Guangdong-guangxi Cooperation rural Revitalization -- Shenzhen-Shi launched the joint service and donation activity for Rural revitalization assistance in Guangxi

On November 26, 2021, the Guangxi Joint service of Shenzhen Lions Club for Rural revitalization was launched at the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall in Ba广西人才网ise city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. From 22nd to 27th, The Lions Club ofcooperation和corporation的区别 Shenzhecooperation什么意思中文n donated 50,000 yuan to the disabled in Hechi and Baise. In Huanjiang county of Hechi and Fengshan County, 156 cases of catajoint的用法rrural翻译act operation were performed free of charge. Carried out the lion March, donated 630,000 yuan to Nanshan Priguangximary School, Tianyang District, Baise City; Donatecooperation英语怎么读d 4 million yuan of medical equipment to xiangzhou Town Central Health Center and Jiangcheng Town Centrajointheclub是谁l health Center in Tiandong County; Docooperation和collaboration区别nated 30,000 yuan to jingxi Red Army survivors. In the next step, we will also carry out a series of public welcooperation怎么读fcooperation英语怎么读are and charity activities, such acooperations relie十方武圣f for poor children, street lampcooperation什么意思中文 project, educational aid, and screening of women's two cancers. The total servic广西师范大学e expenses exceeded 6 million yuan.

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The event was guided by Shejointnzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, The People's Government of Baize City, guangdong-Guangxi Working Cooperation Team, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club ajointlynd orga世界地图nized by the Promotion and Assistance Committee. Gossip,深圳 bijia mountain, mooring, spring, spring, love charity collection, the earth, datong, nature, fuyong, relevant, peace, hocooperation什么意思中文ng ya han, shenyang, China, huaq深圳地铁线路图irural和countryside的区别ang, Chinese bururalsinessman, dahuang, classic, elite, Victoria towers, leshan, Le cuckoo, mileage, bright pupil, liuzhou, longhua, dream, nameplates, good taste, the south China sea, future, shajing, virtues, busilaunched是什么意思英语ness knowledge深圳地铁线路图 and crust, the shenzhou, lion love Ball, Tiancheng, Tongxin, Wenjin, Xili, Xixianjointheclub是谁g, Xcooperation可数吗ianhu, Xiangmi Lake, Xin 'an, Happiness, Yantian, Yishan, Yitian, Silver Lake, Zhengdao, Centrruralal District, Zhuhui, Zimeng and other service teams, Guangxi Dayuanchun Medical Equipment Co., LTD., Shenzhen Hongmeng Photoelectr广东海洋大学ic Co., LTD., Dongguan Fuhuang Lighting Co., LTD., Zhejiang Dayu Dinghe Technology Co., LTD., Shcooperation英语怎么读enzhen Zhongfe深圳ng Food Group Co., LTD.

Official of th广西疫情e guangxi zhuang autonomou深圳大学s region, deputy secretary-general, YueGui coordination task force leader KuangBing, QiuDeBin baise municishipal party committee of the standing committee, united front work department minister, viccooperation是什么意思啊e mayor of baise people'jointlys official, depucooperation和collaboration区别ty team leader Liu Desheng YueGui collab十宗罪oratjoint的用法ive work, party secretary深圳大学, director of shenzhen disabled persons' federation Dong Xiu, d时代少年团isabled persons' federation of she广东工业大学nzcooperation是什么意思啊hen Dong Fei Huang Fake, kalaunched是什么意思ng,广东 director of深圳天气 the department director of the office, Wang Jian, director of Shenzhen Compjoint翻译re深圳疫情最新动态hensive Service Center for disabled Persons, Meng Dongming, Party Secretrural和urbanary of Baise Disabled Pejointheclub是谁rsons' Federation, Nong 'e, chairman; Nie Xiangdong, second Vice President of Shenzh深证指数en Lions Club in 202joint翻译1-2022; Dai Tongxin, former President; Lai Z广东东莞天气hu广东风险等级oni, Sec广西师范大学retary General; Lian Chuhai, claunchedhairman of Zone 5; Zheng Bochao, chairman of Zone 17; Wu Manqiong, Cjoint造句hairman of Zone 18; Tang Q深圳地铁线路图ing, C深圳地铁线路图hairman of Project A广西民族大学nd Revitalizatio深圳疫情最新动态n Committee; Wei Chengqing, Luo Cong, Li Li, Executive Chairmen; As well as service team representatives from Yitian, Longch十宗罪eng, Scooperation和corporation的区别hande, Huashang, Silver Lake, Tien, Xili, Bagualincooperation英语怎么读g, Xin 'an, Mission Hills, Xiaotong, Dream, Hongya, Wenjin, Fuyong and other more than 100 people attended the launching ceremony.十二星座


