“Red Action” continues active Blood Donation by Civil Servants (Source: Shenzhen Business Daily, A05, February 7, 2015)

“ Red action ” Civil servants continue to actively donate blood.

            Shenzhen Economic Daily: Yesterday morning, the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Municipal Blood Centcivilityer and the Shenzhen Lions Club held a jcivilityoint event in the Civic Center. Red action ” Voluntary blood dcivilonation activities have attracteactive的比较级和最高级d macontinues造句ny civil servants to participate. A total of 64 people donreduceated 23,9blood翻译00 milliliters of blood yesterday.

            Yesterdaactive是什么意思y was the fifth annual event. Red action &donation什么意思rdquo; Ondonation是什么意思英语e of the big blood dobloodstreamnationcivil war events. Accordingaction翻译 to the report, the fifth Red Action was launched on Decembercivilized怎么读 12blood怎么读 last year and lasted until February 12 this year. As ofservants翻译 yesterday, 40 events of large and small blood donation have been held icivilizen just tsource车上按键什么意思wo months, with a total of more than 3,700 people donating blood and a total amount of 1.35 million milliliters of bloodcivil war.

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