast Asia Annual Conlion的音标ference

              &nbsp入党流程;           &nbssoutheast翻译p;                 &nbspattendance的动词;          farmer   &nbsptraveling;       &ninvitation的动词形式bsp; &nbagency是什么职位sp;               Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;    eastmoney手机版            
&n入党申请书格式bsp;         &nb入党流程sp;                 &nbsattend名词p;          agency怎么读音英语   &nbsplion的中文意思;                      invitation音标 &attendnbsp;     Chairman of the Intern入党申请书2021最新版ational Conventioeastn Committee: Dong Shige
              &nattend的用法与搭配bs人道永昌p;   &agency什么意思nbsp;           &nbeaster什么意思sp;                     &nblion复数sp;             &nlions英语怎么读bsp; Executive Chairmen: Wang Shanying, Zhou Haiattend名词song, Xu Ganagency读音g
          &nattendantsbsp;   &nblion是什么意思sp;                                 &nbs入党申请书2022p;       &east数据nbsp;                           September 4, 2014 & NBSP;              

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