Invitation for bid for travel agency to Hawaii to attend the 98th International Lion Convention

About going to Hawaii to attend the 98th International Lion Convention
Tender notice for the operation of travel agencies

Dear Lion friend,
        &nbspinternational英语;   The 98th Annual Lion桃花源记 Convention will be held from June 26 to 30, 2015 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In order to lau退婚后大佬她又美又飒nch more lion friends to participate in the public bidding announcement, is wiattendlling to molion的音标re capable, responsible, meet the requirements of travel agencies actively participate in the bidding, but alsinternationalcupido hope that the majority oinvitation怎么读语音f liohawaiiann frthiends actively recommend.

           attendance A, & have spent Itintravel翻译erary requirements:
        &nblion怎么读sp;   1.  Single panel: & NBSP; 4 days conference + 8 days Trip to Hawagency的名词aii.
          &nbspinternational怎么读; 2.  Us West Coasthawaii是哪个国家: 4 daysinternational labour day翻译 conferencinternationalworkers’day怎么读e + 12 days trip on US West Coast
        &nbagency的名词sp;   3.  Us East and West Coast: 4 days conference + 15 days panoramic tinvitation翻译our of US East and West Coast.
      &hawaii是哪个国家nbsp;     4.  Conference hotel requirements in the designated hotel (if not designated hotel, need standard facilitattendanties of the same level or above, and indicate the distance from the venue, walking time, hotel name), other city hotels should be internatiinternationalworkers’day怎么读onal chain brand four star or above.
            5.&nbsptraveling; A detailed itinerary is requiragency造句ed, including cities, attractions,bid transportation, accagency什么意思ommodation, meattendance的动词als, tour guides, etc.
            6.  During the meeting, cootravel的现在分词peinternational怎么读rate with the tour比地球还大的5头怪兽 schedule and expense details of the meeting比地球还大的5头怪兽;
            7.  Each travel agency has a more advantageous itinerary to recommend to guests.彼得罗夫

      &nblion的音标sp;     Second, & have spent Quotation rattendantsequirements:
            1.  Transportation: including airliinternationalnes, class, flights, tour buses, etc.
            2lionkk.&travellednbsp; Accommodatagency读音ion: Name of tagencyhe hotel, locatinternationalismion and proximity to the venue durininternationalcupidg the conference (please refer to lions Cinternational是什么意思lub internatiliononal for booking).
            3.  Dining: menu, restaurant lointernational labour day翻译cation, Chinese and western dishes, soup and meathawaiians and vegetable dishes.
            4.  Standards for the number of team leaders and local escortinternationally歌曲s.退婚后大佬她又美又飒
  &nbstravel的现在分词p;     &nbattendance的动词sp;   5.  Design itininvitation的动词形式erary and quote individually according to guest’s special requirementtravel翻译s.
            6.  Three liinvitation造句nesinvitation动词 to ensure that lion friends can parattendantsticipate in the parade, opening ceremony, closing ctravel是什么意思eremony three actihawaiianvities.
            7.  Note that pure play can not enter the shop and the price difattendance的动词ference in the shop, the shoppthoughing shop must be designated by the tourism bureau to sign a contract to guarantee the repuhawaiiantation and quality of the business, indicate the number of enter the shop, stay time. Forced buying and selling, misleading and enticing are strictly prohibited.
            8.  The content of activity at one’s own expenses and price detail, the requirement is properly arranginvitationcode=nulled, prohibit strictly buy and sell forcibly, misdirect, lure behavior.

            Three, & have spent Basic qualification requirements for travel agencies:
            1.  The four certificateinternational labour day翻译s are completeinternational labour day翻译 (license, license, code certificate, tax certificate), and the copy is stamped with official seal. Power of attorney of legal representative.
    &nattend是什么意思bsp;   &travel的现在分词nbsp;   2.  Thetravelled European and Aminternational是什么意思erican department of theinternational英语 travel agency headquarters with exit qualification will operate, and the contracting or affiliagency是什么职位ated travel agency deplionsartments or buinternationalsiness departmentsth will not be accepted for bidding.
            3.  Shenzhen city travellion怎么读 agencies or legal agencies in She桃花源记翻译nzhe币的部首n.
&nbsp鼻窦炎吃什么药;           4.  Company profile, size, advantages in organizing U.S. Touragency的名词s, experience inagency中文 organizing large-scale conferenceinvitations or business trips.
            5.  The importance of the company to this tender. What team is planned to track the service. Quality and service of opeattendance的动词rators.
            6.  Have yinvitation造句ou been involved in antravel的现在分词y lions club projects? Do you know anything about litraveledons Intattendantsernational convention?

          &nbsinternational怎么读p; Four. Procedure and Time:
&nbspth;  鼻窦炎可以根治吗     &nbs比地球还大的5头怪兽p;   1.&ninvitation的动词形式bsp; Deadline for bidding: 17:00 on December 8, 2014.
        &ntravel是什么意思bsp; &nblion翻译sp; 2.  All tenderers should mailtravel的现在分词 or send sealed bid documents a鼻窦炎nd iinternational是什么意思nformation to the lions club of shenzhen at 25688576. Maillionkking address: 13th floorinvitation, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No.agency中文 38, Luosha Jinger Road, Luoagencyhu Districhawaiit, 518003
            3.  Bid opening time: 1attend名词4:00 sharp on December 9, 201lion4.

1, & have spent Schedule of the 98th International Lion Clion的音标onvention
2, & have spent Deinvitationsignated hotel rates publisheinvitationd by Lions Club International


    &nbsp同花顺;                                          &nbinternationalsp;               &nbagency怎么读sp;           &nbattendsp;         Shenzhen Lions Club
Chairman of theinvitation动词 International Cinvitation是什么意思中文onvention Committee: Dong Shige
      &桃花源记翻译nbsp;     Executive Chairmen: Wanginvitations Shanying, Zhou Haisong, Xu Gang
December 2, 2014

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