Fulfill duty and Stick to Mission – Shenzhen Lions Club held the 17th Member Congress

Fulfill your duties and fulfill your mission

— Shenzhen Lions Club held its 17th General Meeting

On Apristicker翻译l 20, 2019, the 17th Member Congress of Shenzhen Lions Clustickpngb was successfully held in the multi-functional conference hall on the first fthoughloor, Zone B, Shenzhen Civic Cheld的原型enter. Domduty什么意思中文estic long Su Zerfulfilling什么意思an lion federation sudutypervisors, vice President of Lin Ziyu, shenzhen l深圳地铁线路图ions and 2018-2019 President Ma Min Zheng Degang, the last Presidfulfilledent tian wang, the first Wengmission英语Hua, second deputy chairman, vice chairman of zhi-qiang lu, President of advisory committee chathirman,桃花源记翻译 former President of jin-liang wang, a former President of ShiJianYong, wu xm, XiaoXingP深圳地铁线路图ing, Zhang Guojun, sclubun aggregates, sand, wear with xin, A total of 249 representatives from the board oheldf Directors, the board of Supervisors and members of the service teams, such as Zhang Hongxiafulfill翻译ng, Du Hengkun, Du Hengkun, Luo Jinsong, Chief Financial Officer, Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojian, Peng Guopinfulfilling什么意思g, and Zheng Guoping, deputy Secretary-general attended the meeting. Hou Yisha,clubs chief representative of The Dduty用英语怎么说omestic Lions Association in Shenzhen and chairclubman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Liao Manxiong, vice President of the Domestic Lions Association, Dong Feilions英语怎么读, Huang Fake, Section Chief Huang Te, chairman of Hainan Representative Office Wang Jinsong, first Vice Chairman Li Xiaofeng and other leaders attended the meeting as non-observers. The conference was presided over by zhang Guojun, chairman of district Annual Committee, liu Guoliang and Liu Danghe, executive chairmen.

President Ma Min expressed her welcome and gratitude to the delegates, leaders and guests. She appreciated the great love and responsibility of the candidates, and hoped that the delegates, who shouldemissionary是什么意思r the great trust of the service te同花顺am, coulclubmedd earnestly perform their duties and cast a sacred vote. She also wish桃花源记翻译ed the conference深证指数 a complete success.

Hou Yesha, directorlions翻译 of the Shenzhenfulfill是什么意思 Lclubman是什么牌子车ions Club, said that in recent ystickpngears, under the leadmission是什么意思英语ership of the Shenzhen Munfulfillment的意思icipal government and the guidance of the Domestic Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Domestic Lions’ Association, shenzhen Lions Club has improved the sociastick怎么读l servheld怎么读的ice ability and level of the lion club, and has alsoheldback s通货膨胀下什么最保值trengthened its efforts in the service for thstick的过去式和过去分词e disabled, helping shenzhen Disabled persons’ Federation lead the disheldabled friends to strive for a well-off life together. This year, the boarclub怎么读d oclubmed官网预订f directors headheld怎么读的ed by President Ma Min led all lion Friends social serfulfilling什么意思vices to a new level, whic陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿h was well received by the general publi褪黑素c. She urgedmission是什么意思英语 delegates to keep the mission in mind and strengthen managfulfillement. Build consensus and behave yheld过去式和过去分词ou桃花源记翻译rself; Improve the statiheldbackon, self development. I hope you will vote with a rational and fair heart and take the charter of Shenzhen L深圳地铁线路图ions Club as the criterion to makduty的用法e Shenzhen Lions Clubclubmed官网预订 more outstanding and cofulfillshesive, actiheldbackvely promote the co-construction of Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, achieve win-win results, anlions英语怎么读d make greater contributionstickpngs to the conclub用英语怎么说struction of a harmonious Shenzhen.

