Glory and Dream — the 2nd annual meeting of the 6th class of Shenzhen Lions Leadership Academy was successfully held

Glory and Dream — the 2nd annual meeting of the 6th class of Shenzhen Lions Leadership Academy was successfully held


          On the evening of November 7th, 2015, the 2nd annual meet那的笔顺ing of students from class 6 of “Glory and Dream” leadership Academy of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Luzui Villa, east of Shenzhen. More than 60 people attended the activity, including Yu Qian, the second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club inmeeting腾讯会议 2015-2016, Luo Junping, the chairman of District 13, Deglory游戏ng Qiupclassesan, the chairman of Districmeeting是什么意思t 20, Lu Zhiqiang, the c深圳疫情最新消息hairman of GLT, Cao Yingwang, the monitor of Class 8, Li Baihe, the vice monitor of Class 6 and thannual造句eir families. Deng Yi and Wu M童话故事anqiong, students of tmeeting腾讯会议he sixth class, were the hosts.


    &nbspannuals; &nbsp你的名字;   That afternoon, can’t wait to communicate with the “old classmates” of the sixth class students, early to drive to deer mouth Villa. A “classmate, hello”, permeated with thick classmates, lingering throumeeting翻译ghout the beautiful quie牛顿t villa. With the end of the dinner, the annual conference officlion是什么意思ially began in the multi-function hall.
          At the meetiannual翻译ng, Zheng Anping, class 6 monitor, warmly welcomelionsd the leaders and their families and recognized the achievements of class 6. Adhering to the purpose of “we serve”, all the students of class 6 activlionsely co通货膨胀下什么最保值operate with the district council to participate in various service activities, improve the lion service construction, imeetingsnherit the lion spirit, and show the new style of service and create a service brand.
&nbspdream头像;        同花顺 Zhang Li, vice monitor, reviewed and summarized the efforts of the sixth class in the past year. Photos recording service activities and carrying lion friendlions怎么读sclasship are shown on the screen, showing the responsibilitylions是什么意思 and dedication of all students, which is touching. Just as Zhang Li said, “The road of lion love is always the glory and dream of class 6”.
  &nb娘道sp;       Cui Weiyingdreamboat什么意思, treasurer, reporteglory是什么意思啊d in detail the expenses and expemeeting是什么中文意思nses of the sixth class and sincerelclassin下载y thanked all students for their active cooperation in the financial work, ethinspecially in the collection of class fees.annual All the participants cheered warmly for tlions翻译中文he students of class 6.
&深圳疫情最新消息nbsplions是什么意思;         In his speech, Cndhairman Lu Zhiqiang spoke highly of the 6th class and affirmed its role as a link between the past and the next in brand building.
          Yu Qian, vice President of CCPIglory和honor区别T Xiamen made a concluding speech. He thanked clclassin下载ass 6 foannual翻译r their efforts, recognized the team cohesion of class 6, and spoke highly of the planning of this annual meetinclassifyg. Led by the second vice pmeetingresthident Yu Qian, all lion friends praised the glory of class 6 and applauded the dlionsream of class 6.

          After the meeting, the wonderful bonfire party opened in the central square of the villa, model show, belly dadream头像nce and all kinds of improvisational drama. Fireworks lit up the nmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ight sky, and the venue宁德疫情 became a sea of joy. The annual conference ended withglory怎么读 a musical beat.







By Annie Zhao & NBSP; Photo/Chen Wannual造句eiming

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