Notice | about shenzhen lions leadership training enrolment notification from 2018 to 2019

Notice | about shenzhen lions leadership training enrolment notification from 2018 to 2019

Dear Servicenrollment是什么意思e team leaders,

Everybody is good!

In order to better promote the new momentum of lion Show, based on the mission of "eabouttime免费观看mpowering volunteers to serve their communities", the lectuaries have designed and preptraining怎么读ared a wondeleadership翻译rful course feast for everyone. The 2018-2019 Leadership Training class has begun to register, so that everyone can improve the leadership of Lion Club, promote ltraining什么意思ion friendship and enjotraining什么意思y the htraining什么意思appiness of growleadership的四种类型th. Tnotification是什么文件夹he relevant matters are hereby notified anotification翻译s follows:

I. Training Time:From September 7th to September 9th, 2018

Ii. Tralions的音标ining Location:Around Shenzhen (tnoticeableo be further informed aftenotice翻译r conftraining造句简单irmation)

Iii. Training Costs:Each lion club member will pay 800 yuan, the rest of the cost will be bnotification是什么文件夹orne by the Shenzhen L深圳地铁线路图ions Club. If living in a single rotraining造句om, the room price difference is also bnotifications翻译orne babout是什么意思y the individual. Single room difference: 400 yuan.

Iv. Degree Setting:60 (tentative)

V. Registration requirements:

1. Only current service team captains can apply;

2. Applicants who have participated in previous leadership training sessions of Lions Club shenzhen are not accepted.

Vi. Adnotificationsmission Methods:

1. Admission is based on the order of application under the same conditions.

2. When the number of applicants far exceeds the number of applicants, the district Executive Council will select the best applicants according toenrollment the standards of regular payment of membership dues and深圳 membership retention rate.

Vii. Registration Time:

In 2018,12:00 noon, August 6 to 12:00 noon, Augabout怎么读ust 10Please fill in the attached application form in detail, take a photo or scan the application form with youenrollment和register的区别r signature, and send it tnotification是什么文件夹o unotice的固定搭配s by emailions的音标lEmail address: sheleadership的四种类型

(Note: Incomplete informati深圳市最新疫情on may affect admission. Please complete the form completely. During the registration period, the email address olionsf the Senotification和notice的区别minar will be jointly managetraining是什么牌子d by the Admissienrollment和enrolment区别ons Office of the Selions怎么读minar and the director of tshenzhenhe District Cabout怎么读语音ommittee. Download and file)

Viii. Payment method

After receiving the adminotice的形容词ssion notice, please transfer the tratraining怎么读ining fee to the account of the district Council.

Payment method: Transfer or wetraining什么意思chat pay (Huashi online);

Alionsgateccount Name: Shenzhen Lenrolmentions Club;

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch;

Accounleadership怎么读t number: 7913 0155 2600 00178 (please splions翻译ecify the深证指数 purpoabout是什么意思se of paymennotification中文意思t in the postscript).

Financial coabouttime免费观看ntact:training衣服品牌 Guo Lizhi, tel: 25688550

Ix. Special Notes:

1. Enrollment is limited.

2. During the training period, full participation is required, otherwise it will affect tnoticehe graduation.

X. If you have any questions, please contact the director of this training course directly:Jiang Xiezhen, deputy head of the lecture group, tel: 13510356990.

Eleven, warm reminder:

To avoid resource waste, has not completed all the courses for admission by the lion friends please alions怎么读pply on August 31, so that alternate lion friends join in time, otherwise the cost of training will not be paid back, at the same time will be recorded in the branch credit files, this behavabout怎么读语音iour is likely to affect branch to the lion friends send class service provided by the service.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support,enrollment是什么意思 and please cotraining是什么意思英语ntinue to pay attention to our other training activities in the future.

Nottraining是什么意思英语ice is hereby given.

Attachment深圳疫情: Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Leadership Training Application Form (click to download thnotice过去式e attachment)

Shenzhen Lions Club

2018-2019 President: Ma Min


Augustraining衣服品牌t 6, 2018

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