At the meeting, deputies performed their duties with a high sense of responsibility and mission, enthusiasm and pragmatism. Deliberated and passed “shenzhen lions 17th member congress representative qualification report”, “shenzhen lions agenda the 17th repmission的意思resentative assemblies, shclub用英语怎么说enzhen lions the 17th congress presidium advice list”, “shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 the President, vice President, director of the election method”, “shenzhen lions club 201 Methods for the Election of Chief Supervisor, Deputy Chief Supervisor and Supervisor for theduty的固定搭配 ylions怎么读ear 9-2020, List of Suggestions of Supervisor Group for the 17th Member Cmission翻译ongress, Work Report of The Board of Directors for 2018-2019, Work Report of Thefulfill翻译 Board of Supervisors for 2018-2019, and Financial Worklions翻译 Report for 201fulfillment的意思8-2019 of Lions Club of Shenzhen “, “Revision notes on The Board of Supervisors System of Shenzhen Lclub翻译ions Club”, “Report on the Qualification examination of Candidates for President, Vice President and Director of Shenzhen Lioheldenns Club 2019-2020″, “Repoduty的形容词rt on the qualification examination of Candi童话故事dates for Chief Supervisor, Deputy C通货膨胀下什么最保值hief Supervisor and Supervisor of Shenzhheld的中文意思en Lions Club 2019-2020″ and other important documents. Weng Hua, president of Shenzhemission是什么意思英语n Lions Club 2019-2020, Lu Zhiqiang, first vice President and Guo Yongyong, second vice president were efulfillinglected. And Peng Daojian, sc深圳天气ene MiaoJun, Du Peng, kevinbales, Liao Ronghui, shui-jin Yang, dong-mei Chen, Xu Qiubifulfillsn, Fang Shilei, Li Zhou, li xiaofeng, Cai Min, RuChunXu well退婚后大佬她又美又飒, Wu Jinzhi, zhu feng, li Ming, Cui Weiying, ZuoHongYi, Ye Ning, Tang Quanhui,duty的形容词 Yi Shlions翻译umin, nmissionary翻译ew, Li Feng, Zhang Zheqin Wei Xin, yun-peng zhao, li li, deng mei heart, Zheng Hehua, ChiMingHuiduty是什么意思, guang-xi Chen, Huang Xiaoru, the liu Hai 35sticker directors, Yang Lduty什么意思中文i,missionary翻译 Wu Jian, Cao Yingwang, Zhu Hongwei elected as alternate dmission品牌irectors; Chief supeclub怎么读rvisor Shi Jianyong, deputy chief supervisor Zhang Jian, and N深证指数ie Xfulfillingiangstickerdong, Li Chunchangclubman, Tan Fei, Guo Tao, Wang Daoming, Deng Yi, Chen Qiufen, He Xinru, Tang Haozhi a total of 11 supheldupervisors, Zhang Hongxiang was elected aslions翻译中文 ththoughe alternate supervisor.

Themissionaries council work report delivered by President Ma Min deslions翻译cribed the main work of this year from seven aspects: Party building, conference managemlions读音ent, caring fomissionary翻译r lion f深证指数riends, targeted poverty alleviation, foreign exchange, honor and gratitude,missionary歌词mv experience and reflection. Thmissionariesis year, centering on the theme of “New momentum深圳, new Lion generation”, shenzhen Lions Club established and improved the corporate governance structure and operation mechanism of Shenzhen Lions Clubstick in accordance with laws and policies, and implemented democratic election, demo退婚后大佬她又美又飒c桃花源记ratic decision-making and democratic mfulfillsanagement. According to the requirememission翻译nt深圳市最新疫情s of the Federation to clean upduty翻译 and rectify the work, continue to improve the organiza深圳大学tional construction, infulfill是什么意思 the party building, membership management, service management, financial mmissionariesanagemenstick的过去式和过去分词t and other aspects of continuous innovation; A committee on Women and Family Development has been set up to strengthen the training of teachers and lion guide groups and care for lion frienheld中文ds and enterprises. Meanwhile, based ostickn the community, Shenzhelions翻译n Lions Club inherits brand servic陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿e projstick是什么意思ects, focusing on targetedstick过去式和过去分词两种形式 poverty alleviation, environmental protection, youth services and community services. From Juheld怎么读的ly 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, Lioheld的中文意思ns Club shenzhen carried out 639 service activities for the disabled, community service通货膨胀下什么最保值, education, medical andduty可数吗 health care, poverty allevsticker翻译iation, etc., with a service fund of 43fulfill3019 million yuan.duty翻译 10,468 members participated in the service, 562,220 beneficiaries, and the per capita service fund was 9,748.28duty用英语怎么说 yuan. He has won many awards from Lions Club International, Lions League of Cstick过去式hina and Shenzhen governmfulfill是什么意思ent. He was once again named “5A Social Organization” and selefulfill是什么意思cted as “Annual Promoter” of shenzhen Care Action 2019.

Zheng Degang, chief supervisor of the Board of Supervisors, deliv褪黑素ered a work report on the work of the Board of Supervisorsfulfills, deheld是hold的什么形式scribing the work of the Boaclubrd of Supervisors inmission翻译 this year from four aspects: strengthening the team building, strengthening the system bclub用英语怎么说uilding, acduty是什么意思tively partithoughcipating in the work of the Boarheld是hold的什么形式d of Supervisors, and tim桃花源记ely commuduty的用法nication. This year’s work of the Board of Superviclubmansors to do “not offside,held过去式和过去分词 good position, not missing”; While strengthening the team building, the board of Supervisors strlions读音ictly abide by the rights granted by the charter of Shenzhen Lions Cclub是什么酒lub; Focus onstick的过去式和过去分词 the supervision of the resolumissiontions, service activmissionary歌词mvities and financlionsgatei同花顺al audit ofheld是hold的什么形式 t同花顺he board oheld是hold的什么形式f directors this year, so as tmission是什么意思英语o timely discover and timely remind. This year, the Board of Supervisors has steadily promoted the work, continuously strengthened the supervision mechanism, strengthened the supervision consciousness of the members of the Board of Supervstickerisors, improved the rules and regulations of the Board of Supervisors, and successfully completed the work plan of this year.

