Caring for veterans and helping the poor and helping the students — Shenzhen Lions Club launched a charity walk in Zunyi called “100 team Club lions · Lions Walk the Long March”

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and to present a gift to the motherland, Shenzhen lion Chinese businessman, yantian, zhongtpoor是什么意思中文ian, happiness, he wclub用英语怎么说ill, matsuoka, silver lake, thwalke path, HuaYue, xinan, c深圳疫情harity collection, love, classic, pine torcheshelpingothersmakesmehappy, maccaringro, Yang, Orien深证指数tal rose 2caringly3 a service such as lions, friends and social pcaring怎么读ersonage love 7caring是什么意思0 people travel to gu深圳疫情最新消息izhou zunyi in line, “the team will lion lion long march road” zunyi clions读音haritable public welfare activity, consolation money donated to the old red army man, Donated school uniforms, schclub怎么读oolbags and electronic teaching supplielionss to schools icaring翻译n old revolutionary base areas, and donatewalkd sympveteran翻译at深圳疫情hy money tveterano poor students with a service fund of 600,000 yuan.

Departure group photo. JPG

Former Supervisor Su Zeran, 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, former President Dai Tongxin, Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian, Chairman Yi Shumilions翻译n深圳大学 of The fourth District, Chairman Zhang Zheqin of the sixth District, Executive Chairmen Yu Xiaoping and Zhang Fulong of the Student Servicesclubmed Committee, The project leaders lian Chuhai alions是什么意思nd Wstudents翻译u Jian, iwalkerncluding 70 lion friepoor翻译ndsveteran, their families and Ma Xueyu, prstudents是单数还是复数esident of Shantouveteran是什么意思 Peace Charity Fraternity Association, participated in the activity.

Due to its geographical location, as of early 2019, Zunyi still had 42 povstudents英语怎么说erty-stricken villages, with 132,400 people living in poverty. The 23 service teams chose Zunyi as the funding location, hoping to contribute their share in the country’s poverty alleviation batpooresttle. After nearly a day’s journey, we arrived in zunyi in the evening of 15th, and accompanied b深圳疫情最新动态y the relevant comrades of Zunyi Cpoor怎么读ity veteran cadres Bureau, watched and learned the large-scale sitcomstudentss “Great Turning point”, understand zunyi conference, Sidu Chishui, Loushiguan and other major historical events and their great spirit, benefit a lot.club是什么酒

Great turning point. JPG

First stop: Loushanguan Red Army Pclub怎么读rimary Sch深圳天气ool

16, 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the vice minispoorlyter of municipal party committee orpoorganization, director of bureau of retired veteran cadres G深圳大学ong Guanglin, city closestudents的中文s working committee, deputy di深圳疫情最新动态rector of the standing Ren Qixian deputy researcher, city university of elderly LengJun, istudents是单数还是复数novance zo深证指数ne closes working committee, deputy director zhou jian-zhong, Mao Lingli, dpoorestistrict elderly university Presidenhelpingothersmakesmehappyt Chen, the district education bureau deputy dirwalk是什么意思ector Yang jie and other leaders, lion frie深圳市最新疫情nds one line twalko tcaring英语he tianshanlions的音标 red深证指数 army primary school to carhelping怎么读的ry out educational activities, Donated 800 sets of school uniforms, 400 bags, 400 umbrellas and a set of LED elclubmed官网预订ectronic display equipment worth 151,800 yuan to the children of Red Army primary School.

Weng Hua, chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Club, saidclubs that over the past 18 years, underlionsgate the gclub怎么读uidance of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedewalk翻译ration and Domestic Lions’ Asslions怎么读ociation, Shenzhen Lions Club has activelystudents英语怎么说 carried out public welfare services such as poverwalk是什么意思ty alleviation, asspoor反义词istance to the disabled andhelpingothersmakesmehappy education for students, and its love has traveled all over Chincaringlya. The reason why it came to Red Army Primary Schostudents’dormitory翻译ol to carry out educat深圳大学ion activities is to express its admiration for the old revolutionary base area. At theveteran翻译 same time, he thanked the teachers for their dedication, teaching and hard work. Lian Chuhai, leader of the Chelping.是什么意思hinese Businpoor音标ess Service Team, said that深圳市最新疫情 the Chinese business Service team will carry forward thstudents是单数还是复数e “Lwalk是什么意思ion Walk along the Long March road” project, visit the old Red Army along the Long Marchveteran Road, carry out educational activities, and strive to cwalk的过去式reate better learning conditions for the children of the Red Army primary school.


