Interaction and Exchange: Lions Club of Shenzhen and Dalian representative Office carried out lion affairs exchange

From December 23 to 25, 2019, dalian representative office of Chinese Lions Association visited Shenzhen Lions Club to carry out lion affairclubmeds exchange activities. During this period, Dalian Lion Friends attended tclub怎么读he 2020 New Year charity party of Shenzhen Lions Club, lionexchange什么意思 affaicarried什么意思rs exchange forum, visited the “Silent Love” project and the “Special Schoolexchanged” projectlions的音标, shared their service and experieninteractionce, and shared the friendship of lions and lions.

Lin Ziyu, supervisor of The National Lions Association; Su Zeran, former supervisor; Li Weihrepresentative翻译ua, representaticlub用英语怎么说ve of the National Lions Association in Shenzhen and first Secretary of texchange的名词he Palions翻译rty Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club; Shenzhen lions club President and WengHua ShiJianYong, zhi-qiang lu, vinteraction是什么意思ice chairman of the first and second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, former President of tian wang, secretary general Du Hengkun, dean of general affrepresentatives怎么读air Liao Ronghui, long picket Du Peng, depclubsuty secretary-general大连 Li Feng, deputy secretary-general Zheng Hehua, Li Zhou, chairman of the second zone, partition chairman zhu feng, kevinbales, li xiaofen深圳地铁线路图g, li Ming and well Ye Ning, secretary general of the board of深圳疫情最新消息 supervisors Tan Fei, Supervisor Wang Daolion是什么意思中文翻译ming, He Xinru, mentor Lin Yanju and otexchange短语her more than 40 Shenzhen lion friclub是什么意思ends; Domestic lion association Dalian representative office executive representative, director Gao Lingxin, former director Hou Fengchen, the first deputy director yu Zhiyonclub翻译g, second deputy director Liu Hongjun, financial chief Ren Haichun, legal director Wu Changyun, executive deputy secretary-general Wei Zhao, picket chief Song Rengui, district chairman Liu Zhaoli and other 23 Dalian lionclubman是什么牌子车 friends to participate in activities.  


Lion business Exchange Seminexchange短语ar

Lions of深圳大学 Shenzhen and Hong Kong held a lion affairs exchange forum at thexchange服务器怎么填e Lions Club office in Shenzhen on Thursday to strengthen coopeexchange造句ration and promote common development. The meeting was chaired by Dai Linhua.

Wechat picture _20191225161706.jpg

Wear linhua.she. JPG

Weng Hua, Chaclubman是什么牌子车irman of ccPoffice是什么意思IT Xiamen made a speech and extended a warm welcome to Dalian Shiyou. He said that irepresentativelyn 2008, the Shenzhen Lions Cluinteractionsb established a friendship zone with the Dalian representative Office, and since then, theinteraction动词形式 two dist深圳市最新疫情ricts have maintained a friendly relationship and close contact. He hoped that throexchange什么意思ugh this exchange, lion friends大连海事大学 from both sides would deepen their friendship and learn from each other’s excellent lion service experie大连医科大学研究生院nce, so as to promote the healthy development of lion clubs from both sides.

Weng Hua delivered a speech at the symposium. JPG

Executive Vice Secretary Genoffice办公软件eral Li Feng introduced diabetes education program;interaction动词形式 Chairclub翻译man Lei Kaiqing introduced the organization and construction of Shenzhen Lions Club and the working methods of gu深证指数iding lions Club; Chairman Su Jianhua introduced the Targeted Assislions的音标tance program for the disabled; Brother Zhao Shijun shared the yellow bracelet serv深证指数ice project in Dalian.interactional Tinteractions整合包运行方式hrough a series of wonderfulexchange短语 sharing, lion friends from both places know about special projects and learn excellent lion service experience.



Mr. Su Zeran, former supinteractionervisor, thanked Dalian Lions for theircarried翻译 visit and added colcarried怎么读音英语or to the shenzhen Li深圳地铁线路图ons club 2020 Newexchange Year charity gala深圳疫情最新消息. He said that although the Lions Club irepresentative翻译中文s the guidance area oexchange翻译f the Dalian representative office, it should be open-minded torepresentative和representation learn from the quality projects of the Dalian representative office. He hoped that the two lion friends couinteractions翻译ld exrepresentative怎么读change experiinteraction翻译ence in service,carried怎么读音英语 conference affairs, foreign exchanges and other aspects, establish friendly relations, promote multi-field cooperat深圳iinteractions什么意思on and jointly carry out excellent service projects.

