Domestic Charity Research Institute of Dongguan University came to Shenzhen for research

Domestic Charity Research Institute of Dongguan University came to Shenzhen for research

 research是什么意思           From January 30, 2015 to February 1,research可数名词还是不可数 2015, the research team of domestic Charity Research Institute of Dongguan University visited Shenzhen Lions Club for researesearch期刊rch. Research group members, dongguan universitresearchy department of anthropology lecturer summer follow Dr Cheung and institute of do东莞疫情mestic public welfare charity, dongguan university part-time researcher Dr JingYanChinstitute怎么读un lion came to shenzhen office tinstituteo carry out the three days of research, with shenzhen lion lioncamel是什么意思英语 senior fel东莞地图low, service captain, representatcharity的动词ivescharity音标 of the board members anuniversity怎么读英语d led by the competent department of survey and interviews, etc. And participated in a service activity organized by shenzhen Lions Club.
 shenzhen           It is understood that the Domestic Lion Associaresearcher安卓版tion commcharity怎么读issioned the Domestic Charity Research Institute of Dongguan Universidomesticty to carry out the research project “The Professional Transformation ofuniversity和college的区别 voluntary Organizations —camel a Case study o东莞地图f the Domedomesticatestic Lion Associatioinstitute的名词n”. The project has coshenzhenmpleted the questionnaire survey of nationalcamel骆驼 members, and now field surveys and interviews are carried out across the country, trying to s深圳疫情最新动态upplement and revise the resultsresearcher of quantitative research and regional research through more extensive and multi-东莞天气预报levelinstitute的意思 interviews and dialogues, and finally form an overall research report on the Domestic Lion Associatiouniversity用a还是ann.
            On t深圳he morning odomestic怎么记忆f Januniversity用a还是anuary 30th, members of the research te东莞疫情最新数据消息amcameo observed the 5th ldQUO held by Shenzhen Lions Club Tiande Service team in the cultural square of Niulancamel读音qian Vilcameltoe少女lage, Longhu深圳a. Red action ” The 39th blood drive; In the afternoon, h深圳大学e interviewed Huang Chunbin, vice chairman oinstitute是什么意思英语f Shenzhen Disabled Persons’dongguan Fededomesticateration.
  &nbcamesp;         From January 31 to February 1, membedomesticaters of the research group had a discussion with council membresearch翻译ers,深圳大学 servicecharity宽容的爱 team leaders and senior lion friends reinstitute是什么意思英语presentatives respectiveshenzhenly. During the forum, lions club members exchanged views on the developmendomestication翻译方法tuniversity和college的区别 of Lions Club cultdomesticure in Shenzhen, its brand public welf东莞风险等级are and char东莞地图ity projects, internal managemdomestic怎么记忆ent, official relations and contacts with lions Clu深证指数b internauniversity怎么读英语tional. In ad东莞地图dition, zhang Guojun, executive director of the National Lioncameltoe少女s Association, chaicameorman of China Lions Foundation and former president oinstitute和institutionf Sinstitute翻译henzhen Lions Club also accepted the interview.
          &ninstitute的意思bsp; The members of the research team felt and gained a lot from this tinstitute是什么意思英语rip and hope to come back to Shenzhen Lionuniversity怎么读s club ininstitute the near fuinstitute和academy的区别ture for in-depth interviews with more lions friends.


Bcharity-mindedy Yi Guofeng & NBSP;       Photo/Lin Zeyun, Lin Wenjie


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