Three primary schools built by Lions Club of Shenzhen in the quake-hit area of Ya ‘an were completed yesterday (source: Shenzhen Evening News, November 23, 2014, 05 edition)

Three primary schools built by the Lions Club of Shenzhen in the quakehit area of Ya ‘an were completed yesterday

            Shenzhen Evening Newquakers, Hongya, Sichuan, November 22 (reporter CAI Zhijun) Yesterdayclubs morning, inprimary怎么读英语 the newly completed Zhongbao to深圳疫情最新消息wn, Hongya County, Sichuan Province,深圳大学 zhongbao Righteousness righteousness ji Nan Shangbu Lion Primary school, loud and clear national anthem, the solemn national flag rquakerism名词解释ose, the childrebuilt怎么读n cheered: we have a new school!

         hit Yes, for last year 4& MI深圳疫情最新消息Ddot; For the children who lost their school in the ya ‘深圳风险等级an earthquake, a new school and a new classrobuilt翻译om are so eagerly awaited for the children who have been studyiquakeng in temporary houclubmedsing for more than a year. From the 24th, they can move into the new school!

          Thethree序数词 Lions Club of Shelions的音标nzhen inaugurated three primary schools at Zhongbao Yigong Primary School. At the ceremony, three electronic classrooms donated by the loving readers othree序数词f Shenzhen Evening News whit的过去式ere alprimary的中文意思是什么so completed. It wthreezeroill be onelions的音标 o深圳疫情最新消息f the most advanceprimary翻译d electric cllions翻译assrooms in Hongya County.

    &school是地点副词吗nbsp;   &nhitachibsp; &quakenbspquaker; After the ya ‘an earthquake has been conclions翻译中文erned about the dquakeisaster area evening readers, yoquake是什么的缩写ur love finally ushered in the landing moment! The children thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

Deep late readers for the first time to the disaster area of love

         threezero Last year & other; 4· 20” After the ya ‘an earthquake, Shenzthreemilfshen Evening News, according to the feedback of the special disaster area reporters, the first time from &LDquo; Shenzhen Care Action Public Welfare Foundatioschools怎么读n & MIDDOT; Shenz深圳天气hen Evening Newsquake游戏 Love Fund &lions是什么意思 RDQUO; In the first donation of 100,000 yuan,three序数词 and organizedbuilt-in the staff to collect 20,000 yuan of love, for the disaster area students sent to the first care. Atshenzhen the same time, shenzhen Evenilions的音标ng Neclubmed官网预订ws to the majority of caring citizens and caring enterprises issued a donation initiative, called on to donate love to the disaster area students.

            Shenzhen Evenihitmanng News’ love initiative received a warm response from the whole society. Shenzhen Evening News Loclubsve Foundation & MIDDOTlions英语怎么读; Ya ‘an earthquake & RDquo; A tclubotal of more than 400,000 yuan was donated to the special charity fund. These donations contains many ofclubman the readers love love talk, including bamboo foreign language experimental school for disaster area donation of more than 180000 yuan, the asia-pac深圳地铁线路图ific international group, shenzhen poly new material co., LTD., donation of more than 110000 yuan, shenclub是什么意思zhen development centre kindergarten teachers and stulions翻译dent深圳大学s to donate money 16000 yuan, tian jiaquakerism名词解释n fraglions翻译中文rant honey donation of more than 14000 yuanbuilt怎么读, kindeclubmanrgarten Long Ji hospital patients donationbuilt过去式s, And caring citizens Hua Dan, Xia Mingzhong, Ye Jianhua, Waprimary keyng Jun, Hclubmed官网预订u Yushan, Wu Yuting, Liu Baolian donations. These donations have no size, gbuilt翻译中文athered squake引擎heprimary翻译nzhen people’s gschool是什么意思中文翻译reat love for thshenzhene disaster area students.

