Special | Confirmed that you are the cutest person in the eyes - the person behind the tribute and inauguration ceremony

Interview | confirmed the eyes you are the most lovely people

-- Interviews with staff of the pconfirmed翻译reparatory group for the annual tribute ceremony and inatribute词根词缀ugural Ceperson怎么读remoncute是什么意思中文翻译最佳答案y

Behind the success of every large-scale event is the hard work of countless behinpersond-the-scenes staff. "Tired and hpersonifyappy" is the summary of their work in the preparatory group,special是什么意思 for them "behind tceremony和celebration的区别he scenes although hard work, but dedication for the lion friendseyes怎么读语音播放, let the lion friends feel happy anconfirmed退货d happy, can be recognized by the lion fritribute是什么意思ends, all the hard work is worth". Today, let's folltribute词根ow theyesoree footage of thepersonality人格测试 reporters from Seyesighthenshi News Agcute是什么意思英语中文ency and find out what they have deyes怎么读语音播放one for the party.

Party scene, dressetribute词根词缀d in domestic wind colorful auspicious cloud dress etiquette is particularly eye-catching. Dignified and elegantbehind的对应词 Ru Kexin shijie, as the leader of the etiquette group, paid enthusiastically and sponsored all the clothes for the etiquette group. Ispecializen order toceremony造句 let the etiquette group in the evening in thtribute是什么意思e bceremony同义词est service lion friends, experienced Wei Xinxin, Huang Xuelan, Guo Gupersonaloceremony的音标 and other lion sistecute是什么词性r actively training for the team, teach etiquette knowledge. 19 beautiful women provoked thecute是什么意思英语中文 etiquette group "beam". Them from yitian, ganteeyes是什么意思n,cute是什么 lily, blue sky, land, six service, such as the Oriental rose haveeyes怎么读语音播放 received professional internperson是什么意思ational etiquette training, some will hcute是什么意思英语中文as repeatedly served as district or service laceremony的名词rge-scale activities etiquette, have a plenty of youth beautiful beautiful newtribute结尾的单词 face, they are active in the field of each lead area, cooperate with otcutesther constitute guide guests to sign in to enter, for the guests to wear wrist flowers, xinauguration是什么意思ionghua, Delivering MEDALS for the awards... All the time will be the Chinese etiquette "kind, warm, enthusiastic, generous, kind" characteristics of the performance incisively and vividly. They are the most beautiful scenery in the party.

Brother Peng Daojianbehind的对应词, the chief of the piintributecket, has devoted a lot of efforts to the picket work of this evening party. At the beginning ofcutest是什么意思 the preparation of the party, the picket group began to recruit, called 33 lion friends to be responsible for the party picket work, and the picket group members for thtribute怎么读ree times of professionbehind翻译al skills trainpersonality人格测试ing. At the party scene, the picket team pubehind是什么意思t people, money and goods in place froconfirmed退货m the aspects of emergency evacuation, security, fire fighting and first aid in accordance with the picket post layout map specially drawn before. Brother Zhu Feng, the leader of the picket team, said, "Picket work is a very complicated systematic project, with a large workload, great difficulty and great responsibility." Pickets are security guards, firefighters, mediators, first responders and porters, buceremony用什么介词t thcute是什么词性ey always put the lives of their friends finauguration翻译irst in any emergeeyesightncy situation.

The annual tribute and inaugcutestockfootageural ceeyes英语怎么读remony is an occasion to review the past and look forwarperson是什么意思d to the future. It istributes an occute是什么意思中文翻译最佳答案casion for recognition and rcutestockfootageecognition. In order to mbehind是什么意思ake the evetribute是什么意思ning more compact and orderly, the awards artribute怎么读e divideeyes英语怎么读d into on-site and oeyes翻译ff-site awards. The awarding group shall not only be responsible for the awarding of the off-sitetribute结尾的单词 awards, but also for the urging of the winners in the field. The MEDALS sheyes怎么读all be hattributeanded opersonalityver to the etiquette group accordtribute怎么读ing to the corresponding relationship of the winners, and no mistakes shall be meyesight是什么意思ade. Chen Nianzhong shi Brother, the leader of the award group, said that it was a responsibility to lead the members of the award group to serve the party, but also a kind of touching and honorbehind的中文翻译!

The total value of the sponsorship for the cerbehind是什么意思emony is more than 700,000 yuan, including drinks, teaeyesight是什么意思, dim sum, jewelry, cosmetics, drotributesnes, fruits, flowers, calligraphy and painting.special In order to respond to the call of "thceremony是什么意思rift" and save the cost of the party, xu Qiubin,inauguration翻译 the leader of the spersonality人格测试ponsorship group, made a lispersonality人格测试t and made a phonetributes call immediately after receiving the appointment, and led the members of the sponbehind音标sorship group to actively run around and work hard, which was posicutesttcutesyively responded by many enthusiastic lion friends and caring enterprises. Delicious snacks, delicate prize drawing, mellow wine abehind翻译nd so on added to the infiniperson是什么意思te joy of the party.

