The 1.95 million yuan donation helped nearly 1,000 needy people in communities

The 1.95 million yuan donation helped nearly 1,000 needy people in communities
— Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” , & other The Trandonation翻译smission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother ” Community Themepeople Service month launched

            &lnearly和hardly区别dquhelped是什么意思英语o; I really appreciate the Lions club, always thinking of us old people during the holidays. ” Old Man Huhelped的读音ang, 79, who liv缘之空es alone in Luohu District, happily went out to the Luohu Districtnearly Party Committee building to receive 2,000 yuapeoplesn of sympathy moneneedyy distributed by Shnearly的用法enzhen Lions Club. Five lakes throughout liquid &; 2 bottles of whmillion怎么读英语ite wine.
            On the morning of February 10th, 2015, ldQUO was initiated by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-sponsored by Shepeople是什么意思nzhen Luohu District圆通快递 Civilpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词 Affairs Bureau, Nanshan District Civil Affairs Bureau, Yantian District Civilpeople是什么意思 Affairs Bureau, Bao ‘anneedyounow翻译中文 District Civil Affairs Bureau, Yantmillion的意思ian District Women’s Federation, Bao ‘an Districneed有被动吗t Women’s Federation and Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club. The Transmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” , & other The Transmpeople翻译ission of Love & Bull; Grateful mother ” The community Themed Service Month activity was laudonation可数吗nched in the multi-fmillionsunction hallnearly on the second floor of the Luohu District Committee building. Around thpeoplese Spring Festival, condolence money and materials will be distributed to nneedyounow翻译中文early 1,000 empty nesterneed用法和搭配s and single mothers in luohu district, Nanshan Dipeople翻译strict, Yantian District and Bao ‘an District, with a total service fund of more than 2 million yuan. Among thmillion和billion的区别em, Shenzhen Chaoren Golf Clneedyub donated 100,000 yuan to the two c圆通快递查询单号ommunity themed service month activities respectively, a total omillion怎么读英语f 200,000 yuan; Shenzhen Guandao Wine Co., Ltd. sponsored a group of sunset community theme service month activities & LDQUO; Five lakes throughout liquid &; Baijiu, worth 52,000 yuan. Shenzhen Lions club 59 service teams actively participated in this event, & LDquo; Guard the sunset ” Project will have taian, happinmillion怎么读英语ess, master chenggang, with small, red, silver lake, datong, shenyang, yantian, ovaltine 10 servmillion的意思ice to undertake a donation of 50000 yuan (above), the eaneedyounow翻译中文rth, grace,people英语怎么读 bijia mountain, yi, tiancheng, xinan, stakes, central district, shun hing, wutong mountain, nameplates, good taste, elite, inscrinearly什么意思ption nonyl, charity collection of 14 servneedy是粘人的意思吗ineedy是什么意思ce sponsor (donation of 10000 yuan of above); “ Gratepeople是可数名词还是不可数名词ful mother ” The project is undertaken by 6 service te元气骑士ams, including Tai ‘an, Caitian, Huaxiang, Tiande, Xinxing anearly英语nd OVERSEAS Chinese Town (donatiopeople币n over 50,000 yuan). Mooring love, jiangshan, blue sky,helped用英语怎么说 red libo, NSW, the earth, punch, xpeopleixiang, yi, before the mileage, hand in hand, land, sea, the Lord, fuyong, central district, baoan, Mr Fukudaneed有被动吗, the gold, namemillionplates, good taste, fairy lake, wutong mountain, elidonation怎么读te, business elite, bagua ling, the spring breeze, wally, leshan, is still gooddonation什么意思 with 29 sdonation动词ervice such as cooperative (donation of 10000 yuan of above), Itneedy是什么意思 provided strong support for the success ofnearly this event.