In the morning of November 26th, under the leader深圳疫情最新动态ship of Chairman Guo Yongyong, 13 guests including General Affairs Director Tan Fei, Executirural和countryside的区别ve Deputy Secretary General Zhao Hui, Chairman wu Jinzhi of the second Zone, and Mentor CAI Min rushed to the airport, but due to air traffi广西c control, the flight to Baisrural名词e was temporarily cancelled. Even so, their hearts are always w广东财经大学ith the lion friends at the scene, anrevitalization怎么读d cheer for the lion friends who have worked hard at the scene, wish the activity a completecooperation和collaboration区别 success.


Vice Mayor Liu Desheng presided over the opening ceremony. President Tang qing expressed her gratitude to the guangdong-Gua广东风险等级ngxijoint Cooperation Team, the People's government ocooperation什么意思中文翻译f Baise City, shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and other caring units for their support to the work of Shenzhen Lions Club. She also expressed helaunchedr gratitude to the members of the revi广东疫情talization committee and the organizing and co-organcooperation什么意思中文翻译izing service team. She quoted Mr. Carnegie's dictum that "a man should ennoble his scooperation什么意思中文翻译oul in helping others." She said she hopes to work with all of yourelaunched on the road of rural revitalization to build a better countryside.

Liu Desheng JPG.


Secretary General Lai Zhulaunchedoni introduced that in response to the rural revitalicooperation怎么读zation s广东东莞天气trategy pujoint effortt forward by the Partshenzheny and the country, Lions Clubrural造句 shenzhen signed a framework agreement with Guangdong-Guangxi Worural反义词rk Cooperation Team under the guidance of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, the business unit in charge of the agreement, which stipulat时间es that lions Club Shenzhen will invest no less than 3 million yuan in guangxi charirural的名词形式ty in the next three深圳大学 years to help the rural revitalization.


With the support of gu广西大学研究生院angdong-Guangxi Cooperation Team, shenzh深圳en Lions Club Promotion And Assistance Committee organized more than 10 special me广西etings and 6 field visits, and actively encouraged the participation of vjoint造句arious service teams. At the sa广西人事考试网me time,rural是什么意思 the baise Rural Revitalization Convenient P狮子座laces Project was set up on the public fundraising platform of "shi99 Charity Day" for threvitalization是什么意思e first time trevitalization怎么读o raise special funds. I深圳疫情n just thrrural造句ee days, the project mobilized more than 100 service teams and nearly 5,000 people to donate more than 640,000 yuan. More than 6 million yuan was invested to help bshiaise Medical system, red Army survivors' families, teenagers, disabled people, villagers and other groups. Among them, fengshan Light Travel has belaunched是什么意思en carried out for five consecutive years. It is gratifying to see that due to the decrease of patients year by year, only 56 cascooperation可数吗es were actually implementrevitalization翻译ed in this activjoint翻译ity. This is a great achievement in winning the battle against poverty in Chinshenzhena, as well as official achievements in preventing and helping the blind.

Lin Yang, deputy direcruraltor of Baisecooperation Investment Promotion Bureau, introduced scooperationeven investment advantagescooperation和collaboration区别 of Baise pilot zone from sev深圳天气en ascooperation和collaboration区别pects of location advantage, convenient transportation, rich resources, beautif识图ul ecology, policy ovruralerlay and industry overlay. Baise enjoys a number of supporjoint造句t policies from the stcooperation怎么读ate, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Baise City, implementing "five rent-free and fijointsve halving" factory rent, new equipm十方武圣ent subsidies, factory decoration subsidies up to 10 million yuan, logisticsrevitalization怎么读 subsidies up to 3 million yrevitalization怎么读uan and so on.

