The Tiande Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club donated to the Aries School

I came from thousands of miles to meet you
— — The Tiande Service team of Shenzhen Lions club donated to the White Sheep S深圳地铁线路图chool

            In ord天地不仁以万物为刍狗er to help improve taries社工社区he conditions of bai Yang School, The Tiande Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club actively collected a large numbedonate的名词形式r of love materials and sent them to Wanyuan Bai Yang School. In Au深圳大学gust 2010, 72 iron beds for students and 200 square meters of canopy were donated to the school. Since then, children ha深圳天气ve slept on new and strongaries怎么读 iron beds and do not need to queue for food andlionsgate vegetables in the hot sun and rain. In September, thirty classroom curtainschooldayss were donated to avoid the exposure of the sun to the children. One thousand sets of desks and stoservice是什么意思中文翻译ollion是什么意思s for students began to read and study at new desks. Donated 22 computers, six table tennis tables, 20 blackboards, four electric pianos, since then, the teachers have electronic claaries是什么牌子ssaries翻译room, can collectively prepare lessoschooldaysns, research education teaching methods; The students’ after-school cultural life hasteam什么意思 become richer. So far,深圳地铁线路图 shenzhen Liaries怎么读ons Club has donated more than 300 tlions英语怎么读housand yuan to the Scho添的拼音ol.甜的笔顺 Love is the eternal sunshine. There is love, there is sunshine, there is lovaries是什么星座e, you can realize the dream in your heart. Poverty alleviation, love to help students, is the transmission of l深证指数ove, create hope.


  &naries翻译bsp;     &nbclubmansp;   It is the wish of all the teachers and students of Bai Yang School to say thank you to the uncles and aunts who are thousands of miles away but care about their study and life. To see these white Sheep school children with one’s own eyes is somearies是什么牌子thing that laries英文名ions auntaries是什么星座s and uncles will never let go of. On Septteam是什么意思翻译ember 19th, that wish came true. — The donation and licensing ceremony of Shenzhen Lteambitionions Tialions翻译nde Service team was held in The White Sheep School.
          &nbsaries是什么星座p; On September 19, drizzl甜的部首ing, director of shenzhen lion Zheng Degang lion brother line 22 the lion elder sister, brother official o municipal committee comrade zhong-ming hou, wanyuan people’s deputy mayor comrade lett, city bureau of education official party secretary, bureau chief comrade Yu Xuehai, city bureau of education discipliservice是什么意思中文翻译nary leader Deng Hong comrade, Aries, secretary of the townsclub翻译hip, Cui Shichun comrade to ram school The donation awarding ceremony was held, and all teachers and students of White Sheep School attended the activity.
    &nbsp甜的组词;       At the donation ceremonyclub怎么读, the Young Pioneers of The White Sheep Schoaries怎么读ol wore brschool怎么读ight red scarves to each of the guests and leaders who were full of love. They embraced eatiandech other for a long time with their heararies名字含义ts and headonatedrts. At that moment, they held hands and were connected by blood. Mr. Zheng Degang, directoclubsr of Lions Club shenzhen, Mr. Hou Zlions读音hongming, member of standing Committee of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and Mr. Zhanclubsg Cheng, president of Tiande Service Team gave enthusiastic speeches, which enco深圳大学uraged the teachclubman是什么牌子车ers and students the most. The subsequent ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony of The Lion Primary School in Baiyang Township brought thservice是什么意思e activity to a climax. The audienceschool音标 applauded constantly, and touching melodies suchclubman as “shenzhenDedication of Love” and “Le添的笔顺t the World be Filled with Love” echoed over the campus fo深圳市最新疫情r a long time. Afterclubmed官网预订 the unveiling, Mr. Waclubmed官网预订ng Jianchao, the party branch secretary and principal of Bayang Township Lion Primary School, gaclubmed官网预订ve a speech, and on behalf of the teachers and students of the whole school, extended a warm welcome to the lions brothers and sisters of Shenzhen Lion Club, and expressed sincere gratitude to them for their cclub翻译haritable deeds! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your presence. He said he would lead all the staff to work harder and do his best to improve the teaching and managemelions读音nt level o深圳风险等级f the school.


         teampro   The heavy rain did not dampen the festive mood on campus. Mr. Wang Jianchao, principal of Baiyang School, presented a podonate的固定短语搭配ster of ldquo to Shenzhen Lions Tiande Service Team. Aaries英文名id and educatilions英语怎么读on,service怎么读 lion love boundlschool翻译ess ” The words of the banner. Mr. Yu Xuehai, director of the municipal Education Bureau, presented the honorary principal appointment lschooldaysetter to Mr. Zhang Cheng, president of Tiande Service Team.
            The lions club’s donteamworkation of love moved the parenschoolingts of the students, who spontaneouslschool翻译y went to the school.lions是什么意思 Aries people welcome you, thank you. Such as the slogan; The ceremony tteamoouched a young heart, the stclub是什么酒udents play their owaries是什么星座n intelligenteam是什么意思翻译ce, made a vteamproariety of handmade works, when they gave their small gifts to the lions uncle, aunt, strong uncle, aunt were also moved to tears. When the campus sounded the melody of “Grateful heart”, guests, leaders, stclub翻译udents, parents all stood up, everyone with the beat, with the hand language to sing the first tear-jerking, inspiring,donated movinaries是什么意思g song in sign language. After the donation awarding cerem深圳疫情最新动态ony, Zheng Degang and other leaders visited tiande Servicservice的名词e Team under the guidance of relevant personnel of the school, aschool是什么意思中文nd learned abschoology官网登录out th深圳风险等级e development status of the school. Tiande sclub翻译aid it would continue to help the school in the future.

            Love, kindness, distant and prosperous shenzhen with rserviceemote mountainous area children took his hand, let the mariesountains of the children feel what love is, the love will be among the childteam什么意思ren young and small mind planted the seeds of gratitude, believe that when they grow up, alone with the colorful world, those wholions翻译 rememberclubmed laries英文名什么意思ove make the world have more love and care. Just like the Lions Club in Shenzhen, a litschooltle bit of starlight and firefly are gathered together to create an ocean of love. Rain has been falling, love willservice怎么读 always be passed.

By Zeyao Xia

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