“Passing on Love · Guarding the Sunset” and “Passing on Love? “Thanksgiving mother” community theme service month activity into Nanshan and Bao ‘an

The community themed service month activities of “Passing on Love, guarding the sunset” and “Passing on Love, Thanbypassingking Mothemotherhoodrs” were held in Nanshan and Bao ‘an

Following the launch of “Passing onservice的名词 Love, protecting the sunset” and “Passinmother是什么意思g on Love, Thanksgiving for Mothers” in Luohucommunity怎么读音 district and Yantianguarding是什么意思英语 Disthanksgiving是什么节日trict on February 10, the caring activities of community theme sermotherlyvice month went into Nanshan District and Xin ‘an Street and Xixiang Street of Baservice是什么意思o ‘an District to carrylovely什么意思 out condolences respectively on February 11. 39 empty-nesters and 105thanksgiving single mothers were respectively given 2,000 yusunset翻译an as condolence money, totalingservice和serve的区别 288,000 yuan. The event wasservice initsunset微信名意味着什么iated by Shetheme动词用法nzhen Lionthanksgiving days Club and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Luohusunset District Civil Affairs Bureau, Nanshan District Civil Apassing怎么读ffairs Bureau, Yantian District Civil Affairs Bureau, Bacommunity怎么读音o ‘an District Civil Affairs Bureau, Yantian District Women’s Federation, Bao ‘anservice的名词 District Womenserviceable‘s Federation and Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club.
At 10 a.m., a donation ceremony was held in the meeting room of Nanshan Civil Affaipassenger翻译rs Bureau for the community theme service month of “Love passing • Thanksgiving forthanksgiving是什么节日 Mothers”. Condolence money and red wine were distributed to 62 single mothers in difficulty. Liang Qinlove最新版官方下载song, deputy investigator of Nanshan District Civil Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen lions club President Lin Ziyu, second deputy ShiJianYong President and the secretary-general Zethemed翻译ngsunset微信名意味着什么 Shi, deputy secretary-general takasu, deputy secretary-general Tang Shihuang, chairman of the fifth partition Zhang Zhihe, the President’s salary as 14, and 15 parservicebiotition Chen Shuhuan, communithemed翻译ty service, chairman of the commthanksgiving怎么读英语ittee chamotherhoodirman Li Feng and various service representatives, ntheme下载anshan district single mother, a total of more than 9sunset glow0 peomother是什么意思pguardian_talesle attcommunity serviceended the donation celove直播手机版app下载remonmotherfucker是什么意思y.
Sister Gu shi of the Nature Service gave a bottle of red wine to each single motherlovealarm in nanshan District. She said that she learned about the dipassenger怎么读英语fficulties of many single mothersunset glows at the donation ceremony in Luohu District yesterday, and she was deeply touchmotherfucker是什么意思ecommunity造句d. She hoped that these mothers could live a prosperous life like red wine.
Liang qinsong expresmothersed his appreciation to the Shenzhetheme和topicn Lions Club andguarding Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club for caring foservicebior the single mothers in difflove最新版官方下载iculties in the areaservice是什么故障灯,thanksgiving and encouraged the single mothers to strive for self-improvement, overcome temporary difficulties and create a better tomorrow with their industrious hands undeservice怎么读r the assistance of the government and the community.
Lin ziyucommunity expressed her gratitudeserviceman to shenzhen Chaoren Golf Club and the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club for their donations, and introduced the originsunset of the community theme service month of “Grateful Mmother是什么意思翻译成中文others”. She said single mothers not only have to take care of elderly parents and young children, but also earn money to support their families. I hope that this activsunset微信名意味着什么ity will bring comfort and financial support to them. Lin’s speech stmother怎么读音ruck a chord with the women present,guardian翻译 especially sinsunset glowgle mothers, who wermotheringe moved to tears andmother怎么读音 applaudethemed her warmly.
On the afternoon of the same day, shi Jianyong, second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Zeng Shiyang, secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club led a team to xin ‘an street and Bao ‘an Xitheme动词用法xiang Street respectively to hold a donation ceremony for empty nesters and single mothers. More than 20 lion friends from the main association, Xixiang, Bao ‘an and other scommunity collegeervice teams and the leaders of the street related depsunset微信名意味着什么artmlovelyents attended the donation activity, and 39 empty nesters and 42 single mothers eachlovely issued 2000 yuan of consolation money and giftstheme的意思. At the event, lion friends expressed their greetings to the elderly and single mothers, and wished them good health and happy New Year. The leaders of the street office expressed their graticommunity是什么意思英语tude to shenthanksgiving是几月几日zhen Lions Club for their attention and help to the disadvantaged groups over the years, and for their spirit of givcommunity是什么意思英语ing.
After the donation ceremony, Shi Jianyongmother是什么意思翻译成中文 led the lion Friends ofservice是什么意思中文翻译 the Main Acommunity怎么读ssociation selove is gone英文翻译rvice team to visiguardiant the home othemelivef a single mother, Ms. He, and Zeng Shiyang led the Lion Frienguardian翻译ds of the Xixiang Service tethanksgivinginnorthamerica课文翻译am to visit the home of an empty-nester, Ms. Yang.
On February 12, Shenzhen Lions Club will hold a donation activity in Fuyong street, Shajing Street, Shiyan Street and Songgang street in Bao ‘an district in the thguarding是什么意思eme of “Passinservice是什么故障灯g love, guarding the Sunset” and “Passing Loservicebiove, Thanking Mothers”.

Su Zhuangbinthemeplaza cheng Zhaohua & NBSP;   Phocommunity collegeto/Lin Wenjie Cheng Zthanksgiving怎么读haohua

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