Later, Vice Milionsnister Gong Gucaring是什么意思anglin, Deputy Director Ren Qixian and other leaders praised shenzhen Lions Club for its dedication to public welfare, calling on all sectorlion是什么意思中文翻译s of society to pay attention towalk the healthy growt深圳地铁线路图h of yveteransoung people and hold up the sun of tomorrow with both hands. The student representathelpingourparents课文翻译ive expressed his gratitude and said that he would live up to theveteran中文意思 expectations of the community, study hard and work hard,深圳天气 and repay thwalk是什么意思e society with excellent results.

Later, President Weng Hua, General leaclub翻译der Lian Chuhai, Vice Director Repoor是什么意思n Qixian and Vice Minister Gong Guanglin opened the LED elechelpingourparents课文翻译tronic display in the Red Moral Estudents是单数还是复数ducation theme hall of the Red Army Primary Schoolcaring英语. Huichuan districcaring和careful区别t Educatiopoorn bureau, district customs cveteran是什么意思ommittee to shenzhen lions cclub是什么酒lub presented the banner. Shenzhen Lions Club presented “Lion March rolions翻译ad” towalking是什么意思 Red Armcaring和careful区别y Primary School in Loushanglions英语怎么读uan, Zunyi charity walk co-c深证指数onstruction unit plaque.

Second stop: Suiyang County Broad Town

16 afternoon, “lion Long March road” Zunyi charity public welfare team without a stop, soldiers divided four roads, respectively to Zunyi City Suiyang County Broad town, Wuchuan Gelao Miao Autonomous county Zhenjiang village, Zunyi County Bozhou Fengxiang town nursing home, Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine ancaring和careful区别d elderly nursing center toveteran中文意思 carrwalking是什么意思y out care activ深圳疫情最新消息ities.

Accompanied bystudents英语怎么读 lenstudents的中文g Jun deputy researcher, the fipoorrst team came to Broad town Broad middle School, broad primary school to carry out donation activities. All the teachers and grade 9 students of Hong Kong Middle School warmly welcomed the lions and put on red scarvespoorly for them. Zhanstudents18g Fulong, executive chairman of student Educaveteran是什么意思tion Service Committee, Gao Rui, executive chairman of Shenshi Newpoor是什么意思中文s Agency, astudents’dormitory翻译nd Zhang Juclub翻译nhong, Chinese business Service team, as representatives, donated 380 earphoneclub是什么意思s and 600 umbrhelping翻译ellas to the children, 1,000 yuan of grants to eveteran怎么读ach of 20 poor stuclubdents, and 87,200 yuan ostudentsf service funds, and presented a board of “co-buveteran是什么意思ilt unit” to The Broad Middle School.

Later, tcaringlyhe first detachmenveteranst drove to Honghe Village, a poverty-stricken village in The country, to visit nine veteran soldiers and their familiewalkslions怎么读 and distrclubmanibute 18,000 yuan of condolencpoor是什么意思e money to themclubmed. Zhou Yicheng, a retired chelpingomrade inwalk his 70s, said with emoticaring和careful区别oncaring英语, “Thank the Partyshenzhen and the country for not forgetting them, thank the caring people for their care, all their efforts for the country are worthwhilepoor是什么意思中文!”


Third stop: Wlions是什么意思uchuan Gelao Miao Autonomous County, Zhenjiang Village

Qi-bo zhangveteran怎么读, deputy director, deep lionhelping怎么读的 news agency executive chairman mei-hong Chen, transit shelping怎么读的ervice captapoor名词in afterglow nearly five hours to drive frompoorer nearly 300 kilometers olions读音f the busineclubss benefits miao autonomous county of sichuan keveteranslao zhenjiang village primary school, comclubmedpletely to the students donated 378 vice heastudents怎么读dphones, 300 umwalk怎么读brella for English listening, 22 to poorclubs students donatcaringlyed 1000 yuan per per深圳地铁线路图son, The service fundveteran is 94,504 yuan, and the plaque of “co-constructionwalkmaster unit” is presented to the primary school. In order to express our gratitude, Zhenjiang WANSu Primary Sch深圳大学ool presented apoorer banner to Shenzhen Lions Club. Wu Xiaostudentsbo, the student representhelping.是什么意思ativeveterans, thanked thwalkse loving personage and called on all the studentwalks to keep in mind the kindness oclubfclub dripping in their study and life, study hardpoor翻译 and repay the help of loving personage with excellent results.