Luo Jinsong, Chief Fifulfill翻译nancial officer, delivered a financialduty是什么意思 reporfulfillingt to the conferenclion是什么意思e. This year, shenzhen lions, to comply with the requirements of the relevant department in charge of the business and domestic under the correct guidance of cib, under the correct leadership of the council, filion是什么意思nancial workclub怎么读 according to the annual budget plan goal, conscientiously implestick过去式和过去分词两种形式ment the resolution of the council and thduty什么意思中文e annual financial budget, saving, strict management of financial accounting, fin通货膨胀下什么最保值ancial supervision andmission翻译 financial work, Completed thefulfillment的意思 financialduty怎么读 work of this yeduty是什么意思ar well. This year for tduty的形容词he first time the expenses of the Party branch into the annual budget, to ensure thatthin the party building work has a solid foundation; According to the clstick outeaning and consduty的形容词olidation requirements and the latest financial regulations, actively comission是什么意思英语operate with the finastick过去式和过去分词两种形式ncial committee of the Lion League to carry out financial inspectionsduty的固定搭配; Assist in comheld的原型pleting grade assessment of social organizations, tax exemption qualification and pre-tax deduction qualification; Efficiently complete annual financial inspection, outgoing aufulfilling翻译dit and representative congress audit; As aheld中文lways, do a good job in the “two fee深圳大学” control work. The financial work of this year was actively innovative, allocating funds for the service team astick的过去式和过去分词nd improving the enthuheld是hold的什么形式siasm of lion friends to donmission是什么意思英语ate; Innovative fustick过去式ndraisinfulfill翻译g to ensure the scale of key service projects. Luo Jlions怎么读insong, chief financial officer, sailion是什么意思中文翻译d that he would strive to completefulfilling all the pre-loan rfulfillment的意思efulfilledimbursement procedures by the end of the yclub是什么酒ear, complete the audit work of leaving in July, and make a g深圳疫情最新消息ood financial connection for the steady developdutyment of Shenzhen Lions Club.

In the election for director and supervisor, the candidates made passionate speeches with good mental outlook, elionsgatexpressing their interpretation and responsibility for public welfare u深圳疫情最新动态ndertakings, t深圳天气heir commitment an桃花源记d practice of the spirit of “four out”, and their inheritance and development of lion culture, and determined to become the leader of public welfare serviclubsce associations.

At the meeting, President Ma Min conveyed the spirit of the Domestic Lions Association to the delegates. She said that Shenzhen Lions Club will earnstick过去式和过去分词两种形式estly implions是什么意思lement the requirements of the CP深圳疫情最新动态C Centstick的过去式和过去分词ral Committee and Generlions翻译al Secretary Xi on the selectio深圳n and appointm桃花源记ent, and carry out the spirit of the Domestic Lionmissionary翻译s Club on the selection and appointmenduty的形容词t and the guidance and standardsfulfilling什么意思 of the leadership transition, leading Shenzhen Lions Club to become an excellent social organization with high-quality members andfulfilling什么意思 steady developm桃花源记翻译ent.

Lilion是什么意思ao Manxiong, vice Prheld的意思是什么esident of CCFA appreciated the democratic, harmonious, orderly and efficstickient general assembly. All members were full of spirit and conscientiouslystick怎么读 performed their duties. On behalf oclubman是什么牌子车f the Domstickpngestic Lions Association and Chairman Jia Yong, he congratulated on the success of the conference. It is hoped that the elected leaders will strengthen their study of the theori深圳大学es of the domestic characteristic lion cluthbs, the laws and regulationmission英语s in the field of public welfarshenzhene and charity, and tstick过去式和过去分词两种形式he rules and regulations of thstick的过去式和过去分词e Domestic Lion Association and the Shenzhen Lion Cllions翻译ub, so as to better preparduty翻译e for perfor深证指数ming their duties and serving the society in the next year.

The 17held的原型th Member深证指数 congress of Shenzhen Lions clduty什么意思中文ub was successfully concluded. The significance of this conference is extraordinary. It inherits the lion culture, buildsstickpng on past achievements and opens up new prospects. It makes all lions cluheld中文b members look forward to the lduty的形容词eadership of Shenzhen Lions Cluclub用英语怎么说b 2019-2020 and the continuous prheld的原型ogress of the cause of lions Club in China!

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