Shenzhen Model of poverty Relief will warm the surrounding area (Source: Shenzhen Evening News, November 18, 2014 edition A08)

Shenzhen model of poverty relief will warm the surrounding

          Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) the appearance of poor children makes many Shenzhen families suffer.relief翻译 However, with years of publicity and education and donations from charisurroundingtable people, there were hardly any new impoverished children in Shenzhen, and csources是什么文件夹haritablpoverty-stricken翻译e people also extended their assistance to the surrounding areas of Shenzhen. Recently, the caring members of the Lions Club of Shenzhen came to Jiaoling County, Meizhou, and donated 200,000 yuan for the operation of the local impoverissourcetree怎么使用hed children, and 1,000 sets of impoverished publicity materials to the local health depawill是什么意思rtment.

          Recently, members of the Lions Club of Shenzhen received a letter from a local police station in Jiaoling County, asking for help from a local family whose two impoverished children were so overwhelmed that the parents even thousurrounding和environmentghtsurrounding翻译 of suicide. After undemodel3rstanding the situation, the lion Club of Shenzhen toosurroundingk the lsourceead and 13 service teams joined in the fuwarmthndraising action was immediately sprpoverty怎么读ead among the Lions Club, and eventupoverty是什么意思ally donated 200,000 yuan for the operation cost of a poor child who was successfully matcharea可数吗ed with the frelief用法及搭配amily.

&nbspmodels多少钱;         “ In the future, we will go to more places深圳疫情最新消息 to educate local people about the poor. ” Chen Junming, the leader of the Xiangmi Lake Service team of the Lions Club of Shsource引擎enzhen, said thamodel是什么品牌t helping such cases is not the ultimate goal of the donation. Hsurrounding和environmente hoped that the model of poverty prevention iwarmlyn Shenzhen would be introduced so that mmodels多少钱ore people could know about poverty and preven深圳疫情最新消息t more poverty.

      &nbrelief翻译sp;   “ We should promote the Shenzhen model so that more impoverished children can benefit. . Xiangmi Lake Lions Club is also shenzhen Evening Nerelief动词形式ws & LDquo; Fuel Action & RDquo; Aswilliam one of the initiators of the project, they have been suppor深圳疫情ting and caring for impoverished chipoverty怎么读ldren in Shenzwill怎么读hen since 2003, and have helped several impoverished children to raise fundswarmth for bone marrow transplantation. Chen Junming told reporters that the Shenzhen Lionwills Club will also go to areas with poor chimodel3ldren across the country to helpsurrounding的用法 poor families set up poverty service teams and parent mutualpoverty怎么记忆 support meetings, so that children and their parents can get real help.

Shenzhen Lions Club donated tmodelsimo children with leukemia

          Shenzsurrounding的用法hen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) & LDquo; Thank you very kpovertyind people. . Led by captain Gao深圳大学 Ling, members of the Shenzhen Lionssource命令 Club football team donated 30,000 yuan to the father of ding Jusources是什么文件夹ncong, a leukemia patient, at the ward of the city Children’s Hospwillingital on July 13.

         warmly The lively andwill是情态动词吗 lovely Ding Juncong was diagnosed withareas leukemia when he had a high fever. The attending doctor said that the cost of early treatmerelief怎么读nt may need more than 200,000 yuan, and the later treatment is unknown. Due to his hukou in Jiangxi province, seven-year-old Ding Juncong does not have children’s health insurance. In order to trewarm是什么意思at his son’s illness, Ding Guoan, his father, sold his fruirelief怎么读t stall, lmodelsimeaving the family with no source of income.

          “ If donations from the community cover the medical costs of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, there is hope for his recovery. . Gao saarea可数吗id he will raise mone深圳大学y for Ding witarealmehin the Shenzhen Lions Club next, and he hopes more peopsurroundings怎么读le will donate their深圳风险等级 love to help the unfortunate family out of the difficwillpowerult situation.

Lions set up a studentwarm怎么读 volunteer team at Yiu Wah

&nbsrelief动词形式p;       &nbsurroundings怎么读sp; Shenzhen Evening News (rpoverty是什么意思英语eporter Liu Yawarm怎么读ng) On November 13, a group of middle school students received the flag of Shenzhen Lions Club in the auditorium of Yiu Wah Experimental School and officially became the Yiu Wah Student volunteer service team.

&nbsparea翻译; &nbwarmersp;       The founder of the student club, Miss Chan Ka-ywillowee of深圳市最新疫情 the International Class of Yew Wah School,深圳疫情 said that they formed the clusourcedb in the name of “ldQUO; Passiwarm翻译ng on love ” As the theme, for the students to establish a start from me, exercise themselves, happy service social practice platform, at the same time, but also conducive to the students accumulate experience in socsource翻译ial activities, rich life resume. They will take advantage of the shenzhen Lions Club Red Liege Servicrelief翻译e Team and the school’s upcwarm怎么读语音oming campaign. Seed of Love, enter Yaohua & RDquo; The opportunity of the series of activitiwarm翻译es, to publicize to students, introduce the social serviwillowce activities suwillingch as financial aid, commu深圳地铁线路图nity service, environmental protection, peace poster contest, organize students to participate in them.

Lions Club of Shenzhen donatesurrounding是什么意思d surgical expenses to poor children in Jiaoling County, Meizhou. Phrelief给挚爱的你oto provided by Shenzhen Lions Club

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