The first batch of earthquake relief materials delivered by The Shenzhen Lions Club to Zhaotong, Yunnan province

Earthquake Relief & NBSP; Unity is strength
The first batch of earthquake relief materials delivered bdeliveredy The Sheclubmannzhen Lions Club to Zhaotong, Yunnan province
— Brief report on the Earthquake Relief action of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in Zhaotong, Yunnan (iii)

&nearthquakes翻译bsp;          relief翻译成中文; On September 1first是什么意思1, 2012, the first batch of yunnan Zhaotong Ebatch怎么读aearthquake英语怎么读rthquake relief advance team of Shenzhen Lions Clufirstname填姓还是名b finally arrived at yiliang earthquake area in Zhaotong, Yunnan province after a whole day's journey,深圳天气 and delivered 114,000 yuan worth of relief materials to the reception point of civil affairs relief materials.

   materials;  materials怎么读;   &nbdelivered是什么意思中文翻译sp;   On the evenearthquake翻译成中文ing of September 10th, The firstbatch batch of Yunnan Zhaotong earthquake relieclubman是什么牌子车f advance team captain, the second deputy director of the Shenzhfirst怎么读英语en Lions Club Lin Ziyu shijie, vice captain, deputy secretarlionsgatey Zhang Zhihe Shijie, Tai 'an service team secretary Du Peng Shijie, miles of service team Luo Qingyi Shijie, with all lion friends of the earnest expectations, took tearthquakeshe plane to the disaster area. Due to bad wearelief是什么意思啊ther, the plane was forced tolions是什么意思 land in Chongqing, where the afirst namedvance tearelief给挚爱的你m had to stay overnight before flying to Yibin the next day. Upon arrival,material是可数名词吗 the advance team went to Yiliang County in Zbatchat蝙蝠haotong by car. Along the way, it rained heavily, aftershocks and strong winds caused rdeliveredocks to fall, making the road to the disaster area treacherous.
    &nmaterials studiobsp;       At 4earthquake英语怎么读:30 PM, the first batch of Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake relief advance team of Shenzhen Lions Clublions读音 finally arrived at深圳地铁线路图 Jiaokui Town, Yiliang County, and delivered 104,000 yuan深圳天气 worth of materials such as rice and oil purchased nearby to the receiving point of jiaokui Town civil Affailionsgaters relief materials. At 7:00 PM, the advance team brought cold medicine, safflower oil, Baoji pill, Huo Xianbatchno什么意思在药上g Zhengqi water and other urgently needed medicines worth 10,000 yuan from Shenzhen to jiaokui Town Middle School settlementclub怎么读 site, which werfirstlye personally received by Chereliefng Liarelief翻译成中文nyuan, deputy mayor of Zhaotong city, and Wang Shunhua, deputy director of Zhaotolions读音ng Civil Affairs Bureau.

            The advrelief形容词ance teamaterials怎么读m communicated wlions翻译中文ith the victims fabatchescebatch什么意思 to face at the middle school resettlement sitfirst翻译e in Jiao Kubatchingi towndelivered怎么读 to understamaterials影响因子nd the needs of the victims. The advance team plans to stay infirsthand Jiao Kui town for one night and return to Zhaotonmaterial什么意思中文翻译g tomorrow.


By Mmaterial是可数名词吗a Huijualion是什么意思n/Du Peng


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