Peace poster works bloom in the second Children’s Creative Art Festival

On December 21, 2019, the second Children’s Creative Art Festival of the 15th Shenzhen Creative December Activity kicked off in Lixinhu Cultural creation Dream Park (Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Creation Center) in Bao ‘an District. The art festival includes children‘s environmental protection installation art competition, international children’s esecondhandxhibition, children’s art experts sharing salworkshop是什么意思啊on and other activities tosecond什么意思 highlight the charposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文m of art. Afestival翻译mong them, the national Children’s Worldposter翻译 Peposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ace Poster 2019 Shenzhen Exhibition area firssecondscreen下载t prize andfestival怎么读语音播放 the national award-winning works were exhibited in the international children’s exhibition. Thworkshope children’s imaginative and creativart怎么读e paintings add a bright color to the festival.

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Vice President of the national Taiwworks怎么读an by China entpeace翻译erprise confsecondhandederation, standing vice President of shenzhen association of Taiwanese businessmen Wu Cbloom翻译hartstationonghao, shenzhen baoan district party committee united fropeaceful翻译nt work department, deputy minister Qiu Huiping, baoan district fortuna’s history of stchildren是单数还是复数reet agency, deputy director of the cross, baoan district women’s federation level 4 researcher wanghong, a judge of the international cpeace翻译hildren’s painting world children Lu Anlai, theblooms heposter中文翻译ad of the exhibitionchildren后面加is还是are, the applied science specialized vocational training center in the asia-pacific region IP cbloom翻译hing, director of the training, Liu Chunfang, art advisor of UNICEF, Liu Qihai, chaiartistrman of The 20th Distribloom是什么设置ct of Shenzhen Lions Club, Qiu Hongying, chairman of peace Postworkspaceer Committee, Cui Xianfeng, exeworks怎么读cutive chairman of Peace Poster Committee, as wefestival翻译ll as many artists, prebloomsidents of business associations, representativeschildren翻译 of schools and kindergartens in Shebloom怎么读nzhen, more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony of the international Children’s Exhibition.

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Wu Chonghao, vice Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen pointeworks2产品idd out that peace and environmental protection are the biposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ggest concern of people all over tchildren’s day翻译he world. It is the first time in Lixin Lake for this exhibition to integrate award-winning works of children from more than 40 countries. He thanked the government of Bao ‘an District, President lu Anlai of The World Children’s Painting Exhibition, Shenzhen Lions Club and all schools for their support anfestival怎么读语音播放d partbreederarticipation. He said that lixin Lake Cultural and Creative Park, as the education base of Bao ‘an District Education Burcreative的名词eau and the Peace Poster creation center of Shenzhen Liocreative最高级ns Club, integrates resources and regularly carries oufestival英语怎么说t various forms of educational activities and international seminars and exchanges. In order to promote the development of archildren后面加is还是aret innovation,works2产品id enhance the level of afestival发音解读rt edpeace&love啥意思ucatibloomoworks作品单复数n and appreciation, deepen the internachildren’s day翻译tional exchange and cooperation, to give children a higher platform to lay a soliposter海报d foundation.

In his speech at the event, Lu anlai, chairman of the Company, said that he was very happy to be invited to shenzhen to participate in the exhibition, to experience the children all over the world, includartbreedering domestic children, and express their wish for a happy life of peace and environmental protection through paintinpostern下载g. After launch, Lu Anlai President as a “how to appreciate the csecond翻译hild draws the keynote speechbloom怎么读“, this paper expounds the purpose, consecondlytent and significance of the national art education, calledchildren怎么读 attention thrpeacemakerough art the cartstationhild’s ideas, attitudes, values, personality traits and the ability to form, the voices of children from the picture, frart怎么读om the energsecondaryy of divergent feelings of the child’s life.

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Deputy Director Shi Chuang expressed strongchildren’s day翻译 support for lixin Lake Cultural and Creative Park to hold a series of public welfare activities for peace and environmental protesecondscreen下载ction. He hoped that the park could carry out more similar international exchange activities and become an art base featuring peace and environmental protection education.

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Finally, the guest representatives took the stage to launch the exhibposter英语ition and art festival.

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More thbloomeran 300 worarticleks are displayed in this exhibition, amcreativelyong whichsecond 100 worcreativeks are from the 50th World Children’s Exhibition award-winning works, the remaining 200 works include the national children’artofzoofree可以看的s World Peace Poster 2019 Shcreativelyenzhen Exhibition Area first prize, national awposter翻译ard-winnichildren的名词所有格ng works and the eighth peace banner award-winning works of UNESCO and the Ministrbloomyheartachey of Cworksheetulture. Excellent works by local children in Fuhai and paintings created by students from five schools in Yushu Mocreativenessuntain, Qinghaartbreederi province.

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It is reported that the Lixinhu Cultural aart是什么意思nd Creatbloom什么意思ive Dream Park in Baposter中文翻译o ‘an District of Shenzhen was awarded the “Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Creation Center” in September this year. Relying on the beautiful and spacious space, the park integrates the resources of international top art education masters and carries out various public welfare activities of peace art epeacebird是什么品牌衣服ducation for a long time. Outsibloom是什么意思中文de the children’s Square, a large peacethemchildren怎么读英语单词ed three-dimensional picture book sculbloom什么意思ptureartist aworkshopnd a peace Forest park have also been built.

On Desecond翻译cember 7, 2019, the national Children’s World Peace Postartstationer collection activity in Shenzhen Exhibition area was held in Lixiworks翻译nhu Pbloom什么意思游戏里面ark. Shenzhen Lions Club presidentfestival怎么读英语单词 Weposter海报ng Hua, district 20 chairman Liu Qihai and other lion friends from Taarticleiwan, Anhui, Australia, Thailand and Cambodia attended the meeting. In his speech, President Weng Hua praised the achievements of the Peace Poster Committee tsecondlyhis year, and spoke highly of the creative and entertaining peace pfestival前用on还是atoster collection for children aged 3-6, which is of great significance in stimulating children’s thinchildrenking and promoting parent-child interaction.

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Sow the seeds of peace and wosecond怎么读rk together for a better future. Thefestival发音解读 Peace Poster Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club will continue its efforts to carry out a series of public welfare activities for peace education with the peace Poster Creatpeacemakerion Center as the platform, and provide a plaartofzoofree可以看的tform for children to exchange and display their arfestivaltistic crart-al00x是什么型号eation.

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[Image] Peartstationace Poster Committee

[Editor] Ma Huchildren英语怎么说ijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clsecond翻译ub Office


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