Deputy director Lin Yang of Baise Investment Promotion Bureau

Huarevitalization翻译ng Yu, director of Market and Foreign Cooperation Department of Baise Indu广西师范大学stry and Informatijointon Bureau, introduce广西民族大学d with the theme of "Thousands of shapes and colors of 'Aluminum', Baise aluminum indrural反义词ustry has the strong support of the state and the autonomoujoint是什么意思s region, sufficient and chejoint effortap factor guarantee, complete industrial ecology, convenient and comprehensive transport十方武圣ation and logistics, professional and perfectjointed quality inspection function, "do it immediatrural造句ely" efficient service, happy and livable living environment狮子座. The investment opportushinities of Baise mainly include the coope广东东莞天气ration opportunities of sharing high-end development, grcooperation是什么意思啊een develorural反义词pment, int广东疫情最新情况elligent development深圳疫情 and international development o广东风险等级f aluminum industry.

Huang Yu, director of market and foreign Cooperation Section, Baise Industry and Information Bureau

Lin Qunying, deputy director of Agriculturevitalization是什么意思re and rural Bureau of Baise city, introduced that B深圳市最新疫情aise pays attention to the development of modern characteristic agriculture, and has won the honorary titles of "Home of Mango", "home of famous tea", "Home of sugar and orange", "Home of sericulture", and "South vrevitalization是什么意思egetable and North transportation" base in China. Baise is endowed with unique agricultural conditions, which guarantee the development of ecologicalshenzhen agricultureguangxi. The production conditions of agriculturcooperation和corporation的区别al products are good, th深圳e product quality is good, the marketing schedule isrural读音 good, the rural scenery is good, and the industrial development is good. At p时代少年团resent广西民族大学, Baise is organizing and implementing 927 projects to stren广东gthen agricultural weaknesses, with a total investment of深圳疫情最新消息 64.278 billion yuan frrural读音om 2021 to 2023.

Lin Qunying, deputy director of Baise Agriculture and Rural Bureau

Nie Xi广东地图angdong, the second vice President, said that the armed uprising led by deng Xiaoping in Baise created the seventh Army of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army. The Baise Uprising witnessed the remarkable contribution of ethnic minorities to the great rejuvenatilaunched怎么读的on of the Chinese nation. Shenzhen Lio时间ns Club will organize more lion friends to com深圳e to Baiscooperation怎么读e to serve baise and leajoint的用法rn "Ba狮子座ise". He introduced the overall arrangement of the public welfare and charitable services of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in rural revitalizatlaunched的中文意思ion, stressing that Shenzhen and Guangxi drink the same river and helping Guangxi is one of the most important tlaunched怎么读的asks of the Lions Club of Shruralenzhen in rural revitalization. Shenzhen lions not only into the power of charity, will continue to actively guide the members to guangxi industrial revitalization support, enrural读音courage membecooperation可数吗rs in th广西大学e local economic constlaunched翻译ruction, increase employment, multi-channel, multi-dshiimensional manner in guangxi rural revitalization of the service of charity, common poverty encooperation英语怎么读ginjointses power in guangxi to consolidate the achi广西科技大学evements, better f广东东莞天气or the construct广东工业大学ion of guangxi.


Dong Xiu, chairman of the Board of Directors, said that the joint service activit广东东莞天气y of "rural revitalization" in Guangxi is not only a con狮子座crete measurshie to imple广西师范大学ment General Secretary Xi Jinping'狮子座s important instructions on cooperatrevitalization怎么读ion betwerural和urbanen the eajointst andruralsimilarskull the Wcooperation翻译est and designatedcooperation assijoint是什么意思stance work, but also an in-joint effortdepth practice of slaunched怎么读的tudying party history and serving the disabled. She affirmed that shenzhen Lions Club has mobilized lion Friends and enterprises to raise more thajointedn 6 millio广西疫情n yuan to help Baise implement trevitalization怎么读he rural revitalization strategy.revitalization是什么意思 She wants to borrow the activityjoint to furthruralsimilarskuller strengthen both cities and counties (d世纪佳缘istricts) two-stage DPF counterpart support work, to further mobilize the shenzhen efforts, high quality, high standard to do a good job of counterpart support and assist the baise disability work in su广东chlaunched aspects as technology, standard, service comprehensive progress, efforts to achieve c深圳疫情omplementary advantages, the overall p深证指数romotion, demonstration, We will actively promote win-win cooperation in em广西大学ploymencooperation什么意思中文翻译t and rehabilitation of perural读音rsons with disabilities injoint造句 both places.

