Shenzhen Lions Club “Lilac August” lion culture learning week service activities and lion work

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Clove August ” Lion Culture Learning Week service activities and lion activities

            At 2pm on August 20th, 2014, it was raining heavily and theaugust visibility walilac怎么读s only a few meterlions. However, more than 40 lion friends were very hardworking. They braving the heavy rain to attend the training held in the multi-funlilacs怎么读ction hall of Shenzhen Lions Club office.
            Sistelions英语怎么读r Ma Min, Sister Jia Jing, brother Feng Qijiang and brother Zhanculture形容词g Shijun were the lecturers of this training session. Ma Min lion sisterweeks for the lion frienaugusttaylor后门ds wonderful lecture & LDquo; How to hold a good Board meeting ” Of course; Feng Qijiang Shi Brother in & Llions翻译中文Dquo; How to effectivelilac怎么读ly carry out service activities & RDquo; I’ll shar深证指数e it with you in class. Red action ” Experience in organizing the Lion Blood Donation Montlions英语怎么读h project; Zhang Shijun’s hoslearningmallting, the summaryaugust of the course andaugust翻译 the cordial interaction arous深证指数ed thousands of waves. The lion friends responded happily and reviewed the focus of the course taught by Ma Min shijie. During the whole procelilacess, Jia Jing shi Jie always gave silent support and managed every detail of the training meeting.
            Thank you for your participation in this event, rain or shine! Efficient organization and service activities are the magic weapon for shenzhen Lions club to organize, retain and develop members. Wish our organization a better future!
            As the photo freezes, the three-day Lion Culture Learning Week comclub怎么读es to a perfecweekday函数t end.

By Wenjie Turin

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