The 4th Shenzhen Social Charity Donation Month

The 4th Shenzhen Social Charity Donation Month
Shenzhen Lions Club Xin ‘an Street & LDquo; Helping students, Assisting the disabthinled and Respecting thedonations是什么意思 elderly & RDquo; Donation activity

    &ndonations翻译bspdonation怎么读;     &months中文意思nbsp; In order to actively respond to the 4th Shenzhen Social Donation Month activities,桃花源记 vigorously publi童话故事cizing the spirit o桃花源记翻译f public welfare and practicing philanthropy, Shenzhen Lions Club and Xin ‘an Street jointcharity的内涵意义ly held the 4th Shenzhen Social Charity Donation Month Xin ‘an Street & LDquo; Helping students, Assisting the disabled and Respecting the elderly & RDquo; The donation ceremony was held at the Xin ‘an Street Offi深圳市最新疫情ce.

              Mr. Zheng Degang, 2011-2012 Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Su Zera深圳市最新疫情n, First Deputy Director, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, sthroughecond Deputy Director, and Mr. Shi Jianyong, leader of the main club Service Teamonth是什么意思m; Bao ‘an District CCF Presidcharity是什么意思ent He Z桃花图片hihong, Bao ‘an District Civil Affairs Bureau Director Hu Xiyin, Bao ‘an Dis深圳风险等级trict CCF Publicity and Planning Department Director Dian Chunli, Bao ‘an Xin ‘an Street Office Party Secretary and office director Ou Ruizhi, Depdonation怎么读uty Secretary Li Guoxiong and other members ofcharity翻译 the street Office team attended the ceremony.

            Shi Jithoughtanyong, president of the Lions Club service Team of Shenzhen, introduced that led by the civil Affairsdonation动词形式 Bureau, the Lions Club深圳疫情最新消息 servidonations是什么意思ce team of Shenzhen cooperated with xin ‘an Street Office of Bao ‘an District to carry out community service activities and donated to college students living on subsistence allowance, disabled people with poor household registration and elmonths是什么中文翻译dercharity怎么读ly people wi桃花图片th poor household registration, and donated 300,000 yuan. Donate on-site, subsidize 32 college students with poor families in school, and grant studecharity和love区别nt subsidies of 5000 yuan/person; 50 disabled persons with difficult household registration深圳风险等级 will be subsidized with a subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person; Subsidize the elderly over 20 years old with difficult household registration, and grant a subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person. 102 reshenzhencipients received donations from the Shenz深圳风险等级hen Lions Club.

   months是什么中文翻译       Bao ‘an Di深圳疫情最新消息strict Charity Association president He Zhihong affirmed the shenzhen Lions club’s charitable work. Zheng Degang, director of Lion深圳疫情s Club shenzhen, said that since its establishment, Lions Club Shenzhen has been strictly abiding by the national laws and regulations under the leadership and guidance深圳疫情 of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, The Dodonation动词形式mestic Lions Association, the shenzhen Municipal government, the compedonationtent departments of the clubs and the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation. Inthdependent operation,charity和love区别 independent cmonth读音reation ” In medical treatmentdonation翻译, disaster relief, disaster relief, disability assistance, education, youth education, orpcharity是什么意思hans, poverty allevicharity音标ation, environmental深圳地铁线路图 protection and other ar同花顺eas to carry out a sdonation怎么读eries of public welfare and charitabdonation什么意思le ssocial什么意思ervices. Based in Shenzhen, serving the community & RDquo; To carrdonation什么意思y out community service activities and strive to make gthroughreater contributions to the construction of a h深圳疫情armonious society.

          Accordimonthng to incomplete statistics, in the pasdonationtdonation可数吗 nine years, Shenzhen Lionsocialbetas Club has carried out桃花图片 more than 6,000 service activities throughout China, with a total service fund of 120 mildonation动词形式lion YUAN. It has provided free operations for more than 15,000 poor cataract patients童话故事, donated more than 53 mildonations怎么读lion yuan in materials for disaster relief, and raised more than 6 million yuan for the disabled and orphans. More than 40 lion schools have been built, benefiting 30 million pcharity形容词eople. Shenzhen Lions Club officially held two sessions in Shenzhen.同花顺 Pengcheng Charity Award & RDQUO; In the ssocializingelection, has been awarded &LDquo; Pengcheng Charity Organization Award & RDQUO; , & other Pengcheng Charity Outstandingmonth读音 Contribution Award (褪黑素Group) & RDquo; Has been widely concerned by the whole society.

  By Ma Huijuan

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