The second meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 was held successfully

The second meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 was held successfullclub怎么读y

&nbsboardp;         On November 5, 2015, the second msecond什么意思eeting of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 was successfully held in the Palace of Huanggangsecond Business Center, Fusecond翻译tian District. Superviso深圳r Sun Yun, Deputy Supervisor Liu Guoliang, supervisors Zheng Anpin深证指数g, Liu Ming, Chen Shijun, Li Aijun, Huang Zhiwen, Secretary General Jiang Hua and Secretarlion是什么意思y Sun Jia attended the meeting. The meeting wasupervisorss chaired by S深证指数un Yun.

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          The meeting reported the preparationboard和broad怎么区分 of the manusupervisor是什么职位al of the Board of Supervisors,lion是什么意思 the implementation of publicity work such as wsupervisor中文意思echat, website and “Lion Vosecond缩写ice”, as well as the attendance of sclubman是什么牌子车upervisors at the board of Directors and other related meetings recently.
          The meeting consideredclubs three propboard翻译osals submitted by Deputy supervisor Liu Guoliang. The leaders at themeetingtencentcom melionseting spoke actively and analyzed the situation of their respective service tsecondeams. Finally, they decmeeting腾讯会议ided to adjust the wording of relevant proposals and submit two proposalsboard的中文意思 to the Council in the near future. The meeting discussed the drafting of the worksecond什么意思 rules of the board of Supervisors this year, the arrangement of the next step of publicity, the design osecond的基数词f the board of Supervisors module in the website, and the suggest深圳疫情最新动态ions on the financial supervision of the Shenzhen Lions Club and the service teams.
          In the end, Supervisor Sun Yun summmeeting腾讯会议arized the important issues of this meeting, and hoped that each committclubmanee of the Boaboard和broad怎么区分rd of Ssecond的基数词upervisors could put forward a proposal or sumeetingtencentcomggestion to the Board of dirsecondlyectors, so as to make suggestions and suggestions for the boclubard of directors, and make a contribution to the long-term healthy and ordlionsgateerly development of Shenzhen Lions Club.


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