Notice of registration for the 98th Lions Club International Convention

Notice of registration for the 98th Lions Club International Convention

Dear Lion friend,
    &nblions翻译中文sp;     The 98th Lions Club Internationainternational缩写l Conventionlions怎么读 will be helconvention形容词d in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA froregistration的动词形式m June 26 to 30, 2015.
        &notice是什么意思nbregistration怎么读sp;   Honolulu, also knowclub是什么意思n as Honolulu, is the capital and port city of桃花源记翻译 the State of Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means “ Bay of Shielding & RDquo; Or & other Shielded Land ” . Because early local rich sandalwood, and a large number of transported back to China, by the Chinese calregistration是什么意思啊led Honolulu.  
            Honolnotice的固定搭配ulu is the political and econo桃花源记mic centeregistrationr of Hawaii. Here, you cathoughn exclub是什么酒perience Honolulu’s vibconventional反义词rant nights, stunning architecturconvention什么意思e, grinternationally歌曲econvention的用法atinternational缩写 museums, anticonventional读音发音que shopconvention的用法s and much more. You can dinternationalworkers’day怎么读iscovenotice同义词r and experience art, culture and spirituality from around the world in a friendly atmosphere at eveconvention翻译ry corner.
   registration动词     &ninternationalcupidbsp; Each year, more t桃花源记han 20,000 lion frilions读音ends from around the world gaclub是什么酒ther to celebrate thenotice翻译 inteclub是什么意思rnatilions的音标onal convention. It is a chance for old friends to reunite and make new friends, as well as personal networkinclub怎么读g with international leaders and headquarters representatives. In additnotice用法ion to the multi-cultural intclub是什么意思ernational parade, there were also a series of lively and interegistration怎么读resting seminars, lively general meetings, international performances and the election of the 2015-2016 International President. Honolulu awaits you!
    &桃花源记nbsp;     In order to experience lion culture, we sincerely inclubmed官网预订vite you to attend the 98th Lions Club Interninternationally歌曲ational Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA! Details of registration are as follows:

          A, & have spent Registration feclub用英语怎么说e
      &convention翻译nbsp; All lions who attend the 1998 convennotice是什么意思tion are required to register. The regislions翻译中文tration fee is the admissinternationally歌曲ion fee fonotice的固定搭配r the convention anotice过去式ctivities. After registlionsration, you can receive the entrance tag, commemorative badge, convention manual, etc. at the coregistration怎么读nvention venue, and can particilions怎么读pate in the seminar, general assembly, parade and lion products exhibition anconventionald other activities.
      &nbsclubmedp; Registration fee & have spent   &nlions翻译中文bsp;   &nlions怎么读bsp;       Date/time & NBSP;   &registration是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;               &nblions怎么读sp;   Cost & have spent               &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;conventional反义词   &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;    
        The first batch of re陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿gistrations.       2015/1/6 before & have spent &nbspnotice用法;     US$110 (equivalent to 700 yuan) & NBSP;     &nregistration翻译成中文bsp;              
        The second batch of registrations;       2015/3/25 before & haveinternationalworkers’day怎么读 spent     US$150 (eqnotice过去式uivalent to RMB 960 yuan)international labour day翻译 & NBSP; &nbspregistrationfailed什么意思;
        Third batch registration & NBSP;       After 2015/3/25 & have spent     US$170 (equivalent tclubmed官网预订o 1100 yuan) & NBSP;
        On-site registration: US$170 (equivalentlionsgate tclubmedo 1100 yuan) & NBSP;
      &nbspconventional什么意思中文; Registration for children agclubsed 17 and under: US$10 (65 yuan) &conventional什么意思中文 NBSP;

      &nbregistration是什么意思中文翻译sp; Deadline for the first batch of registration: January 6registration是什么意思中文翻译, 2notice是什么意思01noticed5 5:00pm & NBSP;  clubman是什么牌子车 &桃花源记nbsp;
    &nbsplion是什么意思;   Deadline for the second batch of registration: 5:00pm on March 25th, 2015 & NBSP;    
        After March 25, 2015, pleaseinternational怎么读 come to the site to register.

        Please submit thconventional读音发音e registnotice翻译ration fee to the district office before 5:00pm on March 25, 2015, and fill in the registration Form for the 98th Lions Club International Conventionclub用英语怎么说 (see attachment 2) and send it to the email address ofclub怎么读 Lions Club Shenzinternationalhen:szlions_pub@163.comOr fax to 755-256noticeable88900.

      Second, & have spent Costumes for
      The national Lion Association will invite bids and make the parade costumes for the 98th internaclubstional convention of the national Lion members. relevant matters will be notified afteregistration formr the bidding is completed.

 lions   &nbspconvention什么意思; Tlionshree, & have spent payment
  &nbsinternationalp; &nbclub用英语怎么说sp; Registration fee should be paid to Lions Club Shenzhen office. You can pay by cash or credit card directly to Lions Club Shenzhen Office, orlionsgate transfe褪黑素rinternationalcupid to the following accountconventional是什么意思:
      Accthount number: 769258620855
  &conventionalnbsp;     Account name: Shenzhen Lionregistrations Club
      Bank name: Bank of Chininternational怎么读a Huayuan Branch
      Please indicate the name of the sign-up and the service team on the transfer bill. Fees for the 98th International Convention (registration fee or hotel reservation feinternational英语e) & RDquo; . After the transfer, please send the bank receiptclub是什么酒 together with the registration to the mailbox of Shenzhen Lions Club offiinternational缩写ceinternational labour day翻译, alions读音nd contact hou Zhenlian, accountanotice是什么意思nt of Shenzhen Lions Club office 25688550 to confirlions是什么意思m tclub是什么酒he receipt of the payment.

      Four, & have spent Registration contact
          Shenzhen Lions Club Office
    &nbsclub翻译p; &nbspconventions;   Yi Guofeng & have spent   Contact number: 25688576&NBsp;
  &club怎么读nbsp;    同花顺   Ma Huijuan & have spent   Contact number: 25688567

          Fax: 0755-25688900
    &lions翻译中文nbsp;   &nbclub翻译sp;   Email addressclub怎么读:
        &nregistration的动词形式bsp;   &nbclubsp; Welcome lion friends to regiconventionalster!
        &nbthoughsp;   Attachmregistration怎么读音ent:
          1.  Schedule and must-attend events for the 98th Annual Convention
    &thinnbsp; &ninternationally歌曲bsp;   2.  Registration form for the 98th International Convention


  Lions Club ofclubman是什么牌子车 Shenzhen 2014-201clubmed5 & NBSP;  
Chairman of the International Conventionotice是什么意思n Committeconventional什么意思中文e: Dong Shige
  Executive Chairmen: Wang Shanying, Zhou Haisong, Xu Gang
December 6, 2014 & NBSP;        


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