Nineteen months after the disaster, love landed

&quakernbsp;             In order to implement lovschoolse cthree的音标itizens donaprimary读音tions, to the disaster area to help studentslions是什么意思 really, shenzhen evening news entrustprimary翻译 shenzhen lions volunteers into the disaster area, many times and finally siting anlion是什么意思中文翻译d ya, affected the heavier hoanya county adjacent dam elementary school, advocate the rquake翻译ighteous public elementary school, taoyuan primary school, for the three schools built audischoolship的意思visual cl深圳地铁线路图assrooms, equipped with electronic equipment.

          The three sch深圳天气oo深圳ls were all assisted by Shenzhen Lions Club, among which yitian Service Team donated 1 million yuan to build Luoba Primary School, Excellence Group and Central District Service Team donated 1 million yuan to build Taoyuan Primary School, and Jinan University E Charity Club and Shangbu Service Team dhittingonated 800,000 yuan to build Zhongbaoyigong Primary School.

  &nbsplionsgate;         During the construction of the three schools, shenzhen Lions Club Hong Li Service Team was responsible for the provision of electric classrooms. Lion friends have devoted a lot of effort to thesschools怎么读e three classroomlion是什么意思中文翻译s, from the purchase of audio-visual eqquakeuipment to delivery and installation, to delivery and use. From donations from readers of this newspaper to the co深圳地铁线路图mpletion of the electric classrooms, children had branprimary翻译d-new electhreesomebooktric classrooms 1lions是什么意思9 months after the disaster.

  &quake是什么意思nbsp;   &nbspprimary读音; &built是什么词性nbsp; At the inauguration ceremony, the reporter walked into tquakerism名词解释he video classroom of the Primary school. There was a wall outside the audio-visual room. Electronic Classroom foquake是什么的缩写r Loving Readers of Shenzlions怎么读hen Evening News & RDquo; In the classroomschool是可数名词吗, there are hosts, computers, projectors, laptops and oshenzhenther equipment. Boy, it’s a raquake翻译dio classroom wischoolsongshuaicomth a wireless card! A few days earlier, some children have been unable to resist the excitement of the mooschools怎么读d, in the electric classroom first had an addiction.

      &nschoolship的意思bsp;  schools翻译 It is understood that the three clquaker是什么意思assrooms donated by shenzhen Evening News readers actually cost 230,940 yuan, each ehit运动quippeprimaryd with 20 computers, a host, aquake游戏 projector, a laptop, and other accessories.

Thclub翻译e county party secretary invited evening readers to visit Hongya

            Su Zeran, vice president of Lions Association of China, Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club oshenzhenf Shenzhen 2014-2015, Lin Taoprimary怎么读英语,clubman是什么牌子车 first vice president, Shi Jianyong, second vice president, And Chshenzhenen Wanzhong, Secretary of Hongya County Party Committee attended the ceremony.

            Slions读音ecretary Chen Wanzhong spoke highly of this charitable act in his speech. Big love invhithertoincible ” , not onlylionsgate brought a few schools, but also hongya people brougclubsht the seeds of hope and dreamshitachi.

            He warmly invitedbuilt是什么词性 the readers of Shenzhen Evening News to visit Hongya. The people of Hongya would like to thank the peoplschools怎么读e of the SPECIAL Economicthreesomebook Zone, andhitting welcome the people of the special Economic Zone to the beschool是什么意思autiful City of Hongshan. ”

   school是什么词性           No one was more excited tschool是地点副词吗han the children. Although it was Saturday, the children all came to schooclubsl. Tomorrow, theschool是可数名词吗y will move intprimary的中文意思是什么o a new school. The nearby boarding school is no longer needed. The old school destroyed by the earthquakthreemilfse is no longer to be thought of. Chen Yuhao, a second-grade student atthree的音标 Zhongbao Yigong Primary School, said he would study harder in his new school to repay his blions英语怎么读enefactor and society.

&nclubman是什么牌子车bsp;   &nprimary副词bsp;       Many of them, holding their childrelion是什么意思n of two or three years old, pointed to the new school and said, “This will be your school in the future. Look how beautiful it has been built!”


By CAI Zhijun

Three primary schools ischools怎么读n the quake-hit area of Ya ‘alion是什么意思中文翻译n were completed yesterday with thbuilt过去式过去分词e assistancelions翻译 of shenzhen Lions Club

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