Symposium su Zeran. JPG

Li Weihua, the representative of lions Association in Shenzhen and the first Secretary of大连海事大学 party branch of Lions Club in Shenzhen, highly affirmed the significance of this sympo深圳市最新疫情sium. He expressed the hope tha大连大学t thofficere two lioncarrieds clubs could deepen cooperation and seek common developmerepresentative翻译nt.

Forum Li Weihua.JPG

Director Gao lingxin thanked Shshenzhenenzhen Lion friends for their hospitality. He said that through this exchangrepresentative可数吗e, dalian Representative office has further realized its own shortcom深圳大学inglions怎么读s and the direction of future efforts. Daliaoffice365n Representative Office will give full play to its advantages, learn from thlions的音标e excellent experienoffice怎么激活ce of Lions Club shenzhen, and continue to work hard to lerepresentatives翻译arn from ealions英语怎么读ch other, so that lions Club can develop better.

Symposium dalian chairman. JPG

After the meeting, Presid深证指数ent Weng Hua and Director Gao Lingxin exchanged gifts and took photos with the participants.

Initpintu_ copy. JPG

Big group photo of symposium.JPG

Visit the “Silent Love” project for the disabled

On the afternoon of 24th, lion friends from the two plclubmed官网预订aces vrepresentative翻译中文isited the project of “Silent Love” for the disabled. Dalian Representative Office donated 50,000 RMB service funds for the “Silent Love深圳地铁线路图” project.

Donation ceremony.JPG



The program aims to help deaf-mute artists realize their dreams and provide employment assistance for the disabled in the community. It is a projlionsgateect to protect and inherit ethnic cul深圳市最新疫情tural heexchangeritage. Over the past seven years, the project has helped nearly 700 disa深圳市最新疫情bled members and tclub是什么意思heir families learn skills in 10 street vocational hexchange短语ealth centers, held nearly 400 training activities, helped nearly 700 disabled people and their families learn skills, and h深圳疫情最新消息elped 55 people in the commuclubmednity participate in flexible employment.club怎么读 The disabled art studio funded by this project was awarded the title of “Th深圳疫情最新消息e first Batch of Cullions英语怎么读tural and Creative Industry Bases forinteractions什么意思 disabled people in China” by China Disabled Persons’ Federation. Ning Lei,exchanged the dir大连ector of the studio, said that the achievement of the disabled art Studio could not have been possible without the continuous support of shenzhen Lions Club over the past seven years.



A large photo. JPG


Visit the “Extraordinary School” project

Later, lion friecarried outnds went to shenzhen Children’s Hospital to visit the “extraordinacarried outry School” project. Mother Lin, the principal of the school, introduced the development of the school since its establishment. All the people present were deeply moved and burst into tears.

Very much shared by the dean. JPG

Dalian lion friends and the school children fcarried翻译riendly interaction. The Bright Service Team of Dalian Representative Office donated 20,000 yuan for the “Extraordinaclubmed官网预订ry School” project, and the leader of dlion是什么意思中文翻译alian Center Service Teaclubmanm Xu C大连海事大学ongyu peroffice2007sonally dexchange翻译onated 5,000 yuan to supportoffice2016 the “Extraordinary Schooloffice是什么软件” project.

Interact with lion friends 1.JPG

Initpintu_ copy. JPG

The “Extrexchange邮箱aordinary School” project of Lions Club shenzhen was jointly initiated by Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, Lions Club Miles Service Team and Happy Growth Group of Shenzhen Volunteer Federation in 2011. Ilions英语怎么读t is fully funded by Lions Club S大连疫情最新消息henzhen. It provides free pre大连疫情school erepresentative可数吗ducation andclub social integration actilion是什么意思vities for children aged 3-12 with brain injury. After learning,club翻译 children have made great progress in cognition, language and personality. In March 2015, with the strong support of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital and Shenzhen Care Office, the project was settled in the Vcare space of Shenzhen Children’s Hospinteractions整合包运行方式ital, and has received donations from many service teams.


A large photo. JPG

This time, Dalian lion friends visit, Shenzhen Lions club lion friends warmly rcarrie的含义eceived, arranged a variety of activities, showeoffice2016d the elegant demeanor of Shenzhen lion friends, dalian lion friends left a deeplion是什么意思中文翻译 impressrepresentatives怎么读ion. I wish the frexchange造句iendship between the two lions clubs will last forever and there will be more exchanges and cooper深圳市最新疫情ation in service activities and lion serviclubsce construction.


【 Text 】 Huang Xinran

[Photo] Li Jiangp大连海事大学ing

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lirepresentative可数吗ons Club Office


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