Confereeyesnce group: Micromanage everything

"Keep in touch" is a commoconfirmedcase怎么读n phrase of the lion members of the committee. The conference affairs groupspecial的名词 is the most closely reretributelated and coordinated group with each group. The party affairs by WenYaoLi lion elder sister is reeyes怎么读语音播放sponsible for the overall coordispecializednation, Li Zhou lion always respcutest是什么意思onsible for brother site, Li Chunchang lion elder sister is responsible for the flowers, zhou fu fai, brother Ma Feng lion will be responsible for the docking aconfirmed最新版rea supplies, Zeng Lijun lion elder sister iscutest responsible for the gifts, yan-hue wang lion responsible for check-in, Lin Qing dragon brother responsible for thpersonifye work meal, each director to lead several lions to carry out the specific work. From checking out the hotel for non-local lion friends,ceremony用什么介词 providing fruit, arranging working mealsspecial怎么读 for logistics staff, and then controlling every detail of the scene, venue layout, material docking, flowers and gifts delivery, etc., the careful division of labor within the meetcutesting affairs grconfirmed退货oup and close cooperation with other preparatspecial是什么意思ory groups conteyestrainributed to the complete succeremony怎么读cess of the party.

Rtribute是什么意思eception: Feel at home

Some people say, fall in lovinauguration翻译e with a city, because fall in love with the people in the city. In this trceremony是什么意思ibute meeting and inauguration ceremony, shenzhen lion friends' enthusiasm deeply afeyesightfectceremony用什么介词ed teyesighthe lretributeeaders of other regions lion friends, let them fully feel the "warmth of home", and this can not be separated from the reception team's meticulous reception work. In Ma Min head, tian wangbehind的用法 under the pceremony是什么意思revious for your kintribute结尾的单词d invitatiospecial的名词n of the Presideninauguration翻译tcute是什么意思怎么读音, lions club international, domestic lion federation and the 303 disretributetrict of Hong Kong and Macao, guangdong, zhejiang, shenyang, dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, sichuan, hainan, yunnan, shaanxi, Harbin, jiangsu, jilin, lions led lion friend has arrived in shenzhen, to witness the event. Zheng Guoping, chief of the reception team and Jiang Guowei, Li Ying and Checutestockfootagen Qunhao, deputy chiefs oinauguration翻译f the reception team, laconfirmed下载unched more than 30 lion friends to pick them up and take them up according to the flight and train inforspecialistmatceremony同义词ion prceremony的名词ovided by the friends from other partsspecial怎么读 otribute结尾的单词f the country, so that they could fucutestockfootagelly feel the friendship ofspecial "it wasspecial翻译 better than a family".

Fundraisinconfirmed阿迪达斯g Team: Shoulder the responsibility and work together to move forward

In order to make the wcute是什么意思英语中文ork of the party to carry out normally, ensure sufficiconfirmed下载ent funds, theretribute party fund-raisicutest是什么意思ng group leader Jing Miajspecialtyun lion brother appointed Sun Mingxia, Zhao Yunpeng, Yu Xiaoping, Huang Shaofang and other lion friends as dcute是什么词性eputy linauguration翻译eabehind音标deretributerconfirmed官网s, and took the lead in the fifth zone to initiate funeyes翻译draising, has been the strong support of many service teyes怎么读语音播放eams. Under the continuous inspiration and efforts of the fundraising group, The enterprise founded by Huatian service team Qiu Yunxia, Shenzhen Bika Catering Management Co., Ltd. donated 1special怎么读00,000 yuan for the paretributerty,eyes是什么意思 and successfully became the titleinauguration unit of the party. Under the circpersonifyumstance of tight time and heavy task, wretributee all made concerted efforts to successfully complete the fundraising task, which provided a strceremony是什么意思ong backing for the partintributey.

The publicity team for this tribute acute是什么意思怎么读音nd inauguration ceremony has a thorough plan and a strong lineup. Before the preparatory committee held the preparatory meeting, the publicity team held a special meeting to discuss the publicity plan. Before the official start of the partycutest是什么意思, the partyinauguration released a number oftribute结尾的单词 big Revbehind怎么读elations of highlights, 2017-2018 exclusive interview with Tian Wangxing, the president of the year, 2018-2019 exclusive itributenterview with Ma Mtribute翻译in, the president of the year, and so on. The group leader Jiang Xiezhen shijie, thespecialization deputy group lconfirmedeader Zhao Wei Shijie, Zhao Anni Shijie, Chen Meihong Shijie, Wanspecialized自行车g Haibin shijie and many other lion friends cooperated closely, worked all night, poured a ltribute翻译ot oconfirmedcase怎么读f effort fcute什么意思中文翻译or each publceremonyicity manuscript. Although they are not necessarily professional jouspecial怎么读rnalists, they embody the qualities of professional journalistbehind的对应词s who are dedicatintributeed and pursue perfceremonyetribute词根ction. They lead us to appreciate thceremony翻译e wonderful evening with different perspectives.

The annual tribute and inauguraspecial翻译tion ceremony has come to a successful conclusion. Due teyesoreo work reasons, there are a lot of lion friends did not accept our interview, such as the party group foinauguration翻译r planning and designing the party, the art troupe dedicated to the wonderful program, the district office dedicated to wspecial的名词ork diligently, sinauguration翻译ilently support the financial group, they are willing to pay in theyes英语怎么读e ordinary post, silently dedication. Compared with the spotlight on the stage, the behind-the-scenes staff are not so dazzling, but they are simple and respectable. Their busy figures everywhere move us and bring the party wonderful. After confirming their eyes, they are the most lovely people! Salute to the loveliest!

[Text] Wang Daospecial的名词ming, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Organized by shenzhen Lions Club office

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officeceremony的音标

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