Lions Club continues to help poor children burn for 12 years (Source: Shenzhen Evening News, A05 edition, 07/09/2014)

  For 12 years, the Lions Club has been helping to keep the poor children alive.
Six impoverished children have been admitted to university and more than 30 have had bone marrow transplants. Povertcontinues是什么意思中文y & thclubmedroughout;  
    &ncontinues是什么意思中文bsp;   Shenzhen Evening News (reporter CAI Zhijun) yesterday morning, more than 300 poor children and their parents had a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance in the city blood ceclubsnter. Thcontinues是什么意思e lion friends of the Xiangmi Lake serviccontinuese team of the Shenzhen Lions Club gave the childburn的过去式ren molions翻译中文on cakes, rice and othyearser gifts, performed with them and enjoyed thehelping hchildren的名词所有格appy moment happily.

12 years of continuous combustion llions的音标ifeburns

    &lions的音标nbsp;   Tyearslaterhis is an epitome of the 12 consecutive years of caring for children suffering from thalassemia by the Xiangmi Lakburnse Service team of Shenlions英语怎么读zhen Lions Club. In 2helping003, shchildren怎么读英语单词enzhcontinues是什么意思en Lions Club xiangmi Lake Service Team, Shenzhen Red Cross societcontinues羽生结弦什么意思y and Shenzhen Evening News jointly initiated & LDquo; Fuel Action & RDquo;children是单数还是复数 , began to care for poor children for 12 years, and continued to promote. Fuel Action & RDburningquo; The upgrade.
&nbsclub翻译p;     &nbslions的音标p; More than 300 impoverished children live in Shburn翻译enzhen. Thyearsago翻译eir livcontinues怎么读es depend on constant blood transfusions and iron removal, which is a huge burden on the child’s family. “ Fhelplessuel Actionclub是什么酒 & RDquo; Since tcontinues怎么读he launch, the impoverished childrenyears翻译 in Shenzhen have been subsidizeclubmedd bypoor the cost of blood transfusion and iron drainage. All wburn的过去式alks of life have given warm care to the impoverished children, among which Foxconn Technologclub是什么意思y Group has donated more than 5 million yuan.
&nlions翻译bsp;       During the second Charity Fair in 2013, The Shenzhen Evening News launched a large-scale “& LDquo; Fuel Fund & RDQUO; The fundraising cayearsbtcmpaign aims to prohelp的用法mote Fuel Action & RDquo; From blood transfusions and iron to bone marrow transplants. With a bone marrow transplant, impoverished chchildren翻译ildren could be completelyburnt cured. Poverty & throughout; Frpoor是什么意思中文om now on, biyearsird farewepoorll to pohelpingverty, no lhelpingonger rely on blood tyears是什么意思ransfusion and iron,children怎么读英语单词 like a normal child life, growth.
&nbsphelp;       Shenzhen Lions Clubpoor also announced its deep participation. Fuel Actyearsbtcion & RDquo; , promised topoor是什么意思 plion是什么意思rovide assistance for every impohelplessverished child who receives bone marrow trpoorlyanschildren的名词所有格plant, with an initial donation of 500,000 yuan. So far, four service teams, including The Main association, Milelions怎么读age, Xiaotong and Xiangmihu, have pledged 250,000 yuan in total.
    &nbspcontinue是什么意思;   Under the social care, the poor children in Shenzlion是什么意思hen are growing up healthily. So far, six impoverished children have been admitted to college, and more than 30 impoverished children have received bone marrow transplants. Poverty & throughlions的音标out; And start a new life.
        City blood center office director Blue Yuxiao said, & LDquo; Fuel Acthelperion & RDquo; Twelve years of continuous care, step by step, has given the impoverishecontinue什么意思中文翻译d children more hope foburning中文意思r life.

The pauper & other; Poverty & throughout; Looking forward to aid

 lions怎么读       In the meeting room on the third floor of the blood centclub翻译er, eight-year-old Su Xuanyu is running around happily, playing with her friends. Chen Chunli, the mother standing nearby, is worried. They have postponed the hospital’s surglions英语怎么读ery schedule three times because of a lack of money.
        Chen chunli said they were informed by the hospital before the Spring Festival that Xuan Yu had found a bone marrow match and was going to be admitted for surgery. After the Spring Festival and in Apriclubmanl, they rehelpfulceived two more requests from the hospital. But they failed to raise the required 400,000 yuan and had to postpone the operation three timhelp是什么意思英文翻译es. “ The hospital hclubman是什么牌子车aschildren是什么意思 exhausted its schedule this year,years怎么读 so it will have to wait until nepoor翻译xt year to see if it is pcontinue是什么意思oscontinues是什么意思中文sible to have surgery. ” Chen Chunli looked at the laughing chilyears音标dren, her eyes already wet.
  &nbyears是什么意思sp;     Chen chunli said the couple moved from Futian to Bao ‘an this yeburn的过去式ar to save moncontinue什么意思中文翻译ey because her fathchildren是单数还是复数er was the sole bcontinuesreadwinner and she supported the family by doing odd jobs. At present, the family has raised only 50,000 yuan and borrowed 40,000 yuan from relatives and friends, which is still a big gap in tyears英语怎么读he cost of surgery. Although xuan Yu’s cchildren是单数还是复数ase has been reported in the media, fupoor反义词ndraising has not progressed.
        Therburnte are many impoverished children like Xiao Xuan Yu who cannot complete the operation because of lack of money. It is understood that a bone marrow transplant operation needs about 300,000 to 400,000 yuan. Chen Junming, president of the Xiangmi Lake Service Team, said that to help the poor children tclub用英语怎么说horoughly. Poverty & throughout; More social support is also needed.
        At present, there are several impoverished children who have found a bone marrow match and are awaiting surgery in hospitals. Duringhelped the upcoming 3rd Charity Fair, Shenzhen Evening News whelpingill again launch a donatioclubsn for bone marrow transplantation flionsgateor impoverished children, please payears翻译y attention.

Shenzhen Lions club members and poor children perform the show “Grateful Heart”.

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