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2month13Lin Jie, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC, visited the Scommitteehenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation for research on COVIcontrollingD-19 prevention and control work on Maylions翻译 24controllable, fully affirmed the epidemic preventioneprint打印机怎么用 and control work of the CDPF and its phased achievements, and put forward specific requirements for the next step. City disabled personstanding中文s’ Federation party secretary, president Hou Yisha reported the relevant work.

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Lin Jie said

The CDPF system responded to the requirements of its superiors in a timely manner, acted quickly, delions是什么意思ployed accurately, and organized in place. It had a clear understanding of the situation of persons with disabilities, and took the initiative to take responsibcommittee和commissionility. So far, the city has not received any cases of persons with disabilities or their workers infected or suspected of bcontrolledeing infectcontrolsed with COVID-19, and achieved initial results. Shenzhen Lions Club has carried out fundraising and other wormustachek, with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Standing Committee Member Lin Jie made thestanding中文 following recommittee是什么意思quirements for THE PREVENTION anepidemic是什么意思中文翻译d control worlions是什么意思k of THE CDPF:

First, we need to raise our political standing and give top pricontrolority to the safety and health of the peopstanding翻译le.Shemustard stressed the importance of studying hard, thoroughlyepidemic怎么读音 iepidemic是什么意思中文翻译mplementingstanding中文 general Secretworkerary Xi Jinping’s important smust的一般疑问句用法及回答peech and important instructions on epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely impleprevention怎么读menting the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Centrcommittee是什么意思al Commilion是什么意思ttee and The Stareprintedte Council, as well as the work arralionsngements and arrangempreventionents of provinces and mcommittee中文意思unicipalitiesFour consciousness, firmlions翻译中文Fouepidemic翻译r confidence, do it resolutelyTwo maintenanceTo give full placommittee是什么意思y to the role of the Party organization as a fighting fortress aepidemic怎么读音nd party members as vanguard and exemplary members, and work together to win the batcontroltle against epidemic prevention and control;

Second, we must work hard to ensure that all aspects of epidemic prevention and control are fully implemented.At present, the epieprintdemic prevention and ccommittee翻译ontrol situation has reached a critical stage, so we must not relax our efforts and supervise and inspect grassroots work.

Third, we will streneprintgthen services and do ouworkforcer best to prevent and control the epidemic in service institutions and key groups.We should listen to the voices and appealcommittee是什么意思s of the disabled and thcontrol翻译e grassroots, and timely understand, respond to and solve the problem. The disabled physically weak, but also to strictly defend, keep health; The prevention and control work should be dlions读音one to ensure that people with disabilities and mental disabilities are not taken cepidemicsare of. We should pay more attention to grassroots workcommittee和commissioners, provide them with necessary prevention and control materials, and promote the acontrollingpplicationeprint of information technology in work.

Finally, Lin Jie stressed that the resumption of work aprevention怎么读nd production and the fight against the epidemic should be carried out at the same tstanding翻译ime, and extensive contact andwork coordination wmust后面加什么ith relevant functional departments smustn’thould be made to form synergy. At the same time, excellent examples of epidemic prevention and conworkplacetrol work should be found in a timely manner, and publicity and reporting should be strengthmustacheened so that more people can care for and support the cause of persons with disabiliprevention是什么意思ties.


(Article source: wcontrolsechat officmustardial account of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federatiocommittee中文意思n)


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