Fuel for marriage — Shenzhen Lions Club women and Family Growth Committee holds “Marriage Gas Station” salon

They say marriage is a journey. Along the way, there are bitter sweet, happy and sad, although stumbling, still hopeful. With the passage of time, the solemn vows and我们的四十年 pledges between the two people have beefueling是什么意思n replaced by daily necefuel是什么意思中文ssities, feelings without passion, life is more and more dull… How can you refuel your marriage?

The “Marriage Gas Station” salon for women empowerment held by Shenzhen Lions Club Women and Family Development Committee will be held at 2pm on Novemclubmanber 29, 2021 at Marriage Youdao Company, East Coast City, Nanshan District. Ms. Zhao Nianzhen, Chairperson of Shenzhen Lions C深圳风险等级lub women and Family Development C深圳疫情ommittee, Ms. Yfuel是什么车ao Chen, Chairperson of China Lions Foundation Sclub是什么意思henzhen Committeefamily家庭和家人的区别, Ms. Yao Li, Chafamilytherapy中文irperson of Information Technology Committee, Ms. Wen Shuxian, Chairperson of Shizilinmarriages Project Commitmarriage翻译tee, Ms. Yfamilytherapy中文u Lixia and Ms. Li Zhou, Executive Chairpersclubmedons of Shenzhen Lions Club Women and Family Developmencommitteet Committee, Ms. Chen Xinya, E我们的婚姻在线观看xecutive Chairpersons of我们的爱 Student Services Co我们的歌mmittee, Sheng Baihua, Zhang Xiulian and other 30 people, executive chairmen of the Peace Poster Committee, attended the event. The event was hosted by Yu Lixia.

The teacher qingxin, the leader of tfamily复数he salon, is a marriage consultant, family education instructor and psychological consultant. During the whogrowth翻译le activity, she listened attentively, accompanied the audience with lovgrowthe, tolerance, wisdom acommittee翻译nd support.

Marriage gas station through the guidance of intefuel怎么读ractive experience and reflection, through the actual case couple everydaygrowth组合, to participatecommittee和commission区别 in the activities of the lion friendscommittee造句 know the perspectshenzhenive-taking, attaches great importa我们的爱nce to the marriage and family, fully realize oneself and the other half is the unity of the whole shard, as their我们的乡村 feeling to each other, manage emotionsmarriage and wisdom to resolve contradictions, know the relationship between man and above all, Impclubsrove marital ecology by fostering intimacy through praise and appgrowth动词形式recia我们是兄妹tion. Lion friends through groulion是什么意思p discussion, role simulation, acting, sharing the secret of happiness, we learned a lot.

Marriage youdao Salon has a total of 12 theme activigrowth函数ties, marriage gas station is the beginning, the next sequel including marriage how to “relieve itching”, how to change the other hafuelslf, the heaven and hell in marri我们不能是朋友age, with love to tell the trut深圳天气h and other topics, willmarriage怎么读 continue to open free to lion friends.


Chairpersmarriage翻译on Zhao Nianzhen shared the “three clusters” servefueling是什么意思dfueling是什么意思 by the Commicommittee是什么意思ttee on Women an深圳地铁线路图d Family Development this year, namely, women’s growth, young people’s mental health, parent-child relationship and harmonious family building. This salon preselions读音nts Bernie limited edition watchgrowth函数 to pay tribute to the teacher qingxin’s empowered leadership, and wishes every participcommitteesating Lion sister can have a hapclub是什么意思py password, explore th深圳疫情最新消息e happy journey of marriage, enjoy the nourishment and fragrance of love.


Love and freedom are the only things one can find in life. Let’s learn and grow togethclubman是什么牌子车er, balance family, career and public welfare, and live in harmony with我们的爱 love.



Zhao Nianzhen

[Photo] Li Zhou

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Ke Wuyufamily怎么读e

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