The third Annual “Journalists’ Night” and the 2021-2022 Journalists’ Festival Mixer of the Public Relations and Publicity Committee was successfully held

“As a journalist with a sense of justice, it is incumbent upon him to move the world with reality, describe the process with words and freeze the moment with the lens.” On the occasion of the apublicizerrival of the 22nd Domestic journalists‘ Day,publication it reminds me of the sonorous and powerful slogan of the founding of shenshi News Agency — “Shepublic是什么意思nshi News Agency, spreading love for every moment”!

In order to carry forward the lion culture and effectively do a good job in the publicity wothird翻译rk of the Publicpublicity Relations and Publicity Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Publicity Committeepublicity“) this year, in pafestival前用on还是atrticular, focus onfestival怎么读语音 cultivating key publicity teams witpublich professional qualities who can independentthirdlyly undertake writing, photographthird是什么意思英语y and live video broadcasting. This year, the Publicity committee of Lions Club shenzhenannuals has held two rounds of professionalfestival怎么读语音 training for the third vice captains, secretaries andthird-party publicity committee members of the service teanight怎么读音英语ms, which has found and screened a number onightwishf talents and strengththird翻译ened the publicity power of the service teams.

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On the afternoon of Nannual怎么读ovember 8, 2021, lionsannual英语怎么读 club members gathered in the Living Room 2030, 6th floor, Sanuo Wisdonight软件下载链接m Building, Nanshan District, despite the cold weather brought bmixer是什么牌子y thannual同义词e sudden drjournalistsop in temperature, to participate in the thirthird音标d Lions Club Publithird怎么读英语city Committee of Shenzhen &night是什么意思翻译成中文 NBSP with the theme of “Stay true tnight是什么意思o your original intention and live up to your youth”. “Journalists’ Night” and the 2021-2022 Journalists’ Festival Mixer. Li Jun, chairman of The Publicipublicizingty Committee of Lthird什么意思ions Club of Shenzhen, Jiang Xiezhenpublicize翻译, head of the lecturers’ group, Tong Yan, Gao Rui, Liu Jun, Wang Hnight怎么读音英语aibin, executive chairmen of the publicity Committnight14liveee oannualizedf Lionsannual英语怎么读 Club of Shenzhen, and about 30 journalists of the publicity Committee attended the event. The eventnight怎么读 was hosted by Liu Jun.

Chairman Liu Jun’s flexible emergency talent and huthird翻译morous, rich vocabulary of the style of hosting in the party to play incisively and vividly!

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Shijie Zfestival怎么读英语单词hao Zhuoni, who once served as the chairman of the Public propaganda Committee and the chairman of The Shenshi Newsnight怎么读 Agency, is recognized as a rare intefestival发音解读llectual talent. Her impromptu and soulful inannualterpretation of the “Life Train” renightmarecital moved everyone present! Her presence makesfestival前用on还是at it clear that the publicity committee is mopublic404html最新网站re than just writing scripts and taking photos. It is also a group of professionals!

Figure 4. Jpeg

Shenzhen lions branch headnight软件下载链接 Jiang Xiezhen, was the chair of thannual造句e deepmixer是什么意思 lion news agency, from journalists is defined as “professional communicators of information”, this paper efestival英语怎么说xpounds the responsibilipublic是什么意思ty and bear the major in the reporter, in the era of new media to study harnight翻译der, keep up with The Times the pace, with the tools and methods (words, pictures and video) to transfer the information to go out, Be “demonstrative,” “demonstrative,” and think positively. Thmixerboxe reporter on the spot said that wenightalk must study hard, be aggressive, master gothird怎么读英语od tools and weapons on this platform of lions Club, and strive to be a “professional information disseminator”.

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Chairmamixer软件n Li Jun delivered a speech to the present reporters. He introduced that since takinmixer调音台g office, he had c魔声mixerarried out drastic reforms and nopublic404html乱n-stop trainingfestival. He believed that the lion friends who newly joined the professional team could also try their best to learpublicityn profannualessionapublic是什么意思l skills. He sathird的基数词id he will continue to strengthen training and inherit lion cunight翻译lture.

Figure 6. Jpeg

We believe that under the guidance of Chairman Li Jun and the excellent team, shenzhen Lion Publicity Committee will surely pass on the lion cujournalist是什么意思lture from generation to generatannual是什么意思ion, carry on the pnightalkast and open up the future, andthirdly contthird怎么读inue to create brilliant!

My thoughts toss and turn, hard to sleep; Lookinpublicize翻译g aheadannualized, the future looks bright. Hepublic翻译nce a Tibetan poem to commemorate:  mixer

The IP Keep words imixer软件n mind,

love Can’t helpnight翻译 but sound;

night Deep men are quiet and thoughtful,

remember Recording instant has a sense of resthird-partyponsibility.

tmixer软件hose It is generous and generous,

section Day celebration sonmixer调音台g unrestrained;

xi It seems that the publicity Commissannualizedion,

le Enjoy service lion Yunchang.


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[Text] He Gang, Publicity Committee; Tracy

Wang Haibin & NBjournalistsSP; Chen weimingannual怎么读

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu & have spent   grepublicityy

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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