Service is not closed warm heart to send iron ride

Service is not closed warm heart to send iron ride

Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep. On Februaheartfeltry 1st, the Lions Club of Shenzhen asend什么意思nd the Trafclosedfic Police department of Shenzhen Public Security organized a service activity to expresservicebios their sincere and warm greetings to the traffic pwarmlyolice and auxiliary police who were injured on duty. The service fund was 20,000 YUAN.

This event is organized byclosed怎么读 Lions Club of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Traffic Police Departmentservice和serve的区别 and lions Club of Shenzhen. Feng Daoke, deputy director of shenwarm是什么意思zhen city public security traffic police, deputy director of the government secretariat Tang Xianghui, personnel section, the section chief Lu Kunjie, Presidentride怎么读 of shenzhen lioironicallyns in 2018-2019, Ma Min, dean of general affair Guo Yongyclosedong, deputy secretaironedry of Eva Du Peng, chairman of the static,warm的名词 the fourth section, division President Tan Fei, RuChunXu, Li Chunclosed什么意思chang, Csend翻译aiclosed怎么读 Min, yun-peng zhao, happy love servheartfeltice more than 20 people towarming participate in activitiesheartwork such as lion friends.

On the day of the activity, President Ma Min ledride4 the group to the offsend怎么读ice building of the Traffic Managementwarm的名词 Bureau, visited tserviceablehe party building and the city traffic system, and visited the traffic policlosedownce on dutyclosed什么意思. Then, along with the members of the party group of the Traffiheartilyc Manaclose的中文意思gemwarmingent Bureau,warm反义词 theironyy visited 3 hospitals suheartshotccessively, and visited 4 trironyaffic police and auxiliary police who were iwarm怎么读njured on duty and became poor. Ma Min, president of Tride过去式he Lions Club of Shenzhen, intwarmerroduced that on the eve of the Spring Festival, shenzhen Lioheartbrokenns Club gave the traffic police a love and care, which made themclosed和close区别 feel warm in the cold winter and let the joy of the New Year hover in their hearts. She called on the whole society to pay attention to the health of the traffservice的名词ic police.

In the condolence processend什么意思s, the liwarm是什么意思on friends inquiredheart in detail about the injury and recovery of the injured traffic police, and sent coheartworkndolence money and condolence materials for them. Lion friends of the injured traffic police cordial care and sympathy, told them to adjust their attitude, ease of recuperatiserviceableon, and strivewarm怎么读语音 for an early recovery. Among them, 25-year-old irclosed和close区别on rider Chen Zihao was injured many times in the course of duty. The lion friends were very pleased to see the lion friends come to comfort him and show a bright smile. The trride过去式affic police expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Shenzhen Lions Club, and said they would try their best to cooperate with the treatment and try to recoironingver their health asend翻译nd return to work as soon as possible.

Lion friends not only care about the injured traffic police, but also highly concerned about the working environment and physicheartbeatal condition of the traffic police. It is undserviceerstood that traffic police wheartbrokenill suffer from occupational diseases of varyinironedgiron什么意思 degrees because of thclosedeir work. Bsend翻译ecause the traffic police mironingust stand in the middle of the road to direct the traffic, it is inevitaride是什么意思ble to inhale a large amount of automobile exhaust. Once the exhaust is inhaled into the body, it will cause dride是什么意思amage to the lungs, resulting in traffic policservice翻译e lung disease or cancer probability of up to 90%. The gesture of the traffic police is an important basis to maintain the traffic, so even if the car exhaust is choking, the traffic pheart什么意思英语olice can not casualservice翻译ly cover their mouth when directing the traffic.warm反义词 In the summheart什么意思英语er heat, the日的拼音 cuirassiers wear uniforms and bustle around the streets of the city, making them vulnerable to skin diseases such as eczema.

In order to express respect foservice怎么读r the frontline trasendyournameffic police comrades and care about the physical anwarmthd mental heclose的中文意思alth of the traffic police, Shenzhen Lions Cluclose的中文意思b will caclosedrryheart什么意思英语 out in-depth services and care again afteheart什么意思英语r the New Year, providing health screeningsendyourname services for tclose的形容词he traffic police and special uterineride4 cancer screening services for police flowers, so that the tr日的拼音affic police feel the care and warmth of the society.

Shenzhen Lions Club has intensified efforts to cooperate with the official departments to carry out varioussendyounametomars官网 service activities, to be the “good helper” of the official autwarm反义词horities, to give full play to the efficient assistance in the process of the official public service supply, to better improve and replenish the “vacancsend怎么读y” of the official social publiheartshotc sersend的过去式vice in some fielhearteningds, and to be the bridge and link between the offwarmingicial and the public. We will woironyrk with official departments to build a sociaride怎么读l governance pattern featuring joint contribution, joint governance and shared benefiride翻译ts. This year, carried out the syironmpathyheartbreaking activity witironich The Traffic Polridesice of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau; Cclosed和close区别arry outclosed怎么读 various activities to assist the disabled with Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; One-to-one targeted poverty alleviatiironicon with the United Front Work Depaironicallyrtment; Cooperate with shenzhen Careservice和serve的区别 Actioclose的形容词n Organizing Committee office and medical and heclosed翻译alth system to enter the hospitalserviceman; Cride翻译arrying out activities of cariironicallyng forwarming sanitation workers with Shenzride怎么读hen Urban Management Bclose的过去式ureau; Witserviceableh educsendyounametomars官网asend怎么读tion departments, schools to carry out low vision, education activities; Cooperate witwarm是什么意思h the street office to carry out diabetes education and other service activities in the community. At the same time, we will also pass on our love to the lion firon翻译riends and the staff of the Lions Club office in Shwarm的名词enzhen.

In the afternoon of February 2nd, President Ma Min organized an activity to comfort and help the families of disabled people in difficulties, and sent a carinsendyournametomarsg anwarm怎么读语音d warm gift to the former financialwarm director of Shenzhen Lions Club office. The service fund was 5000 YUAN.

Presiwarm翻译dent Ma Min and Chief Financial Offwarmericer Luo Jheart什么意思英语insong went to the home of hou Zwarmthhenlian, the formewarm是什么意思r financial director of the office, and asked her family situation and health condition kindly. It is reported that Hou Zhenlian worked in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen for more than 10 yearsride4, as the financial director until retirement, the dedication and contribution to the Shclosedenzhen Lions Clclosedownub is indelible. Hou zhenlian suffers from cancer, her husband suffers from depression and her daughride的ing形式ter is disabled, making her family life very diservice翻译fficult. Preiron-richsident Ma Min understood their difficulties carefully, and repeatedly toheartbreakingld them to rest and take care of their health. Hou Zhenlian saw the lion friends to visit, the mood is vsend怎么读ery excited, the heart is full of lion friends endless gratitude! Lion friends of the kindness, let the family feel endless warmth…

As the Spring Festival approached, Shenzhen Lions Club carried out caring activities from variouhearts aspects, which made the official department see that Shenzhen Lionironings Club did practical things for the people’s livelihood,ride4游戏 which made the official department have more understanding and recognition of the Lions club, and highly appreciated thheart是什么意思中文e lion friends’ great love. Little drops make great flow, little kindness shows great love. Let us gather together in the lion club family, and march forward together hand in hand on the road of sclose的反义词preading lion loveironic!

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[Editor] Ma Huijuaserviceablen Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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