Then get comfort gold old man happy

        &nbspeople英语怎么读p;   At the launch ceremony, old pneed用法eople from Luohu district sat on round tablespeople翻译 covered with red cloth and chatted happily with friends of the lion. Mr. Huang said happily that he had received 2000 yuan and fruit from Shenzhen Lidonation是什么意思英语ons Club in Luohu Youth Activity Center in February 2013,millionaire是什么意思 and this was the second time. In January this year, I was very pleased to be informed that the Lions cdonationslub would hold another tea party a圆周率nd distribute New Year’s greetings.
&nbsyuanp;           At the yantian district donation ceremony, an 80-year-old old man took a lion friend by the hand and pointed to anothehelped的读音r lion friend of the Yantian圆通快递查询单号 Service team.needy是粘人的意思吗 I know him. He’s in the Lions clunearly和almostb. We see him every year when the Lions give out supplies. ”
            Lin Ziyu, thdonation怎么读e president of Shenzhen Lions Club, introhelped的英文d元气骑士uced that on January 23, 2013, shenzhen Lions Clubmillion and Luohu District Civil Affdonationsairs Bureau jointly carried out the activity of Caring for empty-nest old pemillionople, and distribumillion的用法ted consolation money and fruits to 198 old people, with a total serviceneedyounow歌曲 fund of more thdonation翻译an 400,000 yuan. In the planning. The Transmission of Love & Bull; Guard the sunsetdonation怎么读 ” During the month of communitpeople英语怎么读y service for emhelped的ed发什么音标pty-nesters, Shenzhen Lions Club contacted luohu Civil Affairs Bu原神reau at the first time and reached an agreement to prepare for this event. Today, seeingdonation动词 the old people around the round table, enjoying the sweet fruit, chatting excitedly, receiving red envelopes and gifts, I feel really happy and feel tnearly的用法hat all the efforts are worth it. “ The Transmissi原来我是修仙大佬on of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” The community theme service month raised a total of 1 milliopeoplesn yuandonations是什么意思, hoping that the little love gathdonation什么意思ered together can help the elderpeoplesly and send them a New Year’s blessing.

Expanpeoplesd support groups to focus onearly造句n single mothers

          &元气骑士nbsp; “ I feel very warm in my heart to participate in today’s activities. ” Xie told the SPECIAL Zone newspaper that a few years ago, her husband died of illness, and she was left alone to raise her son, who lived in Donghu Street with her. Due tmillionaireo her older age, Xie did not have a formal job, relying on part-time jobs to make a living, such as supermardonation可数吗ket sales promoternearlys. Last year, Xie’s son entered college, which sparked new hope in her life. “ Now ALL I want is for my speople翻译on to finish college so that things will get better for our family. ” Xie said her son took a winter job at Pizza Hut to earn some pocket money in order to relieve the pressure. Mother Xie participa圆通快递ted in the lions club achelped用英语怎么说tivity for tneed用法和搭配he first time, after coming to the scene, she felt the enthupeople的复数形式siasm and sincerity of the lions club. “ The Lions club is like fapeoplemily to me. ” “Xie’s mother choked up, the corner of her eyes also burst into tears. She said she would do more volunteer workneed用法 in the future to pass on her love.  
            A simillion的意思ster Shi was affected by the atmosphere of the sce圆周率ne and said that it is not easy to be a single mother. She will donate a batch of materials to the single mothers who will help them to have a happy year.
            President Linearlyn Ziyu said that mothers are half the sky of a family, while single mothers support a family with their thin bnearly的用法odies. Their hmillionusband or divorce, or early death, but no matter how unfortunate family, no matter how hardmillion的意思 the life, no matter how helpless heart, they always unyielding, wamillionaire是什么意思lk with, with persistent belief, industrious hands make themselves and their cdonation怎么读hildren belong to the hepeople的复数形式aven ahelped的ed发什么音标nd earth, with practical action to prove the women do not let man’s ma缘之空sculinity, worthy of admiration. I hope that through this activity, more people can pay attention to this difficult group, help mothers and give their children wings to fly. “ The Transmission of Love & Bull; Grateful mnearly同义词other &rdqudonation什么意思o; A total of 950,000 yuan haneed用法和搭配s been raised inpeople是单数还是复数 the community service month activity, hoping thhelpedat this spark will warm mothers and brighten their children’s future.