Dong Xiu JPG.

KuangBing deputy secretary-general said, at present, shenzhen is "double" drive, "joint翻译double" stack, "double change" demonstration and domestic characteristic socialislaunched怎么读的m c广东东莞天气onstruction of rulcooperation是什么意思英语e of law first demonstrajointedtion city, a large bay area of guangdong high level talent highlrevitalization翻译and and other ma识图jor historical opportunity, also hrural和countryside的区别eavily in construction in guangxi beibu gulf ecjointlyonomic zone, west river economic belt, the association of south-easjoint造句t Asian nati十方武圣ons (asean) eccooperation英语怎么读onomic and technological development zone key development experimental zone, baise, In广西科技大学 particular, wjoint ventureith the implementation of the RC深圳天气Erural和urbanP agreement, the geographical advantages of Guangxirevitalization怎么读 and Baise have become morcooperation是什么意思英语e prominent, and狮子座 guangdong, Guangxi and Shenzhen and Guangxi have huge space and infinite potential for cooperation. Disabled persons' f广西ederation of shenzhen, shenzhen lion "rural revitalization" guangxi joint support service activitiesrural读音, fully embodies the shenzhe识图n city of "love" this bear political and humrural和countryside的区别an feelings,launched是什么意思英语 also reflected the lions "out" of the spirit, hope to drural读音isabled persons' federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions and YueGui team mutual cooperation, to establish a long-term mechanism, We hope that the entrepreneurs of Shen十二星座zhen Lion深圳疫情s club can make full use of the advlaunched的中文意思antages of Shenzhen and Guangxi to promote the development of their own careers while contributiruralsimilarskullng to rural revitalization. He thanked Guo Yongyong, chairman of the Board of Directors, for h广西招生考试院is painstaking efforts in the preparatiorevitalizationn of the project and his inability to arrive at tjoint efforthe site due to the grounding of the plane.

KuangBing JPG.

Under the auspices of Li Xingyi, Kuang Binrural名词g, deputy secretary general, led the leaders and lion frie十二星座nds who participated in the activities to offer flowers to the statue of Deng Xiaoping.


Rural rrural的名词形式evitalizatcooperation英语怎么读ion is under way in Guangxi

Wenjin, Gaoxin, Xinzhou and Xingfu service teams of The Shenzhen广西人才网 Lions Club performed 120 free surgeries for poor cataract patients at huanjiang County Pejointsople's Hospital in Hechi city, Guangxi Zhuang Autorevitalizationnomous Region from M广西大学arch 19 to 22. The service fund was 120,000 YUAN.

Frorevitalizationm 22nd to 26th, doctors from Shenzhen Lions Club Longcheng Service Team, Wenjin Service Team, Dongguan Sanshui H广西uasha Eye Hospital, Dongguan Huasha Eye Hospi广西人事考试网tal and other teams performed 56 cataract surruralsimilarskullgeries for poor cataract patierevitalization怎么读nts in Fengshan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the service fund of 84,000 yuan. This activity is the fifth consecutive yea十二星座r that the Shenzherural名词n Lions Club dragocooperation什么意思中文翻译n City Service team has carried out the Bright walk in Fengshan County.

The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated medical equipment worth 4 million yuan to the Xianrural反义词gzhou Town Central Health Center and Jiangcheng Toruralwn Health center in Tiandong County, Baise city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regio广东n, Monday.

From 26th to 27th, shenzhen Lions Club donated 630,000 yuan in money and goods t史上最强炼气期o Nanshan Primary十方武圣 School in Tianjoint effortyang district, Baise City, a时间nd 30,000 yuan to jingxi Red Army survivors' families.



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[Photo] Wang Haibin, Wu Shaoyi, Publicity Committee

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