Single mother gets help and empty nester gets care (source: Shenzhen Business Daily B05 edition)

Luo Hu start & LDquo; Passing on love ” Community Service Month
Single mothers get help and empty nesters get care

       empty怎么读     [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Intern Wang Hao reporter Wang Doutian) & LDhelp怎么读quo; Transfer of Love & Middot; Guard the sunset ” , & other Trsource车上按键什么意思ansfer of Love & Middot; Grateful mother ” The launching ceremony of communimotheringty Thyesterday什么意思eme Service monsingleth and Donation ceremony of Luohu District was held in multi-functisource车上按键什么意思on hasource引擎ll of district Committee building yesterday.

            Organized by luohu District Civempty反义词il Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Liongets翻译s Clyesterday怎么读英语ub and Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club, the event invited 75 single mothers and 195 empty-nesters to participate.

            Zhuang Rucareer翻译ining, deputy深圳市最新疫情 head of Luohu District, said luohu district was the first one in Shenzhen, with a concentration of laid-off workers and empty-nesters. Passing on love ” Thehelped theme of community service Month is to continue the caring action for a long time, through the off深圳地铁线路图icial departments to build a platform, mobilize thsources是什么文件夹eshenzhen social love powercareer翻译, tsourcehe active participation of public welfare organizatiohelpful是什么意思ns, to provide all kinds of effective help for the disadvantaged groups.

            In the actyesterday once moreivity, leaders of Luohu District, lion friends of Shenzhen Liocarelessns Club and members of hipster Club talked with empty nesters anempty反义词d single mothers, drank hot tmotherhoodea and exchanged warm greetings with each other. Siemptyngle msingle怎么读othersource命令s and empty-nestemotherboardrs received 2,000 yuan in red envelosources是什么文件夹pes and gifts each. It is rgetseportsource命令ed tsources是什么文件夹hat in 2013, shenzhen Lions Club andgets怎么读 Luohu District Civil Affairs Bureau for the first time launched. Red lion suit & middot; Guard the sunset ” The project of Caring for empty-nester elderly families has provided help to 200 empty-nester elderly with extremcarefreeely poor household registration in Luohu District and achieved good results.

            It was launnester是什么意思ched yesterday. Passing on love ” Communsource insightity themed service moshenzhennth activities provide more extensive and deeper services, extending the trcare是什么意思ansmission of love tgets函数o single m深圳风险等级others with dihelpingfficult family conditions, and providing assistance to the recipsource命令ients from four aspects of economy, psychology, life and maternester是什么意思ial. Next, shenyesterday歌词zhen Lions Clubempty and Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club will launch this activity in Nanshan, Yantian, Bao ‘an and other places.

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