Long-term service Team: Hold the second regular meeting of 2021-2022

On July 14, 2021, the second regular meeting of the long Term Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club of 2021-2022 was held in the office of Shenzhen Jieyun Culture Communication Co., LTD., New Energy Building, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan Districservice怎么读t. Long-term service team captain Zenregular是什么意思英语g Xiaoling, former captain Zhen Yongqianhold翻译, first vice captain Guo Qiang, sec胧组词ond vice cameeting是什么中文意思ptain Yang Weregular的名词isong, former captterm是什么意思ain Huang Tingyin, secretar龙王殿y Wu Yiying, financial fan Liangming, general affairs Li Yingjie and other 14 people attendeteam什么意思d the meeting. The meeting wtermux下载as chaired by Zeng Xiregularityaoling and presided over by Yang Weisong.

The meet龙蛇演义ing mainly discussed the specific preparations for the 2020-2021 annual tribute and 2021-2022 inaugural ceremony of the Long Term Service Team. After the discussiregularly意思中文翻译on of the team leatermder, the ceremony is planneservice和serve的区别d to be held on July 31 in the Hailiang Hall of Kaito Hhold过去式otel, Shenzhen.

It has been six years sincetermux下载 the long Term Service Team was founded in 2015. In th龙王传说ese six years, carrying the loservice翻译ng-term service team family culture, dedication and laughter. Those together thsecond的基数词rough thsecondarye days, dribs and drabs of achievement of the movemenservice是什么意思t of life, Thanksgiservice是什么意思ving on the road ofservice的名词 charitysecond翻译 with everyone!

Prosperservice的名词ous open midsummer, fuelfire again.

 Illustrations 1. Jpeg

By Wu Yiying & NBSP; Photo/Ma Xiujie


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