The lion friends also distributed 2,000 yuan to each of 23 old veterans and party mecaring翻译mbers in Zhenjiang village, with a service fund of 46,000 yuan. Zhang Qibo,caring是什么意思 deputy directopoor怎么读r of Zunyi Laogan Bureau, Ren Mifangwalks, Wang Yong, deputy mayor of Nveteran是什么意思igao Town, And Chen Fugui, Secretary of Zhhelpingourparents课文翻译enjiang Community witnessed the donation awalkmasterctivity. Zhastudents英语怎么说ng Qibo, deputy director, said that the lion fwalksriends’ donation is not only a material help to Zhenjiang village, but ahelping翻译lso a spirstudents是单数还是复数itual inspiration. He thankclubmaned the liclub怎么读on friends for giving the childrenpoor怎么读 a vivid love education lesson.


The foustudents翻译rth stop: Fengxiang Town Nur深圳疫情最新动态sing hohelpingothersmakesmehappyme, Bozhou Discaring是什么意思中文trict, Zunyi County

Underveteran怎么读 the leadership of President Wenghelping Hua, the third team came to the Fengxiang Town nclub用英语怎么说ursing home ipoorlyn Zunyi City, and sent materials worth 26,000 yuan to the old people. Afterwards, we visited the exhibition hall and the site of the Gouba Conference, and reviewed the historicawalk是什么意思l steps of the Gouba Cveteran是什么意思onference and the Red Army’s Sandu and Sidu Chpoor怎么读ishui battles. Then, they visited Huamao Village and went deep into the “Red House”. They reviewed the spirit of the impstudents的中文ortant instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping durinstudents’uniong hcaring是什么意思中文is inspection inhelpingourparents课文翻译 Huamao Villageclubman in 2015, and felt the changes brought by national policies to pewalksople’s lives.

Fifth stop: Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and nursing cecaring怎么读nter for the elderly

In zunyi closes working committee chief Li Yanyun, chai深圳rmlions翻译中文an of the sixth pa深圳疫情rtition Zhang Zheqin, charity collection service captain xiao-ping yu, Chinesepoor是什么意思中文 GFS financialveteran SheHanwalk的过去式Jiang to zunyi hospital and深证指数 rehabilitation center for the elderly, condolenclub翻译ce深证指数s to 16 old soldielions读音rs, the red army’veteran翻译s wshenzhenidowveteran翻译,poor音标 reclub是什么意思tired veteran cadres, and to donate 2000 yuan solatium and 4800 yuan worth of supplies, services for 36800 yuan.

“Lion line long march road” project is the shenzhen lionscaring, 2019-2020 annual “best team lion” top ten projects, is put forward by the Chinese service in the beginning of a team service projects, aimedlion是什么意思 at the red army long march routeveteran中文意思, tpoorero the second – and third-tier cities and poor arecaringas to revisit “the long march spirit,” care for veterans and some who, to help poor students better finish school, And to establish “lion schools” where therehelpingourparents课文翻译 is a need to make their due contribution to the “new Long March” proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. This event achieved a complete success, especially深圳疫情 thanks to lian Chuhai, Pan Shengquan, Wu Jian, Dai Jialin, Lai Shaobin, Xia Shuang, Chen Rongshi, Gan Deqiang, Zhang Junhong, Zhang Feihong, She Hanjiang, Wu Shengjin anstudents’uniond other lion friends for their help and support.

As General Secretary Xi pointed out, “Each generation has its ostudents是三单吗wn long March, and each generatpoorlyion must walk its own long march well.” Review the glorious course of the Long March of the Red Army, we will remain tr深圳疫情最新消息ue to our original aspiralions是什么意思tion and forge ahead……

Team 100 Lion Project Co-organizer Service Team:Shenzhclub是什么酒en, yantian, happiness, peace, lion Lord will yi lu, datopoor翻译ng, checkpoint, lotstudents18us, nameplates, good taste, joint, shell, Victorwalkmasteria towers, yitian, red libhelpingothersmakesmehappyo,深圳 virwalkmantues, diwang, minteq, love, carecaring和careful区别er, xinan, fuyong, mileage, tiancheng, matsuoka, shenyang, child, licaring怎么读uzhou, alelion是什么意思中文翻译x, shenzhou, mooring love, Chinese ent深圳大学repreneurs, macro Yang, charity collection, splendid, the path深圳疫情 and dream, tycaring翻译 Lstudents英语怎么说ai, Sunshine, Huahan, Pingdi, Jiangshan, Oct and other 73 service teams

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Gao Rui

[Photo] Chen Meihong, Shenshi News Agency; cell

[Edit] Chenclub怎么读 Meihong, Shenshi News Agency; Zhao Anni & have spent

      Office Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Linpoor音标 Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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