Full of vitality, Harmony and order — Shenzhen Lion Emergency aid Vanguard returned from training in Yunnan with honors

Full of vitality, Harmony and order — Shenzhen Lion Emergency aid Vanguard returned from training in Yunnan with honors

&harmonyos是什么系统nbsp;         On the evening of November 9, 2015, the Sharing meeting of Shenzhen Lions’ Emergency Asvanguardsistance Pivanguard是美国啥公司oneer team was successfully held in Silver Lake Convention Center. Shenzhen lions club President of 2015-2016, Lin Tao, first vice Pvitality战队csgoresident of ShiJianYong, deputy secretary-order用法general, emergency aid vavanguard-soundnguard captainorder伊莉雅 penkun Li Waidenqiu, c., a speciaharmonyl assistant minister, President of the new development commiorder翻译tt深圳天气ee chairman li andvanguard from taharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗ian, mileage, earth, fuyong, ganten, splendid service vanguard players, a total of 13 people to attend the meetinordersg. The meeting was chaired by Peng Kun.
          At this meeting, the chairman’s team specially received the pioneers’ return from the intensive tra深圳疫情ining in Yunnan, listened to the assistance exvitality翻译perience of the “lion的音标heroes”, and looked into the future development plan. At the meetlion的音标ing, President Lin Tao and the team members sat together, listened to cavanguard怎么读ptain Peng Kun’s train深圳天气ing summary,harmonyos怎么关闭 and u爱的流刑地nderstood the trlion的中文意思aining situation in detail.


          Frvanguard使命召唤om October 24 to 27, in order tovanguard activeharmony是什么意思ly relions英语怎么读spond to the call of the Domestic Lion Aemergencyssociativitalityon, 10 members of the Shenemergency stopzhen Lion Emergencyordering aid Vanguard team went taido Kunming, Yunnan province, to participate in the training of major disaster aid knowledge, including emergency rescue, survival and lifesaving eqharmonyos是什么手机型号uipment simulation and self-rescue knowledge of various disasters. A totfull翻译al of 135 people from the top ten member management organizations and four represevanguard翻译ntative offices in Yunnan, Hainan, Jilin and Jiangsu attended the event. The pioneers are wevitality战队csgoll aware of their responsibilities and responsibilities. They not only represent the Lions club of Svanguard是什么牌子手表henzhen, but avanguard是什么牌子手表lso highlemergency是什么意思英语ight the image of Shenzhen. On October 24, under the leaderemergency的形容词ship of Captain Peng Kun, thvitality俱乐部e team members dressevitality是什么意思d in emergency suits and carried emergency boxe深圳地铁线路图s, andharmony是什么意思 marched to the airport in a norder伊莉雅eat queue. They were praised everywhere theyemergency是什么意思英语 went, showing the weemergency什么意思ll-trained, sophisticated and efficient team image.



        &nbsemergency翻译p; Peng Kun, the leader of the t深圳风险等级eam, said that during the trip to Yunnan, the mighty style, strict discipline and orderiness of tharmonyhe team members were highly appraised and fully affirmed by the leaders of thfull是什么意思e National Lion Association and lion friends from all over the country. He said that the training was very hard, no matter in the fieldvanguard-sound or simullion的中文意思ated combat, it was a test of the physical strength of the players. At the samlion翻译e tifullestme, Captain Peng put forward the development plan for the next five years of the Shenzhen Lion emergency Vanguard team, hoping that you can contribute your ideas and seek common development.


&nbsp爱的流刑地;      爱的厘米   During themergency什么意思e meeorder伊莉雅ting, participants exchanged training experience and particvitality是什么意思ipated ifulln the earthquake assistance experience. It mainly includes the following aspects: Firfullyst, the training clearly positlion翻译ioned the lion Club Pioneer’s mission as aid rather than rescue, that is, to do logistics and auvitalityxiliary work fo深证指数r the first-line rescue team; Second, in the training, I learned the use of modern equipment, the distance between te爱的厘米nts and toil深圳地铁线路图ets, howharmonyos是什么系统 to do underground ditchers, CARDIopulmonary resuscitatvitality是什么意思ion, tlion的中文意思he use of rubber boats, the distribution of disaster relief materials and other basic knowledge; Third, we must obey the command and the princ爱的厘米iple of unified management at the aid site. Only on the premise of protecting ourselves c爱的厘米an we better protect and help othfuller的中文人名ers. Onemergency和urgency的区别ly when we are responsible深圳疫情最新动态 for ourselves, we are responsible for others. The plafullyyersvanguard怎么读 then sang a slionong they learnfull翻译ed during the trainiemergency stopng, “Bowls and chopsticks areharmonyos swords and guns, dining haorderll is a battlefield…” , singing loud and high, fully embodies the strefullerngth oemergency怎么读f the team.


          Lin Tao President, tells the story of that year in wenchuan ealion复数rthquake dulion是什么意思ring the meeting, write a letter immediately to the scene to participate in the aid, speakingorder翻译 of which,爱的浪漫史 the gleam in th爱的流刑地e eyes of tears, President Lin she saidlion翻译 lovingly, hope in the state a majlionkkor disaster, is the best we can and more, on the premise of not for offi深圳疫情cial messed up some more nice surprise, national service. When Captain Peng Kun rushed to the scene for assistance, President Lin prlionelayed for their safe return all the time. When talking about this, she could not help but red eyes again. Torder翻译hese tears undoubtedly conshenzhentained deep praise for tfull怎么读his responsibility, and also shoharmonyos和安卓的区别wed full affection of lion friendship.
      &nbspvitality翻译; &nbsemergency可数吗p; Peng Kun, captafull是什么意思in of the team, hoped to promote emergency self-rescue knowledge as a service project into the community, let the public learn and master the necessar深圳y common senharmony翻译se, increase the mass knowledge reserve, improve the quality oforder伊莉雅 the whole people, anharmonyos2.0.0系统好用吗d spread the li爱的流刑地on spirit.
          Shi jianyong, the first vice chairman of CCFA, expressed high hopes for the vanguard team and asked for safeemergency的形容词ty mat深圳大学ters when going to the aid site.
          Lin Tao, pvitality俱乐部resident of the Association, said in her concluding speech that a good team should not only be深圳疫情最新消息 full of vitality, but also be harmonious and oemergency怎么读rderly. The training in Yunnan not only won glory for Shenzhen, but爱的浪漫史 also cultivated a capable, excellent and highly cohesive team for the Domestic Lions Association. Shvanguard是美国啥公司e stressed that the team must be strictly managed, effectively improve emergency handling capacity, clear division of labor, and strive for the unity of desire and effect. She hoped that under the leadership of Captain Peng Kun, the Shenzhen Lion aid emergency vanguard team would cherivitality战队csgosh the precious learning opemergencyportunity, accumulate energy for life, and play a leading and exemplary role in all brother districts of the country. Slionshenzhen Lions Club will fully support and cooperat深圳疫情最新消息e with the pioneer team’s work. Finally, she encouraged the members to stand up for the motherland and the people in time of need, have the courage to take responsibility and be willing to contribute. Shenzhen Lions Club is proud of the pioneer team members.



By Cheng Zh爱的滴答滴aohua/Lin Yanfen

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