“Lion Dream Home” helps 604 poor disabled families to live in new houses (source: Shenzhen Evening News November 23, 2014 edition 05)

“ Lion Dream Garden & RDquo; We helped 604 poor households with disabled peoplhelpsbtodosth造句e move into new holivescoreuses
The construction project of ya ‘an earthquake disaster area initiated by the Domestic Lion Aslion怎么读sociationdisabled怎么读 was completed yesterday

          Shenzhen Evening News Sichuan Hongya Novelion的中文意思mber 22 (reporter CAI Zhijun) Yesterday afternoon, launched by the domestic Lion association ya ‘an earthquake disaster area aid construction project completion ceremony, held in ya ‘an City Mingshan District Yangping Town New village. “ Lion Dream Gardelive是什么意思n & RDquo; The project helped 604 poor dlionkkisabled families in Ya ‘an move into new houses.poor音标

          At the ceremony, Wang Naikun, vice chairman of the Domestic Disafamilies是什么意思bled Persons’ Federation anddream怎么读 president olivelyf the Dohelpsu怎么读mestic Lion Association, Wendisabled是开启还是关闭 Jinhuan, director of the International Liondreamboat什么意思 Association, and MAO Dafu, chairman of the Sichuan Disabled Personlive怎么读s’ Federlion复数adisabled造句简单tion, presented the kelive2dy of the new house as a symbol for the dfamilies是什么意思英语isabled. Representativhomeworkes of lion clubs in 10 districts undreamweaverder the jurisdiction of thehomefacialpro National Lion Association and lion clubs in Hong Kong and Macao attended the ceremony.

          Last 4 & middot; 20 After the ya ‘an earthquake, tlive怎么读he Chinese Liondisabled Association announced a construction aid plan, raising a total of 28 million yuan forfamilies 604 severely disabled familielive2dviewerexs in the disaster area to rebuild their homes, while helping to build a number of lion schools, kidream我的世界大逃杀ndergartens, electric classrooms, libraries and other supporting projects. After 15 months of hard wpoor是什么意思中文ork, all these projects were completed.

          Group 4, Tianwang Village, Hongxing Town, Mingshlive2dan District, Ya ‘an city, lion friendhelps翻译s visited Liu Yongkang’s homhome怎么读e. Liu yonglive怎么读kang has mild elion复数pilepsy, a mentally disabled wife and two children with cerebral palsy and a squint, leaving the family udream怎么读nable to support themselves, let alone rebuild their collapsed home.disabled造句简单带翻译 Parma, the last presifamilies是什么意思英语dent of the International Lionshomeless Association, personally donated 50,000 yuan when visiting his family, the Nationaldream Lions Association donated 30,000 yuan, and the local government donated 32,000 yuan, together with the hhomefacialproelp of friends and relativeshelps意思, finally built a new house. &lddream怎么读quo; Invite everyone over to my house! ” This is a sicfamilies是什么意思huan dialectfamilies是什么意思英语 liu Yongkang said to everyone at the completion ceremony, which made everyone laugh happily.

The children in the disaster area of Ya ‘an finally live in new houses. Photo by Shenzhenlion Evening News reportdream图片er CAI Zhijun


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