Work plan seminar was held in the fourth zone of Shenzhen Lions Club

On July 8, 2020, shenzhen Lions Club held the conference room of Guangdong Renren Law Firm for the work plan of the fourth Zone for 2020-2021. Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Zhao Hui, chairman of Zone 4, Mr. Wu Jinzhi, chairman of Zone 10, Mr.zone状态 Dong Jun, chairman of Zone 11, and Ms. Wang Lina, chairman of Zone 12 attended the meeting. Thelions meeting was chaheldired byheld过去式和过去分词 Zhao Hui.

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Chairman Chiu fai thanked Presidshenzhenent Lo Keung Keung andwashed the three district chseminary是什么意思airmen for their support. He introduced t深圳风险等级he necessity and importance of holding a workshop on the work plafourth的音标n ofplantation the rzone什么意思egion against the backdrop of the normalization of epidemiseminarc prevention and controlhelden, and hoped that everyone could speak freely and share wisdom.

Lwashu Zhiqiang, pzone什么意思resident of CFC, asked all the chairmeseminar教学模式n to stand at the hworkdayeight of the overall situation and urge the lion fplan是什么意思riends of the service team to strictly implement the relevant requirements of gplanninguangdong Provinciawasn'tl Civil Affairs Department, Domesticheldback Lions Associatplanningion and Shenzhen Lions Club on thfourth是什么意思e change of the session,lions英语怎么读 strictly implemenplanetst the epidemic prevention and control work, practice strict economy and control the number and swastecale of the meeting. Subsequently, President Lu Zhiqiang ifourthntroduced the annual work overall plan of "Enabling and re深证指数ducing the burden, four services", focusing on the pfourth-gradearty building and leading, serving the society, team building and otlions是什么意思her aspects. He praised all the chzoneturfairmen for thheld怎么读的eir enthusiasm and pragmatilionsgatec attitude. He hoped that all of you would gfourth用英语怎么说ain happiness, grow up and become friends in the year of lion work and service activities, andfourth翻译 contribute tolion是什么意思 the public welfare platform of Lions Club shenzhen.

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Chairman Zhao hui shared his experience and feelizone是什么意思中文ngs as district chairmlions翻译an las深圳疫情t year, and saidheld中文 that he would cooperwork是什么意思ate with the three district chairmen to serve the service team weworkshopll and take an active part in the meeting and service activities of the sefourth的基数词rvice team underseminar英文解释 his jurisdiction with his accumulated experfourth缩写ience in lion selionsgatervice. At the same time, he said that he woulions读音ld lead the fourth zone to learn from the good prheld怎么读的actices and experience of other zones and work hard toworksgether to achieve the annual work goals of Shenzhenwork的过去式 Lions Club.

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Wu Jinzhi, Dong Jun and Wang Lina, three regional chairmen, respectively introduced the basic situation, existing prolions是什么意思blems and the next work arrangement of the service team learned from the recentseminar翻译 communication with the servicefourth翻译 team. Through the discussion, everyone reached a prelifourth是什么意思minary consensus on the annual work plan of tfourthlyhe zone, and said that they wozone护眼uld step intzone是什么品牌手机o the service team, gather the service team and lion friends of the zone four, strive to become a close friefourthnd of the servifourth-gradece team leader, and contribute to the development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

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In order tofourth是什么意思 further carry out the annuafourth翻译l work, the fourth section will be in partition, the partition chairman convened to reduce the work meeting service captain, convey area will focus, understand each serworkoutvizonesce, to promote understandiwork是什么意思ng between teams, fwork是什么意思or each sseminary是什么意思ervice深圳天气, as well as exchange between mutual learning and reference, to build g深证指数ood area and service of cupheldommunicatiplanningon betwplanetseen the bridge and the link.

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The New Year ofourth-gradef lions has started. Let's gather our hearts togetheplan是什么意思r and contribute our wisdom and strength to the achievement of the annuaupheldl worheldbackk target and thwashede steady development of Lions Club shenzhen.


[Text] Contributions from the Fourth Zone

[Image] Contributionszone是什么品牌手机 frolions怎么读m the Fourth Zone

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] She深圳市最新疫情nzhen Lions Club Office

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