Community service spreads love

            At the launchingmillionaire ceremony, Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Chaoren Golf Clubnearly造句 and Shenzhen Guandao Wine Co., Ltd. visited 195 empty nesters and 75 singlepeople是单数还是复数 mothers in Luohu district, and distributed a total of 540,000 yuan and materials worth 30,000 yuan.
      &nbsppeople怎么读;     On the afternoon of the samillion和billion的区别me day, the activity of community theme service month also visited 65 elderly people and 43 single motherneed音标s in Yantian District, and ddonation动词形式istributed a total ofdonation可数吗 216,000 yuan of condolence money. Later, we wimillion是什么意思英语ll visit the elderly and single mothers in Xinan, Xixiang, Fuyong, Shajing, Songgang and Shiyaneed音标n streetsneed有被动吗 in Nanshan district and Bao ‘an District from November 11 tmillion翻译o 12nearly和almost, and send them anearly和hardly区别 New Year’s gift to carry out the care to the end.people是单数还是复数
 people是单数还是复数       &nbshelpedp; &nbmillionairesp; Guo Xiaodong, representativpeople英语怎么读e of Shdonations怎么读enzhen Chao R元尊en Golf Club, said that shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club is enthusiastic about helping others. This time, through the platform of Shenzhen Lions Club, we care for empty nesters and single mothers and do our part. We will continnearly怎么读ue to helpmillion是什么意思英语 more people in the future.
            Luohu District Civil Affairs Bureahelped的意思u,million和billion的区别 Yantian District Civil Affairs Bureau and Yantian District Women’s Federation presented the flags todonation动词形式 Shenzhen Lions Club anhelped的ed发什么音标d Shenzhemillion的用法n Chao Ren Golf Club respectively, thanking them for caring for the elderly and helping mothers in need before the Spring Festival.
            Luohu distrimillionsct people’s deputmillion翻译y district chief ZhuangRuiNing official said, thanearly造句nk you very much in shenzhen lions actively care lo wu district empty-nesters, single mothers, people with disabilities, such as low-income residents groups, to carry out outdoor outing, theatridonation翻译cal perforpeople英语怎么读mances, material symdonation动词pathy, various forms of support activities such as lion love lunch, is the official pryuanovider, for the masses and transfer servimilliondoll动漫ces communityhelped的读音 positive energy. We hope that the Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club and other non-governmental organizations will continue to carry forward the Ch原神inese nation. Helping the poor, respecting and lovin圆周率g the elderly, caring for motheryuans ” The traditional virtues for more community people do good, do practical thpeople可数吗ings. At the same time, we also hope that more caring people, enterprisehelped是什么意思英语s and social organizations will join thpeople币e ranks of serving others.  
            Su Zneedyeraneedy是什么意思n, vice pnearly造句resident of Lions Association of China, affirmed the community service activities carried out by Lions Club of Shenzhen, and hoped that Lionsmillion怎么读英语 Club of Shenzhen would conearly什么意思ntinue to offer love and inspire more caringnearly造句 peonearly翻译ple to join the charity service team.
            Shi Jianyong, secondpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词 Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, & LDquo; The Transmis元尊sion of Love & Bull; Guard the sunset ” , & other The Transmiss圆通快递ion of Love & Bull; Grateful mother &rdqneedyounow歌曲uo; It is the Lions Club of Shenzhen. Passing on love ” Two of a series of community service month activit元素周期表ies. In September 2014, Shenzhen Lions Cludonation动词b launnearly什么意思ched & LDQUO; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Light up hope ” 56 community service activities for poverty alleviahelpedtion, involving more tnearly的用法han 900 lion friends, with service funds of more than 1.3 million yuan and more than 6,000 beneficiaries; In December 2014 & LDquo; The Transmissipeopleon of Love & Buldonation什么意思l; Embrace angels ” There were 64 monthly activities of community service for the disabled, with more than 1,000 peoplhelped的读音e participating in the service. The service fund was more than 1millionaire是什么意思.4 milneed用法和搭配lion yuan, and the number of beneficiarieshelped的ed发什么音标 was more than 5,700.

By Su Zhuangbin & NBSP; Photo/Lin Ze Yun Lin Wenjie


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